One of the most important things for any industry is to develop a team performance plan. Team performance plan helps to provide directions for the future and helps to identify the ways to improve the team performance. This is the essence of every lead and manage team effectiveness of apparel brands assessment answer. If your are a student seeking guidance on this, then My Assignment Services is the perfect destination for you.

According to our management help experts, in the competitive environment, it is very important to have a team which helps to achieve the desired results. The apparel industry is highly competitive and it works on the basis of skills and talent of the teams. Every member should understand the goals and objectives of the company. If you are facing any issues with these assignments, then the experts of our management assignment writing services are there to guide you on this.

Ground Rules That Needs To Be Included In a Lead And Manage Team Effectiveness Of Apparel Brands Assessment Answer

According to our management assignment help experts, there are certain ground rules that should be followed by the team members as it helps to achieve the goals and objectives. These are-

Forming the team

The Tuckman defines the stages of team development which includes the forming, storming, norming and performing. In the forming stage team members treat each other as strangers. After that the members start communicating their view points with other members. But still act as an individual not a part of the team. In the norming stage every team member realises that he is a part of the team and they try to accept the viewpoints of other people. The last stage is the performing stage in which every team members start performing and trusting each other.

Overcoming storming through accepting the other person behaviour

In every lead and manage team effectiveness of apparel brands assessment answer, confusions arise in the storming stage as team members do not accept the viewpoint of other people. The individual make a perception in their mind and treat the other person according to them. This can also break the concept of team cohesiveness. However there are many behavioural models which help to evaluate the behaviour of team members. The major advantage of the model is that it helps to define the leading qualities of the team members. By understanding the styles the team member can improve the way of interaction. It also leads to improve the relationship between the team members.

Defining the team vision

In this step the team members understand their roles and responsibilities in the team. All members try to contribute their best. The team should have a great understanding on how to achieve the goals and objectives in the most effective manner. The vision of the team should align with the objectives of the company. The team members should know that their efforts are very important for the team performance.

Determining the ground rules for the team

Ground rules ensure that the team should work in cohesive environment. These rules help to overcome the company from any dysfunction. The major dysfunctions can be absence of trust, lack of commitments, conflicts and many more. The ground rules helps to ensure the team members that their working environment is safe.

These are the things which our management help experts consider important for such assignments.

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