IMAT5209 Usability Evaluation for Assignment Answer
May 02, 2019
Author : Julia Miles

To prepare the usability requirements of the IMAT5209 assessment, you need the support of a lot of things. The primary one being how to prepare usability requirements and how to conduct a usability evaluation. Here are IT assignment help providers from your favourite tutoring website My Assignment Services giving you an insight in how you can conduct IMAT5209 usability evaluation.

Assignment sample so that you know you are at the right place

Assignment sample

The above question is what a student asked us to prepare a reference assignment solution for. In this blog post, I will explain how you can prepare your IMAT5209 usability evaluation assignment answers.

How to prepare a usability evaluation?

To prepare the usability evaluation, there are a series of steps that you need to follow. An explanation of the task writing is given below -

1. Select the interactive system

The question gives you the freedom to select any interactive system that you wish, there are no restrictions. So it is better to choose one which is quite popular because you will find information on the internet easily.

I selected Computer Aided Design (CAD) for my IMAT5209 usability evaluation assignment answers.

2. Identify the use cases

Use cases are the specific conditions and situations where the system is potentially used. You might have heard people saying “there are so many use cases of this robotic hardware”.

In your assignment answer, you need to identify such use cases of the interactive system. For example, there are a number of use cases for CAD like automobile design, 3D printing, mould development, tool designing, telecommunications, etc.

3. Define usability requirements

Once you have identified the interactive system and know where it is used, you need to now develop the requirements for using the system for IMAT5209 usability evaluation assignment answers. A system cannot work on its own, it needs various ground details so that you are fully aware of what is needed to make the system work.

These details are called usability requirements. For example, the usability requirements of Palette CAD are -

  • Intel Core i3 processor

  • NVIDIA graphics card of 1GB

  • 4 GB RAM

  • Minimum of 30 GB free space on the hard drive

  • Windows 7, 8 or 10

4. Choose your evaluation methodology

There are three types of evaluation methodologies that you can choose from. They are -

  1. User testing: In this, you can test the use of the system on the users directly. No, it is not human experimentation. Think of it as beta testing, giving the system to select a few developers to work and give their feedback.

  2. Cognitive walkthrough: In this evaluation method, the evaluators perform a number of tasks and prepare some questions from the user’s perspective. This testing shows how easy it is for new users to learn the system.

  3. Heuristic evaluation: This evaluation method is used to identify the usability problems that might arise due to a fault in the user interface of the system. The evaluators test the interface by comparing it with a set of testing usability principles.

5. Define the evaluation procedure

This is the part of IMAT5209 usability evaluation assignment answers where you will mention the process of how the evaluation will be conducted. You need to mention the scene where the evaluation will be conducted, the goal of the user who is going to use the system and the series of tasks that will be performed to evaluate the system, etc.

6. Implement the evaluation

Now that the entire system is laid out, you need to execute it. You have to now perform the evaluation of the system you have selected. Apply the procedure from the above section and note down the results of the evaluation.

7. Derive the findings

The final part of IMAT5209 usability evaluation assignment answers is where you will identify the findings from the usability evaluation testing.

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