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April 02, 2022
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Risk assessment includes various systematic procedures of detecting hazards and analysing any risk factors in a workplace, implementing control measures to decrease the risks at the workplace.

The risk management framework is based on three major points:

  1. Accident: Loss due to an unplanned event.
  2. Hazard: Potential harm caused due to an accident.
  3. Risk: The degree of loss due to a hazard, injury, damage, and loss.

These three factors are the basis for the risk management models; the measures to prevent accidents are implied to prevent hazards and risk at the workplace. This unit talks about the various measures and how effective they are at preventing risks, the need for such measures, and methods for improving them.

The manager's role is to help the team members identify the hazards in the workplace or suggest methods to make it safer. They are tasked to communicate with the team members and note their suggestions. The manager's input is crucial for developing work safety models and improving them. Read forth to get bsbwhs401 formative assessment answers.

what are the 6 types of workplace hazards

What Is the Procedure of Informing the Staff Concerning the Workplace Hazards And The Results Of Risk Assessments? Is The Current Process Effective? How Can It Be Improved?

The staff members of an organisation are informed regarding the workplace hazards and the outcomes of risk management via email, notice on the website or physical notice in the workplace bulletin. They are well aware of the WHS and hazards and the outcomes of risk assessments, yet it is often not enough for effective implementation. To make the implementation effective, the team members should have regular meetings with the managers or office manager to discuss the same. Such concepts are important in bsbwhs401 assessment answers.

The recorded number of fatalities at the workplace under the age of 25 in Australia were 194, 8 females and 186 males in 2021 - Safe Work Australia

If the management is aware of the hazards and the risks, the controls measures need to be put in place. The WHS Act for imposing control procedures involves reducing the risks at the workplace. If reducing risks to the minimum levels is not possible, it must be at a level that supports reasonably practising.

When aligning the suitable risk management procedures, various options are considered; the control measures must be effective in hazard control or minimise circumstantial risks. A single control measure or a combination of various procedures must be implemented to support the maximum level of safety for reasonable practice at workplaces.

Some of the hazards and risks can be easily addressed and fixed, while others (radio waves immersion, chemical hazards, gas leaks, ect) require a detailed procedure that must be implied with effect. The hazards that seek more effort require prioritising the safety of the workers and focusing on the hazards that possess maximum risk. You will learn all about these hazards in bsbwhs401 formative assessment answers.

Did you know that repetitive data entry, long periods of sitting, high workload, and exposure to stressful situations are also workplace hazards that can affect workers' health?

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What Are the Differences Between the Hazards At A Manufacturing Business And An Office-Based Business?

Diverse work settings require different safety measures as the type of risks involved are also different. The office-oriented work environment includes hazards like fire safety, the functioning of the work equipment (laptop/computers, printers, ect), and injuries in office premises.

On the other hand, the manufacturing business is more first-hand labour and requires workers to be apt with working in extreme conditions and working the manufacturing machines. The factory-oriented workplace hazards include extreme risks of fire, leakage of chemicals, or gases, emission of radio waves, and professional hazards caused due to the chemicals used in manufacturing. Focus on these for bsbwhs401 formative assessment answers:

Manufacturing Business

  • Heavy lifting or pushing, the weight or shape of the object may pose a risk for the workers.
  • Slipping, falling, or tripping on the floor or the storage.
  • Hand tools such as drills, saw hammers, ect.
  • Noises from the machines possess a risk of hearing impairment.
  • Inhaling or accidental chemical intake through the eyes or mouth is dangerous and possesses a long term hazard.

Over 763 million Australian dollars were paid to workers as compensation for serious mental health hazards due to covid during 2020-21 - Safe Work Australia

Office Business

  • Bad or low lighting results in bad eyesight.
  • Adjustable office furniture may pose posture hazards.
  • Extreme temperatures entail health risks.
  • Contagious illness (especially covid spread) has been a major risk factor at workplaces.
  • Slipping, falling, or other minor injuries can occur within the office premises.
  • Getting electrocuted due to sockets or wires.
  • Accidental fire or arson hazard.
  • Stress is also a huge risk factor that almost all workers go through regardless of the work environment.

Every profession has risks, hazards and negative outcomes, but risk management may help prevent accidents or reduce losses. Regardless of the work environment, the concerns for workplace safety must be taken into account. The managers are responsible for communicating with their team and informing them about the safety measures, hazards, and the right procedure to deal with accidents and emergencies. These are a few of the most sought answers in the bsbwhs401 assessment answers.

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Did you know that Safe Work Australia developed the Clean Air, Clean Lungs campaign to address occupational lung diseases hazards?

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