The acknowledgements section in a dissertation or thesis is where students thank their professors, university/institution, and other people or organisations that helped them work and complete their projects. It is a formal form of dedication and is placed after the table of contents. You don’t have to write the names of every single person that helped you while you worked on your thesis; many might wonder if they can thank their friends or family members or not. You shall avoid doing that because it needs to include only the people that worked with you on the project, which might not be your close friend or family member.

“When we express our acknowledgements, it grows.⁣”

Quote by Richie Norton

Acknowledgement is important to thank the people or organisations that helped you complete your thesis. A thesis or dissertation is published officially on the university page or in a book. The content used for the creative process is often copyrighted or taken from previous research, so giving reference and acknowledgement is a must. Also, a dissertation takes years to complete, and often the research process requires assistance from a mentor or professor, so thanking them for their support and guidance is important and expected.

Acknowledgement in Thesis

What Are The Differences Between Dedication And Acknowledgement Writing?


  • The writer often writes a dedication to thank the people who helped them compose their work or offered any form of support, be it emotional or formal help. Dedication is often a personal piece of writing, so the writing can be informal and casual.
  • Even in academic writing, the writer usually mentions two or more individuals that help them. It can be a family member, friend or a significant individual in the writer’s life.


  • Acknowledgement is written to show gratitude to individuals or organisations that have provided scholarly or financial assistance to the writer. The mentioned entities have helped the writer through academia or offered research assistance.
  • The names of professors, committee members, individuals who lead the research, and organisations that offer financial or scholarly aid must be included in an acknowledgement. It is a formal piece of writing.

Success is unattainable without acknowledging the need for help from others. The wise accept help with gratefulness.

Quote by Alfred North Whitehead

An acknowledgement or a dedication might differ in structure, writing, and content. Yet, both serve a similar purpose of showing gratitude towards various people who guided and helped the writer. A research paper, thesis, or book takes years of research and writing, so it is expected to regard people who helped you throughout the entire process.

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What Is the Correct Formatting of the Acknowledgement Section for My Thesis?

Firstly, the writing style must be formal for the acknowledgement selection depending on who you acknowledge. Use first-person and make the writing emotive to convey sincere thanks for the mentioned entities. Usually, students can compose their acknowledgements, yet it is advisable to keep the writing formal. It is important to write this section in a well-versed manner as it is one of the first things that anyone would read when going through your paper.

It is generally written in a paragraph or application format, but specifically for a thesis paragraph format is preferred. The paragraphs flow can be, adding formal acknowledgements first then moving on to more informal or personal acknowledgements. For most research papers, this format is followed, and the language depends on the person you are writing to. Keep the writing simple and avoid using any technical jargon unless required.

Briefly write about the support or the part that the mentioned entity played in your thesis. Don’t aggravate your writing, and avoid writing too much. Acknowledgement doesn’t usually have a word limit, yet keeping it brief is the key to making the reader learn about the people involved in your thesis. If needed, make an alphabetical list to mention all the people and organisations involved. Keep the writing precise and brief to avoid an imbalance of your gratitude towards the listed people. Writing too much makes the dedication seem insincere and biassed.

Lastly, write the full names of people and organisations without spelling mistakes. It will make your acknowledgements seem sincere. It lets the readers know that the people you mentioned are the experts of the fields and make your work more credible. It is also useful for other thesis writers who might be researching a similar topic to learn about the various individuals and organisations that can help them.

A dissertation may be written in an essay format, but it is very different from an essay. The major difference is the word count; an essay is written in 500-2500 words, whereas a dissertation is 30,000-50,000 words long.

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Important Acknowledgement Section

Why is Acknowledgement Important in The Thesis?

A PhD dissertation is a challenging task that requires years of research and compiling the research paper. It takes maximum effort and dedication from the student’s part and cannot be done alone as continuous guidance is required to sort years worth of research. Some thesis is often experiment-based and requires funds to conduct the research, and the concerned experiments take weeks or months to complete. The university or various organisations that help students by financing their research and helping them compile a thesis must be acknowledged.

A few students can compile a thesis independently, while many others need help and guidance. Regardless of the amount of help that a party provides or the part they play in your research, everyone deserves gratitude. Receiving credit isn’t something the acknowledged entities seek or require as they already qualify professionals in the field of study. So, believing that acknowledging gives credit to someone else is an incorrect notion. Students must acknowledge the help offered by many and that the project ended successfully.

A thesis is a part of a postgraduate program, and a dissertation is submitted at the end of a doctoral program. Both the terms differ but are often used interchangeably.

In conclusion, acknowledgement might not be a section that contributes to your grades. Yet, it is still necessary to thank various individuals and organisations that helped you compile your thesis. A thesis takes time and effort; it isn’t an easy task. So being grateful to people that help you attain good results and overcome such difficult tasks is very important. You never know your dissertation might get published to be the next big topic of discussion in your field of study, so the concerned parties that helped you deserve recognition as well. Lastly, it helps avoid plagiarism if you miss some while referencing.

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