AI project design and evaluation
December 28, 2020
Author : Julia Miles

The pandemic conditions in the world nowadays have escalated the importance of artificial intelligence. In today’s dynamic world, there would hardly be an industry that is still oblivious to the impact of AI. Needless to say, artificial intelligence (AI) has taken a toll in every sector, bringing high revenue and value offering to the business. Incorporating AI in the day-to-day processes has made organisations proficient in streamlining their operations that have ultimately given a boost to the process of furnishing the clients with proactive solutions in the digital world. 

Both the business organisations and the end-users have benefited a lot with AI. Having said that, we cannot overlook the nascency of AI. This combination has initiated a lot of dilemma in the minds of people on project design and evaluation using AI. Owing to the intricacies that lie at the heart of AI project management, it becomes imperative to understand the essence at the very initial stage. Over the past decade, introducing the AI Project Canvas to students worldwide, our computer science assignment help experts have made it possible to bring students closer to their dream grades in this field. 

Artificial intelligence has captured every industry in the world today; from finance to cloud computing, it has the power to transform everything. Interestingly, even the Hollywood industry is not aloof from AI. The character of “Jarvis” from Iron Man, “Vision” from Avengers as well as the “Terminator” are all the representations of Artificial intelligence in movies. 

See how significant is artificial intelligence in the world today? So, let us proceed and explore the AI project cycle to be able to approach the assignments without any hassles! 

An Overview Of Designing An Artificial Intelligence Project

There is a difference between developing an AI project and any other project. Talking about the design of an artificial intelligence project, students need to be aware of the AI project cycle for this. In these last ten years, we have done every bit of research to collate all the requisite information for students in this field that can help them in deciphering the AI project canvas. 

Following is the designing life cycle of AI project. 

  • Stage 1: Defining the need for AI

  • Stage 2: Choosing the data to automate

  • Stage 3: Select the most appropriate data sets for the AI solution

  • Stage 4: Recognise the capabilities that the AI would need

  • Stage 5: Devise a suitable SDLC model for the software

  • Stage 6: Requirement analysis

  • Stage 7: Design the software

  • Stage 8: Development

  • Stage 9: Testing

  • Stage 10: Deployment

  • Stage 11: Maintenance

The Evaluation Stage Of The Evaluation Cycle in an AI Project

Also known as the “end of project cycle” stage, the evaluation phase plays a vital role in the project. It is divided into the following steps:


The first step for evaluating an artificial intelligence project is to plan. For this, we need to assess the available information, map the stakeholders, construct the design of the project and log frame, work upon the M&E plan and highlight the baseline study. 


After planning the project, the next step is to implement the changes that can bring improvement to the project. In this stage, we have to use the evaluation, monitor the changes and rely upon mid-evaluation to reach a possible solution that can be implemented in the project. 


Using the existing information, the last and most important step is to prepare a final evaluation for the project that works on artificial intelligence. 

These are the steps that are worked upon by our computer science assignment help while drafting the reference assignment solutions for students. 

Introducing The AI Project Canvas: A Step-by-Step Guide for You!

Before creating an AI project, you need to be clear with the answers to some of the fixed questions. These are:

  • What kind of value are you adding to the project?

  • Who is the intended audience?

  • Which type of data is needed?

  • How much revenue is estimated?

When you have the answers to these questions, then you can proceed with project design and evaluation. Using the life cycle of the AI project that we have recently discussed, it will become easier to design the projects. 

Did You Know? 

The man behind developing the Business model canvas is Alexander Osterwalder. Before 2008, it was a difficult task to explain a variety of business models worldwide. With the introduction of this canvas, the task of elaborating upon a long 30-page business plan has now become as easy as reading one page of the business plan! 

If you’re working with the Lean Startup methodology, then the business canvas model is preferred by students all over the world. 

It looks like this.

AI canvas

What Is The Business Canvas Model? 

It is a potent tool that you can use to integrate all the business strategies that you have in your mind, simultaneously, working upon value proposition, identifying the requirements of your target audience and optimising the costs that you would incur for developing the project. Or in other words, it is the best template to bring together all the elements of your business idea and implement them to real-life scenarios. 

After this model came to be known to people, a variety of AI project canvases came to the surface. Nowadays, students are using Porter’s Five Forces canvas, Value Proposition Canvas etc for studying the aspects of business organisation. Put simply, the canvases aid students in deriving effective AI strategies that drive a variety of projects working on machine learning. 

What Is Design Thinking?

Whenever it comes to designing new concepts for AI projects, the concept of ‘design thinking’ comes to the surface. There are several phases within this process. These include empathising, defining, prototyping, ideating and testing. Introducing the AI project canvas to you will help you understand how design thinking is applicable to these projects. 

Coming to the workflow of design thinking in AI project cycle, these are the fixed stages that you need to understand before writing assignments on them. 

  • Garnering the data (empathise)

  • Exploratory analysis (define)

  • Conversion (ideate)

  • Modelling (prototype)

  • Testing (checking)

What Are Maslow’s’ Hierarchy Needs? 

Artificial intelligence creates a hierarchy of needs in the projects. Raw data passes through several stages to become something that can be utilised by artificial intelligence. Project design and evaluation requires a deeper understanding of the following stages. 

maslow's hierarchy of needs

This is a crucial concept to understand when it comes to introducing the AI project canvas. Now that we have imparted a decent understanding of all the associated concepts related to project design and evaluation, it is the perfect time to hover over one of the best-written samples by our computer science assignment help experts to know how they approach the assignments. 


How To Write An Assignment On Artificial Intelligence? Here’s A Sample For Your Reference!

Enough of the discussion on project evaluation and design, let us get straight to one of the assignments that we received a couple of days ago on this topic. 

AI assignment help

This is the assessment scenario that was given to us. Based on the given scenario, the task of this assignment is to answer the questions that cover topics like risk management, technological advancements, HRD approach, 4IR, leaning organisations and more. The image below shows the AI assignment questions on project evaluation and design. 

AI assignment Sample

4IR stands for the fourth industrial revolution. The main purpose of introducing the AI project canvas was to brief you on this most important topic in AI currently. The entire human resources management of an organisation is dependent on the AI incorporated by the firm. 

For this assignment, our computer science assignment writers critically evaluate the given scenario and highlight the risk management strategies that can be used to mitigate the challenges that the organisation currently faces. In addition to this, we also elaborate upon the technological advancements that can bring improvement. In a similar manner, our information technology assignment help experts conduct extensive research on the organisational applications to be able to understand the HRD approach. In the end, using a different framework, we give answers to why organisations are becoming leaning in nature? 

This is just a brief approach that we have used for this assignment. Over the last few years, with the booming of AI in different industries globally, we have catered to aa wide range of questions that students have posed and helped them with instant answers via our interactive live one-on-one sessions. 

How Our Computer Science Assignment Experts Help In Producing Impeccable IA Assignments? 

Over the years, we have employed more than 2,500 experts in our team who have become proficient in curating unmatchable assignment solutions for students that act as a concrete source of support for them. All the assignments that are drafted by us are done keeping in mind the guidelines provided, which make them of the utmost quality. 

Introducing the AI project canvas in this blog, we hope we have been able to take you around the world of artificial intelligence briefly. In these years, there has been no such topic that we were not able to cover for our clients. Just like this, students who have taken our computer science assignment writing services have got their hands on a wide range of benefits as well. To name a few of them, these include:

  1. Free Plagiarism report with the assignments

  2. Multiple quality checks

  3. Unlimited revisions

You can download our newly launched mobile application to explore all our new value-added services. So, what are you waiting for? Place your order now.

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