How Evidence-Based Practice Improves Outcomes for Pediatric Asthma Patients?

June 29, 2022
Author : Keith Morris

Asthma is usually manifested with an early onset. Due to poor development of respiratory passages, students become more vulnerable to developing Asthma which is also known as pediatric Asthma. Patients with pediatric Asthma often struggle to live their daily life routine comfortably. The condition can be triggered by various stimuli that might deteriorate the normal functioning of the lungs progressively. Some of these triggers include dust, pollen and exertional activities.

The lung passages become inflamed due to exposure to these triggers, which evidently work against the person. The child can also be subjected to increased vulnerability to catching cold and common flu more frequently as compared to their normal counterparts. The quality of life for the child can also deteriorate significantly as they have to abstain from participating in any sports or exertional activity. This can impact the mental well-being and decrease the self-boost and confidence of the patient.

symptoms of childhood asthma

Can Childhood Asthma Go Away?

The condition is rather permanent and progressive. Once manifested, it is bound to form as a life-long disease. The symptoms and acute clinical exacerbations can be, however, controlled effectively with systematic clinical management. This is to assist the child with the normal functioning of living and promotion of smooth facilitation of activities of daily living. The initiation of the condition can be at any age; however, the pattern of wheezing might alter from one age to another. With the progression of the condition, the wheezing also progresses and triggers the onset of the acute phase of exacerbation.

Are Symptoms of Hypoxia an Exacerbation of Childhood Asthma?

With the progressive damage caused to the respiratory structures, there is a deficiency in effective respiratory exchange. This respiratory exchange can be hampered due to the reduced surface area available for sound gaseous exchange. Hypoxemia in pediatric asthma patients is usually caused due to a sudden acute onset of a flare-up of symptoms. The flare-up is required to be controlled effectively to ensure the prevention of any life-threatening situation for the child.

During acute onset, the patient might also experience symptoms of extreme coughing and respiratory distress. This makes it hard for the person to breathe. The worsening of symptoms further narrows the air passages for any possible chance of establishing a gaseous exchange. Progressive episodes with severe hypoxia can further damage the lung tissues due to severe trauma.

The Challenges to Writing Nursing Assignments on Asthma

Many students are opting for the course of nursing in local and foreign universities. With the recent development of the COVID-19 pandemic, the overall demand for healthcare professionals has been considerably high. As a nursing student, you can play a vital role in advocating for the rights of the patients while handling effective and robust care management for them.

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  • Detailed methodologies are another integral part of the process. You are required to present the data in a more accurate and reliable manner. The details must be convincing with effective data presentation. Ethical writing is also required as a part of the process. Students can compile the data but can fail at presenting clarification for the data presented. This is another reason why students prefer professional help rather than struggling with making assignment solutions on their own.

Speak to Our Experts for All Popular Assignment Topics related to Pediatric Asthma Patients

You might be required to make all kinds of assignment solutions based on the topic of childhood asthma. However, most universities follow a set pattern of assessment for developing and enhancing the skills of students through complex assignments. Get our assignment help to gain a clearer understanding of the right assignment structure or format.

You might be required to compile assignments based on some of these commonly asked topics by your professor. Here are a few of the suggestions:

  • Promotion of patient safety through early recognition of clinical deterioration
  • Comprehensive pediatric nursing care plans.
  • Ethical code of conduct governing the management and care intervention for patients with pediatric Asthma.
  • Public health administration for defining effective SOPs and guidelines for care management of the vulnerable patient population.
  • The effective process of clinical handover for uninterrupted patient care and coordination.
  • Evaluation of care plans for ensuring positive clinical outcomes for the patients.

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