BBA102 Principles of managementis a unit that Macquarie university in Australia offers students who have a niche in management. Students aspiring to be recruited as managers in multinational organisations need to understand the structure and operation of their workplace.

Ourmanagement assignment helpexperts have guided a lot of students on several aspects of a business report within the context of global environmental management. A brief approach of the report will be talked about in this blog. In case, you require the entire solution for the file, then you can always rely onMy Assignment Services.

Assessment Modes that You Need to Complete in BBA102

There are three assessments that you have to complete, to pass this unit successfully. We maintain a steadfast team of professionalmanagement assignment writersin our panel, who are thorough with all the requisites for the assessments.

Following are the assignments that fall under this unit.

  1. Business report (25%)
  2. Essay and teamwork reflection (35%)
  3. Final exam (40%)

As most of the times, students have approached us with the queries on theBBA102 business report, thus, we will discuss more on this report now.

Before we go ahead with the report, let us talk about some concepts that are quintessential for these reports. Students have turned to us with queries on these topics mostly, in the last week.

These are:

  1. Development of organisations and management
  2. The context or environment of an organisation
  3. What constitutes performance for an organisation, and sustainability

Now, we are good to go. Ourmanagement assignment helpexperts will share the approach to these reports which they use while drafting reference reports for students.

BBA102 Managing in a Global Environment Business Report

The report contributes 30% to the overall grades for the unit and must be written in 2500 words. Let us see how ourmanagement assignment writersdraft this report.

BBA102 Managing In a Global Environment Business Report

For writing thisBBA102 Managing In a Global Environment Business Report, you need to be aware of different types of management theories that will help you in researching for the report. Our experts describe the theories on some topics and after researching about the organisation, apply those theories to the workplace scenario.

This is the task overview.'

Shellcoop Clothing

For writing the report, ourmanagement assignment helpexperts first understand the task requirements. With theGlobal Environment Business Report, you have to guideglobal expansion plans. The organisation chosen for the report is ShellCoop Clothing in Australia, which specialises in manufacturing clothing for people who enjoy performing outdoor activities.

In the report, our experts present an analysis of the market conditions prevalent in Canada (new market), wherein we choose the market and study all the factors associated with it.

With the help of PESTLE analysis, ourmanagement assignment writerscomplete drafting this report.

How OurManagement Assignment HelpExperts Conduct The PESTLE Analysis in the assignment?

ThePESTEL analysis in managementis a framework through which we can analyse the key factors that contribute to influencing an organisation. These include the political, economic, sociological, technological, legal and environmental factors. This framework is used by managers to strategise their decision-making process within their organisation.

PESTEL Analysis

Hence, using this analytical tool, ourmanagement assignment helpexperts analyse the market conditions that are available in Canada, where the company wants to expand its business. Based on this, they draft theBBA102 Managing In a Global Environment Business Report.


Let us discuss it in brief now. This is how we conducted thePESTLE analysis of Canada:

1. Political factors of Canada

Firstly, we describe in detail the structure of government that exists in Canada. After this, we analyse all the associated areas that are somehow affected by the government such as taxes in Canada. This helped us to know whether politics will favour ShellCoop clothing in Canada or not.

2. Economic factors of Canada

Next, ourmanagement assignment writersmove to the economic factors associated with Canada. The cooperation between the US and Canada will result in high competition for the chosen company in Canada.

3. Social factors of Canada

After this, the next key factor that is analysed is the social factors that are prevalent in Canada. These will also impact the position of the chosen clothing company in Canada. Here, ourmanagement assignment helpexperts consider the median of total revenue for the citizens of Canada. In addition to this, the area of education is also analysed. When all the social factors are studied, it comes a negative factor for the clothing store.

4. Technological factors of Canada

The next step is to analyse the conditions of Canada, concerning science and technology. From here, we choose two famous firms operating in Canada and compare it with the conditions of the chosen firm. Then, we draw out whether technology favours the company or not.

5. Legal factors of Canada

The last factor that is analysed by ourmanagement assignment helpexperts is the rights that are regulated under the legislation of Canada. Studying various areas like wages, vacation, sick days etc. We conclude whether or not the legal factors of Canada favour the company or not.

This brings an end to the PESTLE analysis and based upon this, we complete drafting theBBA102 Managing In a Global Environment Business Reportfor students. To get the complete reference report from us, just ping us all your requirements and within no time, we will be ready with your report.

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