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July 31, 2020
Author : Julia Miles

A database is a collection of values stored together in some form of relations, whether key-value pairs in non-relational databases or the dreaded tables in relational databases, its primary purpose is to store data in a retrievable manner. Relational Databases are primarily the databases discussed in the ISYS1055 Database Concepts. In this blog, our experts who provide students with database management assignment help would discuss some key concepts of relational databases, as well as a method to avail help directly from the experts to get a stellar assignment written for yourself. 

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Let’s Hop in To Discuss Some Database Topics

DBMS stands for Database Management Systems. It is the system that communicates with the databases to query a particular command of retrieval or addition of information. In other words, you could understand DBMS as a program to manipulate databases. DBMS can act as an interface between a user and the database and help the user to fetch and input data in the vast oceans of stored values. 

RDBMS or Relational Database Management System is a program that is specifically designed to manage retrieval and addition of information in relational databases. In relational databases, data is stored in relation to each other in the form of 2-dimensional tables. The tables are then made related to each other with the help of complex joins; a process that needs one to identify and isolate the foreign keys of the databases. 

What Are ACID Properties In a Database? 

ACID Properties In a Database

All DBMS follow these concepts abbreviated as ACID. ACID stands for Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability. These concepts are invoked in an event of any transaction in a database. ACID properties are critical for a database’s health in a multi-transactional environment and also helps retrieve the database to a secured state in case of any failures. Let’s discuss these Properties One by One 


Atomicity advocates that any transactions in a database should be counted as an atomic unity, i.e it should be counted as a fundamental operation. This means that a transaction would either execute as a whole or not execute at all. 


All databases thrive to maintain consistency and stay in a consistent state for as long as possible. This property advocate that a database should stay consistent after all the transactions. Multiple transactions happening at the same time can end manipulating the same values, and thus, causing an inconsistent state. The queries need to be designed in a manner that they do not jeopardize a database’s state of consistency. 


It advocates that all the transactions should be executed in an isolated, innate environment and should not be affected by the congruent results or manipulation of other transactions. For parallelly running transactions, the results should be comparable to the results obtained if the transactions were running in a sequential manner. 


This advocates that the changes once committed in a database should be permanent and should not be subjected to any software or hardware failure. This property is significantly important if a database is spread over a network and different nodes maintain different chunks of data. 

Multi-User and Concurrent Access 

All databases innately support environments that can facilitate transactions from multiple users. This a property that allows databases to be manipulated by parallel transactions at once and thus provides records to multiple users with short turn around times. Though databases always revise the transactions, in cases of congruency to maintain the consistency of the database, but the innate functioning would never be of any significance to the user. 

Multiple views − 

It is very often that DBMS allows multiple users to retrieve or read a particular bit of information. It is inherently important for an organization to maintain different views of the databases and have clearly defined entity-value relationships in the databases. For example, the view and queries of the sales team of an organization would be significantly different from the team working in the production line. This feature would enable multiple departments to have multiple views as per their requirements. 

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