To know the purpose of human existence, it becomes crucial to understand the whereabouts of human society as well as the role that we play in it. This is done by taking into account several interactions that take place in our day-to-day lives. These include all the economic, psychological, historical, anthropological, political, civic and geographical interactions. Irrespective of the advancement of technology in the present times, all of these interactions will never lose their significance.

The study of all the interactions that take place between humans and the society they live in is covered under the broad paradigm of social sciences and studies. Naturally, being a social studies student, you cannot overlook the importance of each of these interactions. And, gaining command over these is what the assignments are designed for.

As per the American National Council, social studies is an integration of social sciences and humanities to foster civic competence. Putting it simply, social studies aims at providing a thorough understanding of the world, nation and society with the help of diving into a wide plethora of disciplines like political science, religion, psychology, anthropology, history, geography and economics. Studying social studies enable students to make informed decisions about the general civic issues.

Now that you are already familiar with the significance of a social science assignment, you need to get going with completing the assignments that are rolled out to you. It is a vast spectrum of multiple subjects; starting from the human society origin and evolution to wealth production and distribution, the subject covers it all. Facing issues in writing a social science assignment? Get assistance from our homework help writers. You can even get an idea of the most important homework questions by hovering over the variety of samples that we provide you with. So, let’s begin.

concepts of social studies

h2>Social Studies Courses That We Have Covered For Students

From the basic courses on social sciences to complex college courses, our professional writers have catered to all the queries of students in these years. Following are some of the courses, the queries for which have been covered by us mostly.

  • World history
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • S History
  • Civics and Government
  • Sociology
  • History
  • Political Science
  • Economics
  • Geography

Among a wide range of courses, these are the ones that encompass most of the topics that students get as their assignments. Fortunately, there has not been a single student who was not satisfied with the unmatchable quality work that we handed them over. Do you have any of the topics with you where you require our assistance? Simply send them over to us and the rest of the steps will be carried out by us.

How To Write Social Science Homework Just Like Our Pro Writers?

Over the years, we have escalated and transcended all the boundaries to provide high-quality work to students from our end. For this, we have recruited some of the world-class writers in our team who specialise in social studies from a wide range of recognised institutions all over the world.

The primary reason which drives students to our homework help experts is the availability of a variety of samples for students to refer to. Without any further ado, let us get straight into one of our best-written social studies homework assignments. With this, you will understand the basic approach that we follow for these tasks.

Here, we will be discussing two types of assessments that are mostly given to students for this discipline.

1. Social Studies Essay Homework

social studies assessment description

The first assignment that our social studies homework help writers have catered to most of the times is an essay. The main objective of this essay is to describe the role that basic counselling skills play in providing effective counselling to the clients. In the essay, students have to include several skills like clarifying the counselling issues, demonstrating empathy, reflecting on personal feelings, reflecting on the learnings, asking questions and more.

Additionally, the task also involves incorporating the risks and limitations that counsellors face in this scenario.

social studies assessment introduction

Here is an excerpt from the solution that our homework help experts have curated for the reference purpose of students all over the world. As shown in the image above, our prolific academic writers begin with an engaging introduction for the essay. Firstly, we introduce the concept of counselling and then proceed with the skills required to provide effective counselling. Explaining each of them briefly, we refer to one of the frameworks (American counselling association) to provide credibility to the arguments that we have presented in the work.

Adhering to the five-paragraph essay format for this task, we reach the conclusion. The image below shows the way our social studies homework help writers end the assignment with a reliable and articulate conclusion.

social studies assessment conclusion

As you can notice in the image above, we have not introduced any new idea in this section, which has not been discussed above in the entire essay. Doing this would have misled the readers and, obviously, we do not want this to happen, right?

This is it for the first kind of homework assignment that students send most often to our homework help writers for guidance.

2. Social Studies Reflective Journal Homework

Coming to the next, let us now discuss social studies reflective journal homework. As you can see below, the main objective of this assignment is to write a reflective journal that highlights the progress. Other than this, students also need to include some concerns that they came up within the process and demonstrate how they responded to it.

reflective journal assessment description

Let us give you a few excerpts from the solution drafted by our homework help experts. First, we design a captivating introduction to the journal.

reflective journal assessment introduction

Here, we highlight all the major skills that are required by the students for effective counselling. Other than these, we also introduce the theories and practices that can bring a steady improvement to the process.

This way, we move ahead in discussing all the experiences in each of the weeks. Let us talk about the first week here.

reflective journal assessment 2

All the learning for the first week has been mentioned in the image above. In a similar way, our social studies homework help writers proceed with the data for all of the weeks. At last, we reach the conclusion for this social studies reflective journal assignment.

However, this is not the complete solution for this assignment file. If you require us to help you with it, then you just need to handover the requirements to us. We will get back to you with the complete reference assignment solution within a few moments. And, if you require instant guidance on any of the concepts involved in these assignments, then we are available online 24*7 via the live one-on-one sessions for you!

How Our Social Studies Homework Experts Help Students In Completing Assignments On Time?

One of the prime reasons why students approach us with their queries over and again is because we have never missed the deadline! At each of the stages of the assignment writing process, our homework help experts maintain a buffer time, which enables us to deliver the work way before the actual deadline.

My Assignment Services is a reliable organisation that is a name which needs no introduction. Since 2010, we have been standing strong in this industry with a panel of over 2,500 erudite academic experts specialising in several subject areas like nursing, law, management, economics, business and more. With an abundance of knowledge on different topics and concepts, our industry veterans also possess a great industry experience of more than ten years now. Naturally, we know all the nuances of academic writing, which is why we have never let any of the queries of students go unanswered from our end. This makes us one of the leading assignment providers in the USA and all over the world.

What’s More?

We are known for the pristine quality work all throughout the world. This is ensured by passing each of the assignment through a rigorous cycle of 21-steps quality check process. Also, we have hired an exclusive client satisfaction manager to look into this entire process. In addition to this, there are several benefits to get your hands on from us, at absolutely no extra cost.

These are the perks that we offer to our valued clients:

  1. Free plag-check reports with each of the assignment to validate our original work
  2. Unlimited revisions to cater to all the corrections coming from students
  3. Different assignment samples covering a vast array of topics and concepts
  4. An interactive mobile application to ease the accessibility
  5. Live one-on-one sessions with experts to get instant feedback

If you have any questions, just let us know and we will be more than happy to guide you through all your queries with instant answers. Download the mobile application to stay updated on all our latest discounts, offers and schemes!

Our Experts can answer your Assignment questions instantly.

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