How to Make A Cover Page For An Assignment

February 15, 2022
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Cover Page is the page that runs before content pages. The cover page contains all important information about assignments like Title of Assignment, Author's name, Due Date etc. The major purpose of the cover page is to help students find assignments easily and provide direction for submission, i.e., where to submit assignments.

It is important to have a good cover page in the assignment because it helps students to submit their work on time. It also helps professors to find an assignment easily. The cover page provides a great deal of information about the assignment in just one page, so it is very important that the cover page be designed so that students and professors can get the maximum amount of information from it. There are many important aspects to check before writing the cover page. We came up with a few points to create a good cover page in this blog. Let's start to solve your query on how to make a cover page for an assignment.

First Page of  Assignment

Five Easy Steps to Create Your Assignment Cover Page

Step 1: Decide on a title for your assignment. It should be clear and concise so that anyone looking at it will understand what it is about without having to read the rest of the details. Often writers give their work titles that are either too descriptive (thus boring) or not descriptive enough; try to strike a good balance here by telling readers only enough to attract their interest. For example, if your assignment is on WWII, you might simply title it "WWII."

Step 2: Number all of the pages in the assignment consecutively (from 1 to whatever). Put this number in the upper or lower right-hand corner of every page ( except the first one); this way, students will be able to refer back to specific pages without having to go through all of them again.

Step 3: Write your name, your instructor's name and the course number at the top left-hand side of each page. If there are two instructors involved, place both names under whichever one you are dealing with. Also, add your due date under these names.

Step 4: Put your name and the course title in bold letters on the left-hand side of the very first page. Leave one blank line and then type your instructor's name there, leaving one blank line underneath it again. Finally, put your topic or thesis statement in a box that is a little smaller than the rest of the text on this page, with one space in between both the main heading and the topic statement. Do not bold this section out, but rather leave it plain so that paragraphs can be easily inserted later if needed.

Step 5: In order to make a cover page for an assignment, follow steps 1 to step 4 above. 

There is no need to repeat what has already been said here. Simply use this space to add any new information that does not fit into the normal structure of a cover page, such as "Acknowledgements," "Notes on Sources", or anything else that you need to tell your readers before they get into the real guts of what you have written.

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Different Types of Assignment Cover Page


MLA Cover Page

The Modern Language Association ( MLA) specifies that the cover page should include:

  • The title of the assignment is in uppercase and bold type. If using italics, use underlining instead.
  • Your name or a pen name.
  • The date on which the assignment is due.
  • Name of your course instructor, department, and university/college.
APA Style Cover Page

APA Style :

If you are writing in APA style, begin the document with a running head in uppercase lettering above the line between two narrow margins (one-half inch at top and one inch at bottom). For example, "Article Title" is the running head. This provides your reader with a quick guide to locating your title when filing or retrieving the document. The next line should include the full title of the assignment, again in uppercase letters. Leave one space below that followed by your name or pen name in uppercase letters with a period in the end.

  • The date on which you are writing it. Again, this is unnecessary if you are using an official school date-stamp program to stamp every assignment you turn in with the time and day of submission.
  • Some instructors also request that you include acknowledgements for anyone who helped or contributed in some way to help create this assignment.

Harvard Style:

The cover page for a project in Harvard style should include:

Harvard Style Cover Page
  • The designation "Project Title" and your name or pen name under this.
  • The due date of the assignment.
  • The course information such as professor's name, classroom number, school or department name, full university name, etc. This information can be placed underneath your instructor's name if need be.

Mistakes to Avoid During Cover Page Preparation

Some things to keep in mind when writing cover pages include:

Formatting : Do not begin your document on the first page. If you are using a computer, format your margins so that they are one inch on all sides of the page, do not centre your title and leave three extra spaces underneath it before putting the rest of the text or typing on that page.

Writing Styles: Make sure that you put some thought into which style you want to use for this assignment before actually starting to type anything. Both MLA and APA have specific rules about how certain information is supposed to be written out, so if you mix them up, you will definitely get a lower score than what was expected from such an assignment.

Punctuation And Grammar: Make sure that everything is spelled correctly and that you use correct grammar. If you do not, your instructor or professor will definitely send this assignment back to you for re-formatting.

Need Help for Making a Cover Page for Your Assignment? Here You Go!

Writing cover pages can be a pain, especially if you are not sure which style to use and where to put information, such as your name. The best advice that we can give is to make sure that you check with your specific instructor or professor about what he or she wants you to include on these types of assignments. If possible, find out which format (APA or MLA) will be easier for them and you and then follow those guidelines. This should help reduce any potential problems before they arise and ensure that the end product is one that everyone is happy with.

When you need help with any assignment cover page, we're here for you. We can provide you with comprehensive assignment help to make sure your project is completed on time and within the guidelines of what's expected. So whether it's an essay, research paper or dissertation that needs completion, just let us know, and we'll be happy to get started as soon as possible! Mentors at My Assignment Services will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about your assignments!

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