How To Choose Nursing Dissertation Topics?

December 20, 2018
Author : Keith Morris

Dissertations are not something that a lot of students say “I love it” just like you don’t see a lot of chaps never saying that I love Mondays. But, as Thanos said, dread it, run from it, destiny still arrives. Sooner or later, your destiny will also call out to you hiding behind the face of deadlines. But you can tackle them by choosing some good nursing dissertation topics that are never heard before. Whoa whoa, what? You cannot think of any good healthcare thesis topics or some nursing research topics in medical surgical nursing? What did you say? You also cannot think how are you going to relate it to the nursing assignment topics? You don’t say. Nobody is helping you find research topic for nursing students? Don’t worry, I am here. I will help you, kiddo.

You think you are safe because your professor asked you to choose your own topic?

Think again. A task like writing a nursing dissertation is already daunting and feels like it is going to eat you alive. How do you think you will be able to cope with the additional responsibility of choosing one of the many nursing dissertation topics, that too on your own? You know that the first step of writing a good, no, a great dissertation is choosing the right topic, right? When you are already being churned between your theoretical requirements and your comfort zone, choosing nursing research topics is not exactly a walk in the park. If you think that gods have smiled upon you when the professor said you can choose your own topic, you need this quick guide on how to choose your nursing dissertation topics.

Find Your Interest

Before you can take a dive into the ocean of topics, it is necessary to identify where your interest lies. The research topics for nursing students are distributed into the following categories – categories of dissertation topics A research-related topic is the one where you conduct an investigation on a particular topic. This might be testing the effects of a new drug, the effect of homeopathic treatment on the mental state of the patients. Oh, you can also choose something like checking the rate of recovery using Ayurvedic methods. In a nutshell, there are many possible nursing research topics in which you have to conduct an investigation. For the students who like to play it in the lion’s den, they can choose a case study for their dissertation, particularly under healthcare thesis topics.
The case studies make a great dissertation topic because you can conduct an investigation on some unpublished case and search about the shortcomings of some past case what could have been done in a medical case famous in history. Case studies give you a lot of data that you can work with. The last one is procedures type. In this, you will find interesting research topics for nursing students that are going to make you burn the midnight oil. Find about some new age technology and practice in the medical world and there you go writing it in your dissertation.

How can you make sure that the topic you have chosen is good enough to be used in a dissertation?

This is the main fear of the students. They think that they have hit the jackpot and have found the best of the possible nursing research topics. But they don’t have any checking system where they can check their topic against to determine if their claim is true or not. Here is a quick checklist and see if your nursing dissertation topics are aligning with them or not.

They should be in your area of study, preferably.

It is obvious that the healthcare thesis topics you are looking into are related to your area of study. If you are studying about the aged care, you cannot choose nursing research topics in medical surgical nursing. Well, you could but I would recommend taking the permission of the professor before you proceed with the work.
Your professor should not have to ask your topic this question.

Your topic should not be something that you copied from the google search results.

Your professor is expecting you to be a little original with your nursing research topics and writing something that is not much widely known. Even if it is, they expect you will catch a particular aspect of the same. Therefore, the topic that you choose should not be evident that you copied it from Google. Be a little thoughtful, think about the possible theories that you can discuss, look into the fundamentals of the area of study or investigate one particular perspective of the chosen study field. The point is that you are writing a dissertation and you have to show that there is some originality in your work. The first step to writing an original dissertation is to choose an original topic.

Choose some interesting research topics for nursing students that will interest the readers

In this case, your reader is the professor. You need to choose a topic that is not boring but can actually build interest in the reader. The professor judges you a lot with the topic you have chosen. The topic should be such that the reader feels compelled to read further. The topic should be catchy and attention-grabbing. It should be self-explanatory of what your dissertation is going to discuss about. If the professor has to wonder what you have talked about in the dissertation, then your nursing dissertation topics are not good enough. Other than self-explanatory, the topics should be such that they are interesting to be read about. Unless the professor feels the urge “What has this kid tried to do in this dissertation on “side effects of the medically assisted suicide and its impact on the next of kin, I gotta read this one”. Your topic should be able to create a need in the mind of the reader to know more about what you have done.
Make the professor give such an expression and you have found the perfect research topics for nursing students.

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Here are a few examples of interesting research topics for nursing students that you can refer to –

  • New trends in the posttraumatic stress disorder treatments and the new age drugs for their cure
  • Analysis of the risk of stress in toddlers in the 21st century
  • Doctors without borders – should nurses be allowed to travel without a visa
  • Administrative problems faced by nurses deployed by the World Health Organisation
  • The role of midwives in rural areas for pregnant women
  • Teen pregnancy and its associated risks
  • The risks involved in at-home care for senior citizens
  • The attitude of nurses toward aboriginal patients in Australia
  • Importance of the nurse’s wellbeing in a clinical environment
  • Comparison of the protocols for treatment of domestic violence victims in Australia and European countries
  • A review on health problems in babies of mothers who smoked during pregnancy
  • The role of proper healthcare in acute disease escalating to chronic disease
  • Protocols in case of an outbreak and containment policies
  • Should virus hosting patients be killed to prevent a plague
  • The problems associated with the treatment of the patients with posttraumatic stress disorder

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