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Accounting Assignment Sample:MAA 262 Management Accounting

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A Quick Glance At MAA262 Management Accounting

The unit covers several topics in management accounting areas as costing, performance management and budgeting. Our accounting assignment help experts have guided students on several assignments on management accounting within the boundaries of the contemporary business environment, evaluating performance in an organisation, traditional V/S modern methods of costing, flexible budget, budgeting standard costing, variance analysis and more.

Now, let us proceed with the assignment.

MAA262 Management Accounting Assessment 2

Let us see theMAA262 Assessment 2 questionswhich the students brought to us. With each question, ouraccounting assignment writerswill also discuss the approach to answer the question. This will make it easier for you to understand.

Question 1 (8 Marks)


Here as you can see, there is a lot of information such as the cost of each barbecue, cost of each balloon, total earned cost, the cost paid to the supplier, remuneration, etc.

Based on the information given, ouraccounting assignment helpexperts display the income statement for both balloons and barbecue in the first question.

In the income statement, we highlight the total amount by selling balloons and barbecue and the cost of sold goods to find the net operating profit. Using these figures, we reached the net operating profit at the end of the income sheet.

Question 2 (24 Marks)


In the second question, there is a table given as shown in the image above. In the table, the data for four activities performed by John and Paul are given. These are:

  1. Operating BBQ
  2. Inflating balloons
  3. Cashier
  4. Greeting customers

In this question, ouraccounting assignment writersprepared another table that depicts labour cost per person and the total labour costs. We used the exhibit 7-6 as a model.

Also, by using exhibit 7-7 as a model, we calculated the rate of activity for each of the activities as mentioned in the table. We identify the most expensive activity and state the reasons for the same.

In the end, our accounting assignment help experts demonstrate an activity-based costing product margin that covers the total sales of both the products. Here, we do not consider overhead and sales.

Question 3 (16 marks)

For the third question, we work upon activity-based costing for the sale of barbecues. Here we include the overhead and sales that we excluded in the previous section. In the same manner, we calculate the costing for the sale of the balloon including the overhead and sales as well.

Question 4 (22 Marks)

Question - 4

In the fourth question, ouraccounting assignment helpexperts discuss whether or not Paul is correct or not saying that his friend has not contributed to the enterprise. In the same way, we also justify whether Ringo is correct or not about selling balloons as a bad idea. In the end, we evaluate the performance of both the objects and the activities associated with it.

Question 5

Question - 5

In the fifth question, as you can see, there is an account of the that the friends have come out with to compare the actual results. With this information, ouraccounting assignment helpexperts prepare the budget. Then compare it with the results, we identify the activity variances, spending variances as well as the revenue. At last, we put forth our own opinion about who is to be blamed for the differences between the planning budget and the actual results.

Question 6 (8 Marks)

Question - 6

In this question, we calculate a lot of elements like the material price variances, total variance etc for the barbecue sold. In the next part, ouraccounting assignment helpexperts also do the same for the balloons.

Though we have tried to incorporate all the vital elements of these questions in this blog, there remains a lot of concepts that need a deeper analysis of them. To get a complete solution to this file or similar kinds of files, you can simply get in touch with ouraccounting assignment writers.

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