The foremost step in the process of sustaining academic honesty needs adequate understanding and knowledge about what plagiarism is. Just as you do not wish others to lift your cell phone or wallet and sack through your backpack as it is your personal property- writers do not wish others to sack through their ideas or arguments and lift their research and words- as it is intellectual property. If you illegally take and copy somebody else’s writing and incorporate it into your writing then it is known as plagiarism. Scholars and authors who reassure their content must be cautious regarding plagiarism, significantly regarding most ignored forms of plagiarism. It is considered to be a severe offense, and reduces the quality of writing, and prevents readers to perceive your work seriously.

Writing academic papers for the scholar is often a difficult job to do. Between researching, reading, and often needing to incorporate my own views, identifying the correct words to write can be a somewhat tedious task. You may sometimes accidentally forget to meet the needs of citing, or referencing quotes or sources. This may lead you guilty of committing plagiarism! Plagiarism, moreover, is not entirely about mentioning credit to the original site. But how you presented the source material or applied it in the research project is another element that you may overlook. Misrepresenting is similarly considered plagiarism just as lacking referencing. Hence, knowledge and understanding of commonly ignored types of plagiarism are important for you.

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Exploring Most Ignored Forms of Plagiarism

First, you need to acknowledge the most ignored forms of plagiarism and consider why they are problematic in varying manners. Furthermore, evaluation of the possible characteristics that cause these forms of plagiarism will help you to understand how to prevent them.


This type of plagiarism uses portions of a source’s words exactly word to word as the original cite wrote them without using citations or quotation marks. Writing words of the source, whether small sections or the entire content without quotation is regarded as wrong and illegal. Furthermore, if the citation is missing and quotation marks are used then this does not mention proper credit to the source you are using. This is a form of plagiarism that most people are aware of but still ignore typically due to carelessness in the writing process.


It incorporates a range of material from varying sources and represents the content altogether as your evaluation, and research without citation. The words are moderately reformed or often paraphrased properly, but the absence of citation and referencing represents the writing falsely. It sometimes happens when you try to make your writing look original. If unintentional, it can take place due to ignorance of significance about citation, referencing and often ineffective note taking.


It is the most difficult and highly misunderstood type of plagiarism. It happens when you submit your academic writing work commonly from a previous term but often from a personal assignment, as a project in a current term. You may think, “It is your idea and work, what is the issue?” But this causes trouble as it represents the assignment as a recent creation when it is not. It is because the reader expects you to reflect on the material that you have learned during the term. Ignoring the expectations of the reader and reusing their assignments and writings to avoid additional work and save time leads to recycling types of plagiarism.

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This incorporates together effective and ineffective sources used to write an academic paper. In few sections of the writing, citation and quotations are done appropriately while other sections are ineffectively paraphrased, cited, or referenced. This is sometimes done to try to hide unreferenced content where someone else’s words can be utilized to cut corners to save efforts and time used in researching and writing a new piece of work. When done unintentionally, it appears to happen due to a lack of citation techniques, and proper note taking.


This type of plagiarism takes place when you use links or sources that are not original or mention source details that are incorrect in some form. This commonly occurs when someone attributes the incorrect signal authors or phrases to their piece of work. For instance, you may write Quote A is from writer 1 when in reality it is from writer 5. This type of plagiarism happens when you are needed to provide citations and conduct research but purposely do not conduct the citation and actual research and rather make up the data usually to save work or time. It occurs when you do not have proper notes about the citation process and research integration leading to incorrect information.


It is the form of plagiarism that most people struggle with. It incorporates proper citations but the academic writing paper contains almost no original work. The aggregator form of plagiarism will present the source material properly with little to no personal opinions, ideas, or arguments to the paper. This sometimes takes place when you misunderstand your assignment expectations or when you have limited time to complete your writing. Also, it can arise when you struggle to find something personal to add to the concept of your assignment


It contains a proper citation to the material but not appropriately adjusting the structure and wording. It is the type of plagiarism, where you attempt to write about an idea into your own words and do more effective work on it than the usual use of synonyms but still not meeting the standard of proper paraphrasing. It occurs when you do not have proper knowledge about paraphrasing when you are in a hurry and lack proper note taking.

What Could Happen if I Use Most Ignored Forms of Plagiarism?

The corporate unit and learning institutions in specific have several strict rules and regulations for those accused of plagiarism. You must familiarize yourself with those rules as the repercussions can be serious. This includes:

  • A letter of a false attempt to the Dean of Scholars
  • Automatic failure of the term
  • Automatic failure of the assignment
  • Some institutions will expel you. For instance, the Medical Science at your institution may ask you to apply to a different discipline of study\
  • The institution may dismiss you completely
  • Some institutions often make it to the official transcript that you use to apply for a job and higher education
  • If you are working in an organization, then they may fire you to prevent the company from being linked with a plagiarist

Can you plagiarize yourself, and if yes how to prevent it?

It is known as self-plagiarism, wherein you copy one of your previous submitted assignments or even a section of it for your new term assignment. If you are retaking a term or wish to use a previous assignment paper, the most effective methods to prevent self-plagiarism are explained below.

  • Properly paraphrasing previous submitted assignment papers to reduce and remove the similarity
  • Cite your previous writings appropriately such as the use of periodic citations or reminder phrases, and combining parenthetical citations with narrative citations
  • Reforming the topic of your previous assignments
  • Using the sources used in your previous writings
  • Using your previous papers as a motivation and inspiration

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