Investigating System Requirements for System Analysis
March 23, 2019
Author : Julia Miles

In information technology, the students often have to design new systems. For that, they need a proper system analysis. And this system analysis is made possible by a proper investigation of system requirements. So, if you have an assignment like this, then My Assignment Services brings to you a quick guide on how to investigate system requirements for system analysis.

The first step to write these assignments is to know what are the steps of analysis

  1. Gathering the required data

  2. Defining the useful system requirements

  3. Prioritising the system requirements

  4. Create a prototype system to check for feasibility and discovery

  5. On the basis of prototype, identify possible alternatives and evaluate them

  6. Review the feedback obtained and improve the system further

While writing the assignment answer, focus on key questions of every step that you should answer

Gather information

Here, you need to check if you have all the information that is essential to define what the proposed is going to do.

Define system requirements

Here, your prime goal is to identify what is the proposed system going to do.

Prioritising the system requirements

Out of the various objectives of the system that are identified in the above step, you now need to pick out the most important ones. It means that you need to pull out from the hat, the most important things that the system is going to do.

Prototype system

Check if the proposed technology will be able to do all the tasks that we have lined up. In other words, check if the system is performing all the functions it is expected to perform.

Identifying alternatives

You should ask yourself if the method you have adopted is the best one for creating the system or not.

Review recommendations

After collecting the feedback, you have to decide if the proposed design is perfect and ready to be implemented.

Now that you know the step, it is time for you to know what are system requirements.

System requirements are the specifications of any system that define the functions that will be provided by the system. The system requirements can be identified as two types -

Functional Requirement

A functional requirement is a specification of behaviour between the output and the input. In easy terms, we can say that the functional requirements define what the system should do. These requirements are based on the procedures and rules that the organisation uses to run its business.

Non-Functional Requirement

At the same time, a non-functional requirement will define how the system will work. For example, the functional requirement of a milk carton will be “to store milk without leaking”. At the same time, the non-functional requirement will be “should carry milk of at least 1 litre”.

The areas of non-functional requirements are -

  1. Technical requirements: It comprises of the environment, software and hardware of the organisation.

  2. Security requirements: It defines the access to various users for certain functions.

  3. Performance requirements: The data related to workload measure, throughput and the response time is under this header.

  4. Reliability requirements: This describes how dependable a system is.

  5. Usability requirements: All the operational characteristics like user interface, documentation, work procedures and help is defined here.

What are the various techniques for information gathering that you can use in the assignments?

There are a number of techniques for information gathering that you can choose -

  1. Question themes

  2. Analyse and review existing procedure descriptions, report, and forms.

  3. Carry out interviews of the users of the system and discuss with them all that you need to know.

  4. Observe the business processes and document them

  5. Build prototype systems and implement them in pilot stage

  6. Conduct a survey by distributing and collecting questionnaire

  7. Conduct joint application design sessions

The most common one is Question Themes. But do you know what are question themes?

In this, you have to identify a theme and then ask the user questions accordingly. There are three themes that work -

  1. If the theme is business operations and process, you can prepare questions related to what the person will do.

  2. If the theme is how these operations should be carried out, you can ask how the person is going to carry it out or what steps does the person intents to follow.

  3. If the theme is what information you need to execute the operations, you can ask the person what information will they use. You can also ask them what reports and forms are they going to refer so as to collect information.

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