International Youth day 2021

Are you between 15-24 years of age; revelling in the elixir of youth? 12th August is your day to celebrate your achievements; especially of your peers who are partaking with diligence, to make world a better place. It is a perfect day to talk about the change makers around you and give well deserved legitimacy and credit to their noble actions. On this International Youth Day 2021, let’s take a pledge to spread the word about actions of any youth leader/activist that you know. Don’t forget to use these hash-tags:

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Why International Youth Day is really a big deal?

Now! You may perceive The International Youth Day as just another marquee day amid the privileges you are used to. Take a moment to savour some facts and decide for yourself; Why International Youth Day is important.


  • Even in the richest country of the world, United States of America, over 16 million youngsters struggle with hunger issues.
  • Over 150 million working youngsters live in families below the poverty-line, therefore are devoid of equal opportunities to education and health services.
  • As per the 2011 UN Report, 126 million youth were not able to read or write a sentence, even in their native language.
  • Over 77% of the world youth are employed in the informal sectors. Meaning they will never get employment benefits and growth that you and I take for granted.
  • The age group between (15-24 years) is considered to be the youth demography and it comprises of close to 50% of the world’s population. Contrary to the general assumption, youth across the world suffer from lack of basic amenities and of the participative opportunities in politics. It is only obvious that when such a large chunk of population is devoid of academic, health and social opportunities, we are fast moving towards a distorted future with large income and lifestyle disparities.

The History of International Youth Day

The foundations of the globally organised youth-focussed initiatives were laid in 1965, when the UN General Assembly made a unanimous decision to promote the ideals of youth and to allocate resources in identifying the change agents amongst the young with respect to propagating peace, harmony, human well-being and global education.

For the next 30 years or so, United Nations harnessed the noble intentions of young role models; deploying their own resources to promote the causes that they were fighting for. However, it was in December ‘1999 that the United Nations Assembly formally approved the recommendation of World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth and thereafter the first International Youth Day was celebrated on 12th August 2000.

In the last two decades the event has garnered global attention and has contributed prominently to contribute progressively in resolving maladies faced by the population in general and youth in particular.

The Theme of International Youth Day 2021 is “Transforming Food Systems. Youth Innovation for Human & Planetary Health.”

What does it mean?

The underlying objective of this year’s theme is evidently the need to shift our focus on circular economy and climate change among other pressing issues. If the young are made aware of the havoc that fossil fuel driven economy has ensued or of the massive water pollution that the Fashion Industry causes; that is the only hope we have left for the earth inhabitants to change their habits and contain the damage done thus far.

Did you know that the food industry alone is biggest polluter even when the garbage equation is not included? (Easter M, M.E. (2021). The Comfort Crisis)

That the livestock reared for human consumption is the biggest source of green-house gases; using over 50% of the cultivated green land, just for grazing.

Nobody talks about these things, simply because it does not affect your today and immediate tomorrow. But, take a step back and think of the near future. As per the latest WHO 2021 report, no inhabitable land in the world is immune to catastrophes caused by the climate change. The officials at World Health organisation subtly call it, “Code Red for Humanity”

The theme of the International Youth Day 2021 is an intentional attempt for the actively learning population to understand the gravity of the situation that we face today and the utterly dire consequences it WILL lead to unless YOU DECIDE otherwise.

Be the Change.

It is time to manifest this adage into our daily lives and make significant changes to the way we live, think and treat our planet.

The UN backed International Youth Day is a global event to trigger a positive change at all levels of human societies.

Why Marking and Celebrating International Youth Day is Important?

To make World a Better Place

The primary intention of this event is to ensure a better world for our children, to groom a society while we can so they become more responsible citizens in a world where equal opportunities exist

It helps in countering the ills of Poverty and Illiteracy.

Even the developed countries have millions of food insecure households. The situation is even worse in the third world and gruesome in Sub Saharan regions. A food insecure household translates to a family who is not getting regular nutrition due to lack of money. This inevitably starts a poverty cycle, out of which the children cannot escape, even when they grow up. The tradition and the related events of the International Youth Day target this problem directly by enabling young change makers with resources they need to uplift societies at large.

For Enabling Future Generations with Creative literacy and a Pragmatic Mind-Set

Modern problems require modern solutions. It is most true to the man-made catastrophe that we are in today. The UN led initiative of International Youth Day has far wider outreach globally and conducts substantial educational programs for the youth. It is only through prudent education of the today’s youth that we can definitively seek a better tomorrow.

International Youth Day | FAQs

When was the first International Youth Day observed?

 The first International Youth Day was celebrated on 12th August, 2000. It was approved by the UN assembly in 1999, almost after nine years of the ideas, first being proposed in 1991.

Why is International Youth Day celebrated?

It is an event to mark and acknowledge the achievements of young leaders and activists globally. Many young people are working hard to overturn adverse situations like hunger, poverty and lack of education. Through this event, we give credit and recognition to the dynamic young beings; to encourage them and to support them with all the resources that they need.

What are Some Popular Events Associated with the International Youth Day?

United Nation is the major supporter of International Youth Day and therefore multiple physical and digital events are organised on this day all over the world. The Youth Café in Chennai, India has over the years become a popular annual event. You can additionally join the YMCA Podcast and many other digital events that take place on the 12th August every year.

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