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What questions am I discussing?

It is important that you know what HMEMS80 research proposal questions assignment answers am I talking about. That is why I have attached the snapshot of the questions below. If you have the same ones, then you are in luck today. If not, then you can still use this blog post as a reference source for writing your assessment answers. Question Sample The HMEMS80 research proposal questions assignment answers written by me were based on a certain number of factors that I have discussed below.

Question 1

Everybody knows that the levels of anxiety experienced by those carrying out quantitative research and those carrying our qualitative research are different. Since this difference exists, there must be some statistical measure as well that defines what anxiety levels are felt. But to write HMEMS80 research proposal questions assignment answers, simply stating so is not enough. What I have just said is just common knowledge without any proof. That is why you need to take up to the internet and conduct a search. With that, you will find the statistical and numerical data that you need in order to prove your point. The research for HMEMS80 research proposal questions assignment answers will be based on -

  • Why students feel anxiety while conducting research
  • The anxiety as experienced by the on-campus students and distance learning
  • Anxiety for quantitative research
  • Anxiety for qualitative research
  • The difference in anxiety for quantitative and qualitative research

Question 2

The HMEMS80 research proposal questions assignment answers for the second question is about the student mindset. It is no secret that the students wish to do the task which involves less complexity and is lesser time-consuming. Thus, when the task of conducting research befalls them, the students prefer to conduct qualitative research. For the HMEMS80 research proposal questions assignment answers, you need to shed light on why this is. And like the answer above, you need the support of secondary literature to support your arguments. Simply do not copy and paste the paragraph above. Take the help of statistics and examples from the internet to ascertain your claim. To write good HMEMS80 research proposal questions assignment answers, you need to do nothing but search the internet as much as you can for data. Read the question closely, the word statistics is there. It is asking you to prove the statement right or wrong with the help of numerical data, not just yes or no.

Question 3

The HMEMS80 research proposal questions assignment answers for the third and last question are the external factors. In other words, you have to conduct a SWOT analysis for the qualitative as well as quantitative research. Here, you have to talk about the various factors that make the students choose a qualitative study method over a quantitative one. You do not have to pass judgement in your HMEMS80 research proposal questions assignment answers like "Due to the x, y and z factors above, the students are more likely to adopt a qualitative research method over quantitative one." You need to only discuss the factors that you find in your research which makes a student prefer the said method of research.

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