We all know about the advanced technology that IoT brings with it. Let’s take a look at what could actually go WRONG!

Internet of Things is a technological concept that enables humans to take assistance from machines to upgrade their style and standard of living. The machines and technology developed to contribute to the needs of humans, although react to physical and visual information but what has to be taken into consideration before blatantly agreeing to the pros of the topic, are the negative consequences of Internet of Things (IoT) that effect both, virtual but on a more concerning note, physical environment, and one must consider the extent to what it can harm human rights, social values, political integrity, and eventually, humanity.

Evolution of Technology?

The advancement of science (which is often confused to be same as technology) and its implementation in technology, the performance and acceptance of world-class highly-optimised and sophisticated devices is on an exponential rise, and this advancement doesn’t seem to come to a halt anytime in the near future.

However, with better performance of machines and technology, as many renowned scientists predict, the time of overpowering machines will directly impact human autonomy, freedom of speech and expression (because of internal conflicts), and what humans are so proud of - individuality. On the contrary, this step seems more rational in terms of destructively affecting and hampering the mankind, instead of constructively working for the benefits.

Security Improvement or Compromise?

As per higher security officials and administrative authorities, introduction of full-time use of Internet of Things can revolutionise security.

However, along with those problems, it also opens door for possible security holes in the system that welcomes an opportunity for notorious hackers and globally spread malware and virus installers who keenly await for any possible room to exploit security.

Unprotected Big Data…

Big data, as most of the statisticians and data analysts have figured out as one-stop destination for every authoritative and governing body to control and use for a smooth functioning of the governed people, can also prove to be major concern as the information, due to this initiative can also put a pause on the ongoing development.

Moreover, from the past century and the statistics, it can also be concluded that just within the last decade, since technological advancement has been given more preference, the expanding network of human intelligence and acknowledgement for the deserving individuals, has been over-shadowed by the distracting features of technology.

Unpredictable Tools

One of the majorly compelling factor of motivation to choose IoT is its constantly developing and path-breaking capability to access multiple sensors and multi-nodal network from just one source from any part of the world. Ability to control remotely-controlled objects can not only ascertain instability, but can also result in possible rupture of a well-defined structure, both politically as well as socially, at local and world level. In a wider scenario, machines’ unpredictability to control technology and capacity to alter it can create potentially unimaginable problems for the users, that are – humans.

We are the Creators!

Since the inception of humans, we have been paving our way to create destruction, and now in 21st century, mankind has enabled itself with the ability to destroy, not just themselves, but we have developed sufficient arsenal to annihilate the entire planet, that too multiple times. Therefore, trusting machines with such ability can prove to be catastrophic. Any such assumption - if turned real - can result in irreversible devastation of humanity itself and ultimately, the creation could become the sole reason and source of immortalisation of the creator.

Taking Over the World…

From the social point of view, machines have been taking human’s place since the industrial revolution and till date, they continue to do the same, just at a faster pace. It can be estimated that with the same acceleration in the advancement of IoT and similar technologies, not only machines would take all the significant positions from humans, but financial instability induced through this transition may also proceed to social uprising from the commoners, similar to what can be seen in various parts of the world.

Unemployment has always been a concerning issue for both, politicians and all the individuals living in the community. Further development in this area could be estimated to be, more or less, a cut-off point.

Should we proceed?

IoT, undoubtedly paves way for technology to take the front seat, however, the ones who developed it, could be pushed further backward in terms of social and political aspects. Additionally, the sole creators have still not yet developed the technology, and are unable to estimate the possible calamities and problems that may arise. Therefore, if the idea and strategy of IoT is to be carried forward, the technological experts also need to focus on the other side of this advancement and think beyond just the concept of IoT.

What the Future Holds…

Undoubtedly, IoT is the future. Technological experts believe that IoT will have a market valuation of approximately $7.1 trillion by the year 2020. With its diverse applications in Medical and healthcare, Transportation, research, storage, architecture, intelligence, and almost every domain, Internet of Things is the ultimate solution to break all the chains of limitations. The user(s) can do as they wish with whatever they want from anywhere at any time. The technology has also been subjected to countless criticism, and being among one of the most controversial issues, authorities need to take care of its implications on privacy and autonomy so that science can be used for what it was meant to be – for a better future!

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