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Human resources are one of the most important primary departments of an organisation. No matter the objective or business sector, each enterprise requires a human resource department to function. Various procedures like recruiting new employees, policy implementation, maintaining the decorum, remuneration and ensuring benefits for the staff falls under this department.

As an HR practitioner, you will encounter terms like ‘labour benefits, ‘HRMS’, or ‘employee relations; these might seem familiar or entirely unheard. The HR department plays a significant role in the company’s functioning, and they are responsible for way more than just enrolling new employees. Are you familiar with the responsibilities of HR? Or about the latest trends in the field? If not, read forth to learn more about it.

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What Does a Human Resource Practitioner Do?

Human resource is a sub-field in Management Studies. Out of all the specialisations in the field, the roles and responsibilities of the human resource department remain vague. Is the HR practitioner’s role restricted to hirings in an organisation? What is their input in employee management? These are a few tasks and responsibilities of a human resource practitioner.

Over 80% of HR professionals believe that online
reviews play a vital role when an employee applies
for a company.

  1. Recruitment and Selection of new staff members for various departments of an organisation.
  2. Maintaining employee relations and implementing decorum.
  3. Processing remuneration of each employee of the organisation.
  4. Providing added benefits (government-mandated or company initiated) to the employees.
  5. Innovation new ideas and working through HR data analytics for the company’s development.

The human resource department is responsible for these tasks, and their role is crucial to ensure peace, compliance and work effectiveness among the employees of an organisation. They are the basis for the effective functioning and management of all the operations in the company, monitoring the recruitment, attendance, payrolls, and benefits for each employee.

A human resource practitioner must focus on learning the ropes from their department seniors and invest time to develop the required skills. To become an effective HR practitioner, you must possess various skills like innovating new management and company development ideas, adapting to the changing work environment, establishing connections with peers, etc. You will read more about such skills in the next section.

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How to Become an Effective HR Practitioner?

Every professional field has various requirements that an individual must fulfil to learn and work effectively. Academic achievements are the basic necessity for a job, and additional factors like technical knowledge, language skills, work experience, and recommendations also help enhance one’s work life. A human resource practitioner must possess these skills for working effectively.


Every professional sector requires a well-learnt employee; academic qualification is the most important for employability skills. If you are already a practitioner, even so, you must keep expanding your knowledge. After completing a postgraduate, you can opt for a doctoral degree in human resources with specialisations in international HR, Labor relations manager, or HR analytics specialist. These specialisations are most sought after in the industry and will help enhance your skills and earnings.


The HR department of an organisation is responsible for monitoring the employee strength and establishing new processes in the organisation. As a human resource practitioner, you must adapt to the work environment and the changes in the organisation. In urgent circumstances like an employee leaving the organisation on short notice or abruptly, the HR department is responsible for bridging the gaps. Adaptability is a very important skill that you must hone throughout your career.

Almost 90% of recruiters check employees’
social media before hiring.


The technological advancements are tested and implemented after input from the HR department. Technical skill is an attractive trait that companies seek; it is the same for this field. HRMS or Human Resource Management Software/System are now prominently used by various organisations. Human resources must be tech-savvy and possess the technical skills to work through such software. The future will be technology-oriented, so you must start developing such skills.

Communication Skills

Communication is a crude human behaviour; we all depend heavily on our communication skills to address our needs and emotions. As an HR, you would communicate with multiple people and focus on the communication among employees. You will communicate with individuals from different work profiles, backgrounds and experiences, keeping a liberal outlook on every communication you might have in the recruitment process.


Humans are compassionate beings by nature; a human resource practitioner should possess the ability to make the employees in an organisation comfortable. The individuals in the company turn to the HR department when they face a struggle in their work or personal life. You must provide a listening ear to the staff members, mostly they need to discuss their situation rather than needing action on the same. Be attentive to the needs of the individual to curate the best solution for them.

These are a few of the most necessary skills that you will need to enhance your career as a human resource professional. Keep in mind that every organisation has different requirements, and you might not need to imply all these. Work on your personal goals in the field and keep adding to the list of skills (acquired or learnt) to upgrade your role as an HR.

tips to advance your HR career

Keeping an eye on the latest trends is essential in the business world. You might find various trends online, yet several trends undergo in the corporate world every few years. The emergence of the new age technology for various sectors and the covid era has resulted in various trends. Here are a few of the upcoming trends in the human resource:

  1. The HR department will focus on automated HR processes, the human resource management software has been in use for a while now, yet we can expect more department centralised HRMS in the future. HR nowadays focuses on management and human resources information system (HRIS) skills.
  2. Due to the pandemic, companies switched to online mediums, but now various organisations are switching to remote work options. The role of HR for such a process is very important as they are responsible for employee management and resolving the various issues faced by the staff.

The human resource department is not
something that we do. It is something
that runs our businesses. Quote
by Steve Wynn

  1. Companies are now also paying attention to their staff’s mental and physical well-being by providing insurance and healthcare options. The HR department maintains and updates the data for such perks as well as help individuals overcome adversities in work-life balance.
  2. Another upcoming HR trend that has captured many interests is modifying employee benefits. Be it the standard income, added incentives, or flexible working hours, businesses provide the best possible circumstances for the employees to work effectively.
  3. The HR department is tasked with revising the labour handbooks for making required changes in the company compliance guidelines. Various training sessions concerning leave guidelines, harassment policies, remote/office work guidelines are also the responsibility of the HR department.

These are the top five human resource trends that emerged due to the covid crises. The HR department is an essential department for monitoring, analysing and ensuring the effective implementation of the policies in an organisation. The future of the human resource department is influenced by the probability of long-term remote working opportunities and employee relations in an organisation. Focusing on these trends might just be the right thing for you so you can plan ahead.

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In Conclusion

Human resources are the glue and grease that keep the organisation together and keep it functioning. Often in the management field, the roles and responsibilities of this department are overshadowed by the more technical ones. From innovating new ideas and policies for the company’s development to ensuring remuneration and benefits of the employees is the responsibility of the HR department.

You must focus on expanding your knowledge, getting familiar with the company’s goals, and implementing your findings to enhance your career as a human resource practitioner. The trends in HR are also emerging by the day due to the circumstances and the company’s interests. Following these trends is especially beneficial for individuals seeking to enhance their careers or attain functional knowledge.

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