Understanding advanced manufacturing processes requires a preliminary understanding of the traditional manufacturing processes. The doctrine extends itself to the study of the developments in manufacturing techniques over the years. Manufacturing sectors across different industries have some uniform principles.

In the light of the path-breaking developments that have taken place over the years in manufacturing sectors across different industries, it is safe to say that manufacturing has undergone a sea change. In the industrialization decades before globalization, manufacturers emphasized mainly increasing volumes of production. The emphasis is now on accurate prototyping and value addition. It is important to delve into the true meaning of traditional manufacturing practices.

Contemporary Manufacturing techniques

In the simplest of terms, advanced manufacturing is the use of innovative technology to manufacture purpose-built products and to add value to the existing products. Advanced manufacturing techniques are so-called because they employ principles of machine learning and artificial intelligence to optimize the efficiency of production. The advanced manufacturing techniques use automation and computation to build a superior product.

Whereas the definition may sound vague, it sums up the essential characteristics of advanced manufacturing. The only uniform feature of the diverse manufacturing techniques is the use of technology. In this article, we shall delve deep into the details of the subject. Identification and Analysis of Advanced Manufacturing System Assignment Processes requires a robust understanding of the various sub techniques and process of manufacturing used in modern-day industries. We will try to understand contemporary manufacturing processes by studying some of their applications below.

What is Advanced Manufacturing?

As defined above, advanced manufacturing is the employment of advanced techniques of production and value addition. However, the discipline finds its origins in the industrialization era of the early 19th century. It is a mistake to think that advanced manufacturing is a new concept. Back in the time, when countries were competing against one another to emerge as the industrial superpower and the manufacturing hub of the world, governments started investing heavily into research and groundwork for building specific purpose-built equipment and tools.

Simple technologies like radio and infrared were born during this time. Manufacturers of the time employed these technologies in manufacturing more complex machines. As a result of the research and development, more profound technologies started coming to the fore. One of the finest examples of using this traditional value-addition technique is in car radios. Cars and radios were two separate unrelated simple machines. However, their federation into complex machines defined traditional manufacturing. Whereas most industries were still in their preliminary phases of research and development, the combination technique was the real highlight of traditional manufacturing.

Traditional manufacturing techniques are aimed at combining two or more simple machines. The idea was to create a complex machine that serves a specific purpose. This changed towards the later part of the 20th century with the advent of computers. Auto-sensing and artificial intelligence soon emerged as the new buzzwords. With the arrival of information technology, the emphasis shifted from volume to customization. New age machines were characterized by in-built intelligence systems capable of sensing and responding. These milestones were facilitated only by advanced manufacturing techniques.

Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing is the term given to high-paced 3-D printing through a network of robust systems. It uses powder bed laser printing systems as well as other techniques to create assemblies from any material. Additive manufacturing has aided in reducing the failure rate while providing cheaper and more intuitive technologies.

Advanced/ Composite Materials

Manufacturing of composite materials or advanced materials essentially refers to the process of creating blends. The blends are created with the highest degree of accuracy and precision. The composite materials are mixed strictly in the required quantities to create the desired composites. Here, a careful study of the chemical properties of the different additives is required. These techniques are popularly used in the pharmaceutical industry. These techniques are also widely used in manufacturing glass and ceramics.


Robotics is a sub-branch of advanced manufacturing which has seen massive use and development in the past years. Through robotics, industries such as construction, mining and recycling have gone through a revolution. robotics has enabled systems capable of heavy lifting, hauling, moving and joining. Robotics is an important part of industries that involve a certain element of hazard. Through robotics, machines can be employed in place of humans and personnel. This can also help in reducing the risks and casualties otherwise associated with certain manufacturing processes. Robotics has now found an important place in most manufacturing industries.

Since it considerably reduces the overall risk caused to infrastructure and human life, it also reduces the overall prices of products. Robotics mechanisms are widely used in the aerospace industry as well as the automobile industry. In both of these industries, machines are used to lift heavy parts. Through robotics, it is easy to handle heavy components without posing any risk to human life.

advanced Manufacturing process

Laser Welding or Machining

Since welding and machining require a great degree of precision, it is often difficult to get it right the very first time. Laser machining makes way for fast and precise processing of parts through the use of laser technology. This helps in building a superior quality product while substantially reducing the price.

It also eliminates the possibility of joints loosening over some time or cracks appearing in the welds. Laser machining techniques are an important part of almost all modern-day industries. However, they are used most indispensable in the manufacture of pharma equipment, electronics, vessels and high power batteries. Laser welding has provided the world with safer alternatives to traditional products.

The Bottom Line

Since gadgets and devices are now manufactured to fit into our hands as opposed to bulky old gadgets and products, there is also a subsequent need for smaller parts and components, nanotechnology concerns itself with the manufacture of small parts. In the pursuit of building a sizable machine. Nanotechnology is also recognized by experts and climate activists around the world for reducing the overall carbon footprint of technological mechanisms.

Owing to the wide application of advanced manufacturing techniques in the modern-day industries, it is important to understand the subject with all of its profundities. Advanced manufacturing is now an important academic program which is a part of the curriculum of eminent universities across the world.

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