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October 11, 2017
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Human Resource and management is a popular function within a company whose focal point is to do recruitment along with management and provide guidance to the people working in an organization in order to achieve success. The academic writing on human resource and management is a difficult task for university scholars. Students are asked to create numerous assignments during their academic life and professors expect them to excel in all of those paper works. Due to some or the other reasons, students are not always able to produce a qualitative piece of work and they start feeling pressurized, but, there is no need for you to feel burdened or pressurized as you can avail human resource management assignment help from My Assignment Services by professional experts. Our expert academic writers hold relevant degrees from different reputed universities and can serve the best HRM homework help to students across the globe. They are capable of producing an effective assignment; right from choosing a good human resource and management assignment topics to delivering your assignments on time. Thus, if you are facing some trouble in completing your assignments then get hold of our HRM assignment help. Here’s providing a human resource and management assignment sample mapped by our expert that mirror their writing style and skills:


Question 1:

  1. Explain the concept of outsourcing as well as its associated risks, using your own words.
  2. Research and identify an organisation which provides recruitment services. Include a brief overview of the provider’s available services, in your own words, and explain when and why Citistores might consider outsourcing its recruitment processes to this organisation.

Question 2: If Citistores was to recruit for a new HR Manager, which psychometric tests and skills tests would you recommend including? Briefly describe at least three tests you have identified as suitable, using your own words. Explain the relevance of each of the three tests you have recommended, as part of the selection process for this role. Question 3: Research examples of software packages or applications that can be introduced and used at Citistores, to assist with improving the efficiency and effectiveness of its recruitment and selection processes.  In your own words, provide an overview of the functionality and benefits of one of the packages and explain how it might be useful for Citistores in managing the recruitment and selection processes. Question 4:     

  1. Describe the purpose of employee contracts and industrial relations.
  2. Explain why terms and conditions of employment are an important aspect of recruitment.

Question 5:   You have received an enquiry from a new employee, Rex, who is unsure about the purpose and process of the probation period for new employees, and is unclear on what role the manager should be playing during this time. Draft a professional response to Rex, via email and:

  • outline the intent of the probation period
  • include details on the benefits of probation periods to the employer and the employee
  • explain the steps that manager needs to follow with their new employees, from the beginning to the end of the probationary period
  • include the manager’s responsibilities during this time
  • provide information on the role of the employee during their probationary period
  • explain the range of documentation that is required to be completed to support the probation process
  • explain your role in the process, as the HR practitioner


Question 1

a)  The concept of outsourcing and the risks associated with it

Outsourcing can be defined as the transfer of a particular business function or task from a client to a third-party service provider(Armstrong & Taylor, 2014). The most common outsourced activities include Information Technology services, logistics and delivery services, human resource services, procurement services, etc. The decision that a concern takes to outsource a business activity is taken at the senior level of management and it is considered to be a vital strategic decision. Even though outsourcing has a number of benefits for the concern, it includes various risks (Sparrow, Brewster & Chung, 2016). The associated risks of outsourcing are the possibility of “interruption” in the flow of goods or services between the concern and its customers. The poor delegation of control gives rise to loopholes in the work process. The other risk relates to the bad impact on the relationship between the company and its employees.

b)  An organisation which provides recruitment services.

The organization providing recruitment services that have been identified here is “Allegis Group”. Itis a high-performing recruitment firm that focuses on the needs of the employers and assesses the qualifications of job seekers in order to make the best professional teams. It offers staffing and recruiting services, talent advisory services, workforce management services, etc so that its clients can conveniently find the best employees and can strengthen their organizational performance in the process(Gupta, Carroll, Gatti & Greiner, 2014). Citistores might consider outsourcing its recruitment processes to “Allegis Group” organization when it intends to employ the right set of candidates that are not just employable as per the prevailing needs but also possess significant competent skills. It must outsource its internal recruitment processes when it lacks appropriate infrastructure and operational ability due to the uncertain organizational environment. It could also outsource this HR process to increase its financial savings when the sourcing costs are low in the market. Thus the prevailing situation in the market could influence Citistores to outsource its recruitment processes (Gupta et. al., 2014).

Question 2

Three tests that identified as suitable

If Citistores was to recruit a new HR Manager the psychometric tests and skills tests that would be recommended are verbal reasoning tests, presentation skills test and overall personality test. All these tests would play a crucial role while selecting an appropriate candidate for the HR manager role. These tests would highlight the qualities that the individual possesses and it would also show whether he could properly adapt to the organizational culture at Citistores. The verbal reasoning skills of the applicant would highlight his oral skills at the workplace. It would help to understand how quickly and efficiently he could grasp the work-related concepts and policies. This quality would help him to identify critical issues that arise in his path (Beardwel & Thompson, 2014). The assessment of the presentation skills of a prospective HR manager is a must since he would have to always interact with people inside and outside the business organization. This test is very similar to the test relating to communication skills and it would help the organization to test the ability of the candidate to present the information to his audience in a coherent manner. The personality test would showcase the individual’s behavioural style, attitude and the personality characteristics. These elements are critical since itwould have a direct influence on his performance and his subordinates’ performance (Armstrong & Taylor, 2014). The psychometric tests and skills tests that have been suggested for the recruitment of a new HR Manager would help Citistores to assess the professional and personal qualities of the individual. Since the person would basically work in the human resource department, his level of interaction would be the topmost priority for the management. The designed testing tools would help to understand his exact role in the business undertaking and his approach towards his work.


Armstrong, M., & Taylor, S. (2014). Armstrong's handbook of human resource management practice. Kogan Page Publishers. Beardwell, J., & Thompson, A. (2014). Human resource management: a contemporary approach. Pearson Education. Gupta, A., Carroll, J., Gatti, P., & Greiner, E. (2014). The Perceived Risks of IT Outsourcing: An Exploratory Comparison of Large MNC & SME’s. Oxford Journal: An International Journal of Business & Economics, 2(1). Sparrow, P., Brewster, C., & Chung, C. (2016). Globalizing human resource management. Routledge.  

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