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Here, I am going to guide you with reflection writing for this assessment task.

But let us see that you and I are on the same page.

Here is a snapshot of the KF7028 assignment 2 that I have received. Though I expect that you also have the same question, but if you do not, you can use this blog as a guide to writing a KF7028 assignment 2 answer.

Assignment Brief

How to write the answer to the assignment?

When I received this assessment, I followed a series of steps. They helped me and I am sure they will help you as well in writing the KF7028 assignment 2 answer.

1. Read the project proposal

Since the reflection is based on the project proposal that you submitted in the KF7028 assignment 1, you have to read it to gain a proper understanding. Reading assignment 1 will give you some new insights that you did not witness before. And keep a pen and paper with you, of course, so that you can note down the idea as soon as it comes to your mind.

Once done, prepare the outline of the report that you are going to prepare. This assignment has to be submitted as a report, you do know that, right?

2. Preparing the report outline

When you are preparing the outline of the report, make sure that you identify a suitable number of headings and subheadings to be used in the KF7028 assignment 2 answer.

This will also help you be on a track of what you need to write and talk about in this assignment answer.

3. Talk about the challenges

While preparing the proposal in assignment 1, there must have been a lot of challenges that you faced. Talk about them in the report. Give a dedicated section to that.

Talk about real challenges, please. I do not suppose the professor is going to like it when you mention that you could not conduct deep research because you had friends over for the weekend.

Also, elaborate on how did you overcome the challenges and then how did they help you in developing the proposal in a better way.

4. Discuss the skills that you used to prepare the proposal

If you have prepared the proposal, there must be many skills that you put to use in order to prepare it. This is the time to show it off. No, I am kidding, do not brag.

Simply mention what skills came in handy and how did you use them in the stages of proposal preparation. For example,

  • I used my analytical skills for ___________
  • During the proposal construction, I faced _________________________________ issue which I was able to resolve due to may skill for a constructive analysis of the situation.

You get what I am saying, right?

5. Talk about lessons you learned

When you prepared a proposal, there must be many things that you came across that you were not aware of before. You need to mention them in the reflection. Talk about how you came across a specific piece of information that changed the direction you were approaching this project. Talk about what all did you learn about the processes to move forward and how do you think it is going to help you further.

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