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September 20, 2017
Author : Sara Lanning

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Assignment Question

Prepare a report that covers the following criteria, using a workplace of your choosing. The report must cover the following and your report must be structures under the following headlines;

  • A brief outline of the organization and the HR service that you are going to report on- 150 words.
  • Develop an outline for an HRM Strategic Plan and demonstrate how this specially aligns to the border organizational- 300 words
  • Provide a SWOT analysis for one HR service from one of the following HR functions (staffing, performance management, reward and remuneration or employee (industrial) relations within the organization- For Example, the HR function is staffing and you are doing a SWOT on recruitment and selection OR, the HR function is performance management and you are doing a SWOT on training and development- 300 words
  • Develop a Service Legal Agreement (SLA) for this HR Service- For example, an SLA on recruitment and selection or training and development-500-800 words
  • Outline the methods of evaluation for the HR SLA- For Example, state the performance indicators and how these indicators are measured.
  • Identify at least one ethical issue that might arise in relation to your SLA- For Example, identify an ethical issue that might arise on relation to being a member of a staff selection panel and how would you deal with this issue?- 150 words

The report must have;

  • An assessment title and your name
  • A signed TAFE assignment cover sheet
  • A table of contents
  • Use of headings and subheadings as per marking criteria
  • Be a maximum of 2000 words; and
  • Have a bibliography-word count not inclusive

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Assignment Solution


HR policies


Table of Contents



The human resources are the most crucial assets of a business organization. They are important in developing competitive advantage and survive in the complex business scenario. With the changing economic and business scenario, it has become important that the business organizations implement effective human resource strategies. Morrison Plc is an international business organization which is running its business on domestic and international level. Morrison PLC is a supermarket chain which is fourth largest in the UK and spread across several other countries. This report focuses on Morrison’s Human Resource (HR) policies of staffing which are used for improving the productivity of the employees. As human resources are inevitable for the organization’s success, the companies use several recruitment or staffing strategies to attract the best candidates in the organization. In the similar manner, it is important that Morrison also use effective recruitment strategy to attract the best talent within the organization.

Brief Description of Organization

Morrison Plc is an international business organization which belongs to the retail industry. At present, company is having total turnover of £ 16540 million which is 25% more as compare to last five year data. The first self-service store was created by Key Morrison in Bradford. Over the years, the company has also increased its employees strength to 1, 17,000 employees who are providing their services to customers (Morrisons PLC. 2016). The company has included an HR department which focuses in hiring and selecting qualified employees in the business organization. The human resource department also deals with the termination of non-performing employees and deciding the remuneration of newly recruited candidates.Morrison Plc follows a comprehensive staffing strategy for the selection of the best candidates in the organization. It has collaborated with various staffing agencies for finding the best candidates in the organization. The human resource managers also tries to find the best candidates by searching for them in professional websites such as LinkedIn and publishing job vacancies on online platforms. There is also the provision of referral hiring in the organization (Stevens, et al. 2006).

Outline for HRM Strategic Plan

Human resources management strategic plan is mostly used by organization for hiring talented people and reducing employee turnover. It helps companies to identity present and future human resources needs for an organization.This HR strategic plan will involve assessing the current HR capacity, forecasting HR requirement and developing HR strategies to support organizational strategies. The HR department of the organization should regularly collaborate with the operational departments to identify the human resource needs of the organization.

The HR department of an organization could implement management information system in HR process such as hiring employees and performance management. It can be used to maintain data and information about candidates who have applied for a particular job position in its database. This information can be used later when there is again a vacancy in the organization. The Human resources management strategic plan will help Morrison plc to maintain effective level of business functioning. Morrison plc has vision and mission to increase its overall productivity and total turnover of business. Therefore, Human resources management strategic plan should focus on hiring candidates who can contribute to the success and the vision of the organization. In higher managerial positions, the company should focus to hire the best candidates irrespective of their current location and try to retain them by providing them an attractive compensation package.

Strategic HR planning is also important as it reduces the overall budget of the recruitment process. Therefore, if proper HR planning process is implemented in Morrison Plc then it will reduce the cost involved in recruitment, training, and hiring of employees.

This process system will improve employees working behaviour and overall business working conditions of Morrison plc in determined approach. Once these HR strategies in Morrison plc have been implemented then company could see the achievement in its objectives and goals (Furuya, et al 2007).

