In the current scenario, the researchers and scholars in every field of study have come together to find ways to cope up with the COVID-19 pandemic.Data exploration and miningis a fundamental unit in data science that helps students get a better knowledge of all the core concepts, principles and techniques that are covered in analysing data.IFN509is a unit that enables students to pace ahead in this information age with ease. In today’s context, ourcomputer science assignment helpexperts have catered to a lot of data mining assignments on COVID-19. To help you understand the basic approach to these assignments, we will talk about this in detail in this blog. My Assignment Servicesis a one-stop destination where all your queries will be catered within a jiffy!

Why Is Data Mining Important?

There is a reason why this course is being studied by every other student in the world. In today’s age of information, an enormous amount of astronomical data is being introduced every minute. So, for making better decisions, data exploration and mining becomes crucial for individuals and organisations.

In this techno-savvy generation, the need of the hour is data automation. With a range of methods in data analytics that is introduced in this course, users are taught to manage, decipher, monitor and analyse the given information to make it useful. Ourcomputer science assignment writershave helped students understand a plethora of data analytics methods, a variety of theories and models.

An Overview of the IFN509 Data Exploration and Analysis of COVID-19 Assessment

First of all, it is important to have an overview of the current situation, concerning the requirement of the assignment. We all know how COVID-19 is dominating every other social media platforms. Though this pandemic situation is a major health concern, it has also undeniably given a lot of exposure to the scientists and researchers to gather information on the virus and analyse the facts about it.

The IFN509 Data Exploration And Analysis Of COVID-19 Assessment Answerare based on the impacts on Coronavirus on data mining. There will be a data set given and you have to analyse it.

4 Important Elements ofData Exploration

For everyData Exploration And Analysis Of COVID-19 Assessmentthat you write, you have to consider four vital elements in it. Only when all these elements are present in your solutions, you will secure top-notch grades in them.

Following are the parameters that ourcomputer science assignment helpexperts keep in mind while drafting reference assignment solutions for students.

  1. There has been a fixed approach that will drive you to the conclusion in every solution
  2. The solutions that you have proposed in the assignment have to implemented as well.
  3. You assignment solution must have proper findings with appropriate evidence to support them
  4. All the above-discussed elements have to be documented in a well-organised manner

How Does Our Computer Science Expert Writes Accurate IFN509 Data Exploration And Analysis of COVID-19 Assessment Answers?

Now that we are clear with the basic information regarding the assignment, it is time that ourcomputer science assignment helpexperts begin with a detailed explanation on how to write accurate AccurateIFN509 Data Exploration And Analysis Of COVID-19 Assessment Answer.

There are six sections in this assignment. Let us what are those.

1. Data manipulation and cleansing

Among such enormous data, it is not feasible to conduct effective analyse. Hence, there is a need to simplify the data and represent it in such a way that it becomes easier to analyse. In doing so, the following are the points that you have to keep in mind:

  • How to handle the data inconsistencies?
  • While using an expanded data set, it is always helpful to segregate code and data for enhancing accessibility

2. Descriptive analysis and initial data exploration

In the second section, there are certain questions related to the pandemic COVID-19 that needs to be catered, which are as follows:

  • How many countries have reported at least 10 Coronavirus cases?
  • Which are the five countries with the maximum number of COVID019 active cases?
  • Based on the data for the last week, what is the current rate of increase in the number of total cases on Coronavirus?

3. Data Normalisation

The data that students sent us forIFN509 Data Exploration And Analysis Of COVID-19 Assessmentis reported date-wise, by different countries. However, there are some limitations to the data. So, the task in the third section is to normalise the data with the help of external resources. When the data will have no limitation, it can be used to compare two states or territories.

4. Further data exploration

In the fourth section, ourcomputer science assignment helpexperts explore some more questions and guide students on them to make them thorough with the analysis of COVID-19.

Some of the questions are as follows:

case fatality rate (CFR) for coronavirus

5. Data Visualisation

In this section, ourcomputer science assignment helpexperts carry out the following tasks for students:

  1. Plot the progression of the Coronavirus and choose the best way among normalised data, linear scale, log scale etc to visualise the data
  2. Design a global map which depicts the rate of increase of confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the last week. Also, we create similar maps for demonstrating the rate of increase of active cases
  3. In the end, we create a map to exhibit the findings of the ‘mitigation’ analysis.


6. Conclusion

The main purpose of thisIFN509 Data Exploration And Analysis Of COVID-19 Assessmentis to understand how Coronavirus has spread throughout the world. The research that is performed in this assessment can be really useful for devising out public health policy.

So, this brings an end to the assessment, however, this is not the complete solution. In case you want us to help you draft an entire fresh assignment solution, then simply send us all the requirements. Within a few hours, we will get back to you with the complete reference solution file.

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