It is quite normal for professors to ask their students to either watch a film or a TV show, or go through an article or a book, and give their response or reaction to it. Have you been given the task of writing a reaction paper? Well, then you ought to do at least two things in it. First, you need to summarize the entire book/movie/article in it, and then, present your own reaction towards it.

Having said that, this procedure is not as simple as it looks to be; woven with a lot of intricacies in it, the task not only demands a lot of time and effort, but also expects students to employ precision in the work. Owing to the challenges that students face in this, we have recruited a world-class panel of research paper writing help experts in our team who are known for their high-quality work in Canada and worldwide.

My Assignment Services is a trustworthy online academic platform that doesn’t let any of the requirements of students go unheard. In this blog, we will discuss how to write a reaction paper effectively.

Reaction paper example

The Two Most Important Section in a Response Paper

Before we get started with a research paper, it is important to first know the two most crucial components of a response paper. When we get to know the detailings of these sections, then it will be quite easy to work on a response paper. Over the years, our research paper writing help experts have been able to guide students through these components. This way we have simplified the entire process for them.

Let us now discuss each of the two sections of a response paper in brief here.

1. The Summary Section Of A Response Paper

This is the first section of the response paper. Though it might seem to be an easy one, there are several points to consider when writing the summary section. Following are the points that our research paper writers keep in mind when they work on this section of the response paper.

  • Decide the title, author name as well as the publication date for which you have to give your reaction
  • Work upon the brief of the summary of what you have read
  • Point out the main highlights of the events and instances an try to formulate a short summary out of it
  • Also, be vigilant that you haven’t overlooked any of the crucial events in the book/article or movie
  • In this section, you just need to stick to providing the summary. Do not appreciate or criticize anyone.
  • In corporate relevant facts and quotes from the movie or book that you feel the audience can relate to and retain in their mind
  • Once completed, go through the entire summary and look for points that you might have missed by chance.

2. The Response Section Of A Response Paper

Here, you have to discuss how you felt through reading a book, or an article, or while watching a movie. Just like the previous section, there are numerous points associated with this section too that you need to keep in mind.

These include:

  • The prime point is to be thorough with the guidelines of the paper so that you know what expectations your professor has from the paper.
  • Demonstrate the relevance of the response paper with the course you are engaged in.
  • Recognise the chief ideologies, concerns, challenges, messages, moral of the story, and more in this section
  • Then, you need to co-relate how the topic is related to your everyday work. This can be done by showing that you are able to identify yourself with any of the characters in the book, article or movie.
  • Elaborate upon how the work you are reacting on has impacted your life and how you have been able to contribute something original
  • Work on the appreciations and criticisms
  • Provide a valid reason on why you would want to or do not want to recommend the work to someone else.

Now, we are in a position to ease this process further to let you know how to write a response paper with the help of an assignment sample that we have covered recently for students in Canada and all over the world.

How to Write a Response Paper? Here’s How Our Experts Do It

With the help of a few excerpts from the solution of the reference response paper, our research paper writing help experts will now demonstrate the basic approach that we follow for writing such reaction papers.

Reaction paper summary

As you can see in the above image, this is the summary section that our research paper writing help experts have written. You will notice that other than the summary, we have not included any explanation, appreciation or criticism in this section.

In the below image, here is the reaction section.

Reaction paper sample

We incorporate separate paragraphs for each new idea as shown in the above example. Do you want us to help you with your response papers? Just send us your topic and we will reach out to you with a comprehensive reference draft within a few moments.

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