A widely sought after branch of liberal arts, philosophy as a discipline literally gives expression to the thoughts, ideas and beliefs of scholars. However, philosophy assignments are a different ball game altogether. It is a subject that requires a rigorous study into abstract concepts. The students are expected to perform painstaking research and groundwork into complex ideas and thoughts while also trying to master a grasp over the intellectual background that has shaped those ideas.

Structure of a philosophy paper

A number of students studying philosophy often complain that they feel that the subject is counter intuitive and has a grave element of uncertainty. This is in fact the reason that makes philosophy more difficult that most of the other study disciplines out there. One may argue that with several complicated concepts like negative numbers, pi, and imaginary numbers, maths is counter intuitive as well. Yet, with a subject like maths, there is a set of pre-established rules which helps students find a direction or a guiding path while solving complex problems. A set framework of rules helps students navigate through the rigour and nitty gritty of the subject. However, philosophy is a vast wilderness of abstract ideas.

To this, many thinkers often argue that literature in itself is based upon abstract ideas. It is often compounded by scholars of literature that Literature has no rules. It is fuzzy like most arts subjects. Yet literature is centred around obvious things like definitive text, a clear plot, a clear cultural context, along with motivations of characters, and so on. If you are struggling with your philosophy essay, My Assignment Services can give you valuable insight through its philosophy assignment help by tenured philosophy experts.

How to write a High-Scoring Philosophy Essay?

To start with, one must understand that writing a philosophical account requires the students to:

  • Comprehend and decode such philosophical arguments and notions, questions, and ideas that philosophers have been attempting to explain throughout history.
  • The students are required to think critically about the existing schools of thought on such ideas and theories
  • Philosophy also requires students to develop their own explanation of philosophical questions

Writing a philosophy assignment is an important aspect of studying this complicated subject of philosophy. The students must start by fully understanding the assignment topic. The student should proceed by understanding the exact questions asked. After identifying the questions asked, the student must focus on creating an “outline” or “evaluation” or “comparison”. Most philosophy topics require the students to demonstrate their understanding of the discipline through exposition of arguments and theories. Here are some excerpts from a recent philosophy paper written by the experts at My Assignment Services:

introduction to philosophy introduction to philosophy

The assignment topics are also focused on testing the student’s ability to assess the arguments and theories by writing a critical evaluation. The students are required to write their paper in a way that the reader understands how the exposition and evaluation answers the questions. Here are some of the things that a student should keep in mind while proceeding with their philosophy paper:

Step 1: Read the Texts Carefully and they ask yourself the relevant questions

Before you begin writing the essay or dissertation, it is important to develop a thorough understanding of the course texts. Your professor may have also given you a list of recommended readings. Philosophical works require to be pursued slowly and with complete undivided attention. While you read the text, it is prudent to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What questions are being addressed by the author?
  • What are the key ideas or concepts in the text?
  • every subject has its own technical language. It is important for the student to acquaint themselves with the language of the subject.
  • The arguments made by an author to prove the existence of a theory.

Step 2: Organize Ideas into Logical Compartments

As a student of philosophy, it is very important to take notes as you read. Taking notes can help you organise your thoughts into a logical order. Philosophy essays proceed by presenting a logical argument and then putting forth a clearly defined outline that captures the structure of your argument. Creating a clear outline will help you identify the loopholes in your argument.

Step 3: Enhance Your Essay with a clear Road

While writing a philosophy thesis, it is extremely important to provide an unambiguous statement regarding the central idea for which you are arguing. This can also be defined as your thesis statement. Providing a road map is extremely important in your introduction to give the reader a clear idea about what you aim to accomplish through your paper.

Step4: Demonstrate your Understanding with Expositions

To be able to write a comprehensive and clear account on a subject, it may require some practice into expository writing. However, even a novice can write a reasonable well-grounded paper in philosophy by writing with a certain conviction and accuracy. While writing, it is important to establish logical connections between the different parts of a philosophical system. the writer must be mindful of avoiding vague or overly brief expositions, serious omissions, or misunderstandings. Students of philosophy may be asked to evaluate a concept or a theory.

The Bottom Line

The student may also be asked to present a detailed interpretation of the text rather than an assessment of it. Depending upon the question at hand, the student has to adopt a different approach in writing the philosophy paper on the subject. It is important that the students start by critically evaluating the topic before providing an explanation. My Assignment Services is a trusted philosophy homework help provider that has helped students across Canada achieve top grades. The philosophy assignment help service can also help you get a cavernous understanding of your project topic while helping you develop a sound foundation of knowledge about the subject.

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