How to Write a Conflict Resolution Case Study?

April 05, 2022
Author : Charles Hill

Conflicts are a part of life, be it family, friends, or work relationships. Slight differences and fiction are commonly expected. We all have different opinions, ideas and perspectives, and such differences often cause conflicts. A minor disagreement or a major conflict in a team or among the team members can be due to a gap in communication or some unpleasant instance that has happened.

The chances of a conflict arising in workplaces are very common. According to the reports published in The Sydney Morning Herald, workplace conflicts have increased, especially during the work from home process ongoing due to the covid restrictions. The reason for this can be the communication gap between the team members.

There are preset workplace policies for resolving conflicts. It is usually the manager, team leader, department heads, or the human resources department's responsibility to resolve such a situation. But, before things escalate to such limits, the teammates or the involved parties can try to resolve it.

how do you resolve a conflict

The Three C’s Focus On When Resolving a Conflict


In the dictionary, the word 'capitulation' means to surrender or yield to your opponent. It is easy to read a definition, but the actual implementation requires compromise with a person's ego and dignity. You must find reasons to give up the anger or offence you might be keeping in before you can offer an olive branch.


When you compromise with your opponent or teammate, it does not mean yielding a white flag. It rather means that you are trying to find common ground between you, and doing so will help put conflict resolution into action. The conflict ending with a compromise is high, so you now know what's the keyword here.


Working with the same colleague is something that you will have to put yourself through even if you don't want to, so you both can seek a collaborative resolution for your pursuits together. Often working together makes people review their opinions and consider the other party's suggestions. A good conflict resolution example for collaboration is businesses joining hands with their competitors.

These three C's are the key to resolving any conflict in the workplace; the order or the necessity for each of them may vary. The time it would take to resolve a conflict depends on the gravity of the issue behind the conflict. Minor fiction or disapprovals are something that can be ignored or passed by easily.

The richness of our existence is determined by how we handle conflicts, not if we have them or not.

It is the major issue in team dynamics that can snowball into huge communication gaps and affect team productivity. The chances of such conflicts are low, yet the team members must put the team dynamics and effectiveness before such differences. Doing so might help shine a light on the need for conflict resolution.

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Examples Of Conflict Resolution Scenarios That You Can Write A Case Study On

When writing a case study on conflict resolution may land you in a dilemma, as conflict is a very common occurrence, and you might not know which topics to choose for the case study. If you are facing such an issue, then you can use the following examples of case study topics for composing a case study:

  • How can a senior’s assertiveness convince two teammates that have been in public conflict?
  • The need for the Human Resource Department's active listening to resolve a conflict between a subordinate and supervisor.
  • How can a supervisor encourage teammates to seek empathy towards their peers with whom they’ve been in conflict?
  • Managers of different departments arrange a discussion and brainstorming session to resolve the conflicts between both teams.
  • How can meditation help a manager or team leader find common ground among the teammates?
  • How can co-workers find a mutual understanding to work and exist peacefully in a work environment?
  • Role of team leader in eliminating the friction between two teammates that have been in conflict for a while.
  • A manager’s role in conflict resolution and holding the employees accountable.

Conflict is expensive, costing $359 billions in paid hours, or 385 million business days. Employees who call in ill or are absent from work to avoid conflict make about 25% of the workforce. In the previous three years, 88 percent of employees coping with workplace conflict have admitted to utilising drugs.

The topics for the case study on conflict resolution can be many more depending on the nature of the company and the instances that may happen in the workplace. Discrimination, bullying, and even racism are the reasons for workplace conflicts. Such topics are not discussed overtly, yet they require the management's intervention for resolution.

How Do You Write A Conflict Resolution?

The reasons that might initiate a conflict are many yet grave topics like discrimination, over-burdening, and foul language towards a peer require the management and HR's input to resolve such conflicts. The chances that these issues get resolved with the retention of both parties are low, yet both are required to submit their conflict resolution management sheet when such instances happen. Here's what to include in one:

Step1: Review the instance/ Source of conflict

The first thing you should do is review the instance that caused the conflict or the reason for fiction with the teammate. If both parties honestly define the circumstance or still happening, the management can better understand it.

Step2: Look past the instance

Often the source of the conflict can be a small disagreement that escalates into an argument. Both the parties need to see beyond the situation and access the other person in conflict as a competent worker and well-natured individual.

Step3: Request a Solution

Both parties need to suggest how they want the conflict to end. It can be a common ground agreement or an apology. If the other party agrees to your demands or vice versa, you must also heed their request.

Step4: Identify a solution that both parties can support

Solving that both parties can abide by and effectively help resolve the conflict is necessary. An agreement for peaceful co-existence or future collaboration can be useful for both parties.

Step5: Agreement and Future Collaboration

Future collaboration may not always be possible as the gravity of the conflict may stick to their compromise and not want anything to do with the opposition. It is common to happen, and they might just exist peacefully in work environments for their employees and maintain team dynamics.

Conflict and antagonism affect a 1/3 to half of the workforce, and 40percent of those who are constantly impacted by conflict may choose leave their jobs.

how do you write a conflict resolution

Conclusion: The Future of Conflict Management and Resolution

A system for establishing a Conflict Management System within a company reduces the chances of escalation of differences and conflicts prevention and management of conflicts. The objective of this system is not to stop conflicts altogether. Rather it is designed to minimise the damage to the organisation.

The new-age technology can be of great help in identifying and addressing potential conflict areas. Inappropriate conduct patterns, also known as microaggressions, often go under the reader because they are not immensely harmful. But tracking such behaviours will also help avoid future conflicts.

Conflict resolution can happen due to small to grave reasons. Yet, it is the involved parties and the management's responsibility to be the glue to keep the team together for effective productivity. Also, mentally or physically damaging behaviours must be addressed on the management level to prevent full-blown arguments.

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