Are you burdened with the task of writing a management investigation report? Just like many other students, you might be dreading this chore, aren’t you? Probably, this is because you’re rushing through this entire complicated process, cobbling together facts and figures from here and there, and as a result of which, ending up with a vague, irrelevant or long-winded investigation report.

An investigation report in management is the perfect opportunity to put forth the thorough investigation that has been conducted, exhibiting all the necessary facts and evidence to the associated stakeholders so that we reach a proper conclusion. These reports are written to reduce the requirement of follow-up work. It saves time and produces the information in a clear and concise manner.

Our management assignment help experts are seasoned writers who very well understand how an investigation report is to be structured. Over the years, we have drafted a variety of investigation reports for the reference purpose of those students who face difficulties in doing these on their own. In this blog, we will be talking more about how to write a management investigation report. So, let us get started.

Six Steps of investigation

Investigative Reports “Must”: Did You Know?

Over the years, our management assignment writers have come across a wide range of investigative reports that have fulfilled the purpose. In the same manner, we have worked diligently to produce such reports for the reference purpose of students all over the world. In this process, we have culminated in a list of three critical tasks that your report must do. Do you know about these? If not, then hover over this list.

  1. The report must be such that, even if the person who is reading it does not have any reference material can understand it
  2. The investigative findings have to be accurately documented in the report
  3. The readers must be able to understand whether the allegations made in the report are substantiated or not, or if there is something missing in it that has a definite conclusion or not.

So these are some of the things that you need to keep in mind while drafting your report. Our management assignment help experts make sure that the work that we hand over to our clients has all the above-mentioned points in them. Now, it is the perfect time to let you know our experts write these reports.

How To Write A Management Investigation Report Just Like Our Experts? Here Is How We Do It

There are certain fixed sections that have to be included in every investigative report. Over the years, our management assignment help experts ensure their work is aligned in this format, which is how we have managed to provide students with the utmost quality work. So this is the format that you must use for a management investigation report.

1. Executive Summary

This is the first section of the report that must be concise and provide the reader with an insight into the complete investigation process. It must only include that unique information that is not a part of the report. Our management assignment experts always follow an active voice in this part.

This is how we write the executive summary of the management investigation report.

management investigation report sample

See how we have worked upon the executive summary using the first-person narrative. Now, let us come to the next section of this report.

2. Preliminary Case Information

This section can either come before or after the executive summary. Without giving much of the details, the purpose of this part is to capture the basic information of the case in a brief manner. However, this is done in the context of specific organisations for which the report is to be drafted. The content that our management assignment help experts include here are as follows:

  • The name and identification number of the one who has investigated the case, if any
  • Number of the case that has been investigated
  • When was the case complaint reviewed?
  • The channel for complaint
  • The date of assigning of the case
  • Reporter name
  • Details of the source (if he/she is an employee of the given organisation)

3. Summary of the Allegation and the Subject

The third section is where we talk briefly about the allegation without the use of any technical jargon or technical term that is beyond the comprehension of any person outside the organisation. Specify the type of case that is being investigated and also talk about the subject.

This is how our management assignment help experts record the details of the subject in this part of the investigative report.

management investigation report sample 2

4. Document Investigation Interviews

Coming to the next section, it is time to document all the interviews that have been taken for this report. A summary for all the interviews will be good to go with. This is how we document different types of interviews in this section.

management investigation report sample 3

5. Credibility

The last section and the most important one is to provide credibility to the entire report. For this, our management assignment help experts advise students to include a credibility assessment for each of the interviews. Here, some of the most important things to discuss include plausibility, demeanour, the motive to falsify, past record and corroboration of the employee.

How Do Our Management Assignment Experts Help Students In Producing Impeccable Investigative Reports?

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