Competency Demonstration Report or CDR is a document that is needed if you want to migrate to Australia to work as an engineer. There are numerous tips and tricks out there which tell you how to write career episode in a CDR but none of them tells you what My Assignment Services’ CDR writing help providers want to tell you. In this blog post, I am going to give you some insights into how you have to write the career episodes in your CDR as per the requirements specified in the MSA (Migration Skills Assessment) Booklet.

What is the career episode?

Since you are looking for career episode in CDR, you either do not know what a career episode is or you know it wrong. So, let me tell you again and clearly what a career episode in CDR is. The career episode is a brief explanation of your engineering experience or your work experience where you applied your engineering studies.

Why is the career episode necessary?

Would you hire a person for the position of a driver without first authenticating if he actually knows how to drive a car simply because he said "I know how to drive." and you are taking him for his words? No, you would not. The same way, a country would not want you to migrate there and work there without first being sure that you actually know engineering. Hence, career episodes are necessary.

Can I increase/decrease the number of career episodes?

No, you cannot. Engineers Australia has defined that you must include 3 career episodes and 3 career episodes are what you must write. Not 2, not 4. Only 3.

What time period should I use?

You can use the entire time period right from the first day if your graduate studies to the time you are writing this career episode. The career episodes can be focused on one specific period of your engineering or may be distributed over distinct aspects. For example, you might write career episode 1 about a project you prepared in the final semester and the remaining 2 career episodes from the job that you were employed in. But the one thing that remains constant in all is your explanation and justification of how your engineering knowledge was applied in that activity.

What can I write my career episode on?

The career episode can be based on -

  1. A task that was undertaken during your undergraduate study where you applied engineering knowledge
  2. An engineering project you have completed in the past or are currently working on
  3. A specific position that you occupied or occupy in an engineering role. For the career episode in this section, you have to write more than your job description.
  4. A problem in engineering that you successfully solved.

How long should my career episodes be?

The guidelines specified by Engineers Australia say that your career episode should be not less than 1000 words and not more than 2500 words. But that does not mean that if you have nothing to write, you stretch it up to 1000 words or when you have too much to write you concise it to exactly 2500 words. The experts say that your career episode should be somewhere around 2000 words so that there is a room of addition and reduction if needed.

Do I have to write it like a story?

Yes, you may but do not flow with the emotions. You need to keep those in check. The career episodes should be an explanation of what you did and your account of how you overcame a problem. Try not to include too many calculations, tables, etc. in the career episodes.

Where can I get the best CDR writing help?

The professional team of My Assignment Services have onboard experts who have been involved in various roles at Engineers Australia and know exactly what needs to be there in your CDR. They know how you have to shape the career episode so that it is appealing. How can you take their help? You can ask our team for a CDR writing help and get personalised guidance or ask for a reference CDR prepared specially for you.

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