SWOT analysis

This analysis provides key details on the strength, weakness, opportunity and threats of recruitment stratrgyprovided by the HR department of Morrison plc.


It is evaluated that HR department of Morrison plc is accompanied with 200 employees.

Remuneration provided by HR department to the employees of Morrison plc is very high as compare to other competitor’s organizations. It is important to attract the best candidates in the organization.

HR department has followed standard remuneration policies to avoid possible conflicts.

Salary and remuneration of employees are based on the calibre and position of employees in organizations.

It has collaborated with a large number of staffing agencies so that the database of the best candidates in the industry can be accessed by the organization


The recruitment system of Morrison Plc is more inclined towards hiring male employees in organizations process system. Company should have proper level of balance in male and female employees.

Remuneration provided to male employees is comparatively high as compare to other male employees in the organization. It impacts negatively on the organization culture and creates dissatisfaction among the female employees.

HR policies in determining remuneration for employees are not dynamic which hinders the organization’s productivity.

Equal level of Remuneration may increase the overall production cost eventually.


With the changing in economic and business complexity, HR department can create dynamic and flexible remuneration structure for employees.

The Company can also implement flexible working hours and shifts to provide flexibility to the employees.

Morrison plc has been planning to follow international workmen compensation act to give proper remuneration to its employees (Almond et al. 2005).


HR department has been facing problems in complying with HR policies and international rules and regulation under international workmen compensation act.

The workforce of the organization is not diversified and inclusive which can negatively impact n the image the organization

Remuneration provided by HR department to its employees is average. But other rivals in market could offer higher package to employees to attract them to join their ventures.

Use of international HR policies may result into confliction in set up remuneration policies and measures.

Company may face high level of cost in setting proper remuneration policies in organization.


Service Level Agreement

The Service Level Agreement is the agreement or contract which is made between service provider (either internal provider or external provider) and the ultimate users that demonstrate the level of services expected from the provider. It is observed that with the changing economic times and complex business organizations, service line agreement have been used by various multinational companies to increase the overall productivity of organization. Service line agreement is useful in case of staffing, recruitment and selection of employees in organizations. For instance, if Morrison plc uses the service line agreement then they could determine the level of salary or remuneration on target basis. It will strengthen the remuneration services of HR department. Moreover, these SLM will help in setting standard targets and goals for HR department. It will provide required number of employees hiring, staffing, and selecting for particular works. Proper level of SLM will not only increase the efficiency of business but also reduce the overall cost of organizations. It provide specific and measurable target for the service providers and set level of targets for HR department of organization (Almond, et al. 2015).

Service Level Agreement

Recruitment Process Responsibility
Vacant position is posted after discussion with the hiring manager HR Manager and Recruiter
Diversity and sourcing of potential candidates HR Manager and Recruiter
Candidates Review and hiring decision HR manager
Offer extension and Pre-employment check Recruiter
On-boarding of candidate Hiring manager


Almond, P., Edwards, T., Colling, T., Ferner, A., Gunnigle, P., MÜLLER?CAMEN, M.I.C.H.A.E.L., Quintanilla, J. and Wächter, H., 2015. Unraveling home and host country effects: An investigation of the HR policies of an American multinational in four European countries. Industrial Relations: A Journal of Economy and Society, 44(2), pp.276-306.

Almond, P., Edwards, T., Colling, T., Ferner, A., Gunnigle, P., MÜLLER?CAMEN, M.I.C.H.A.E.L., Quintanilla, J. and Wächter, H., 2005. Unraveling home and host country effects: An investigation of the HR policies of an American multinational in four European countries. Industrial Relations: A Journal of Economy and Society, 44(2), pp.276-306.

Furuya, N., Stevens, M.J., Oddou, G., Bird, A. and Mendenhall, M.E., 2007. The effects of HR policies and repatriate self-adjustment on global competency transfer. Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources, 45(1), pp.6-23.

Morrisons PLC. 2016. Company History. [Online]. Available at: [Accessed on: 14th June 2016].

Stevens, M.J., Oddou, G., Furuya, N., Bird, A. and Mendenhall, M., 2006. HR factors affecting repatriate job satisfaction and job attachment for Japanese managers. The International Journal of Human Resource Management, 17(5), pp.831-841.

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