The students pursuing management courses are not only expected to be good managers but also have to use the technological infrastructure of an organisation. This is where management and information technology meet each other. But such assignments are often tiring for the students. Therefore, IT assignment help expert at My Assignment Services decided to help you write such assignment answers.

Making the correct use of the technological infrastructure of the organisation, you can be asked to write assignments on wireless networks, network management, etc.

City of Rockingham assignment question

Just so that you know we are on the same page, it is better to be sure, right? I have attached below the assignment question that I helped a student write ISYS5003 city of Rockingham network solution assignment answer.

City of Rockingham assignment question

There are several requirements mentioned in the assignment file that you need to fulfil. Below, I have outlined a structure that you should follow to write your ISYS5003 city of Rockingham network solution assignment answer.

Preparing the network diagrams

To prepare the network diagram, you should know all the related elements. Identifying the elements is easy but you have to read the assignment details thoroughly. Because if you miss even one element, your network diagram is ruined.

The network diagrams are like a flowchart that shows the flow of a process on the basis of the logic. And if you are using MS Office 365, you can create a network diagram using the data given to you. But remember that you should know how to edit all the sections so as to allow modifications.

Analysis, recommendation and justification of LAN

A Local Area Network is more than just connecting LAN cables to an internet server. There is a whole system operating behind that.

In this section of the ISYS5003 city of Rockingham network solution assignment answer, you need to read the case study again and see what all the needs of the people there. Using that, lay down the capacities of a LAN system and the infrastructure. Choose the best one that suits the requirements.

The recommendations related to switches, routers, cabling, etc. with respect to the requirements are mentioned. Remember that you need to take into account the configuration that is possible in a LAN infrastructure and the configuration needs the question highlights.

Analysis, recommendation and justification of WAN

The same process of analysis is followed in checking the requirements of a Wide Area Network. Connect all the locations that the client wants to and use the recommendations that should be adopted to ensure proper working.

The question clearly specifies that ADSL2 and similar services are not recommended. This means that you need to go beyond the ordinary to write this ISYS5003 city of Rockingham network solution assignment answer.

Description of hardware and software

The case study clearly shows you that there are 180 employees and you need to establish 140 networked desktop computers in the head office. Similarly, the requirements of all the departments are specified that is needed.

Using that, you to prepare the list of hardware that is needed to keep the game running as per the needs. For that, you need to prepare a detailed description like the server required, the printers needed, the application software required, etc.

Address security concerns

The 21st century is prone to cyber attacks and any person switching to a completely computer dependent system would naturally be worried about their data.

For that, you need to recommend the security measures that you will keep in place so that any such issue can be resolved with the minimum threat. Not only that, should a threat emerge which could not be stopped, you need to show what measures you will take to resolve that.

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