MAN 5901 assignment is basically comprised of five onerous tasks that require the students to analyse data-driven scenarios provided by Johns Hopkins University in order to manifest their adroitness in Data manipulation and cleansing, Descriptive analysis and initial data exploration, Data normalisation, and Data Visualisation. However, the students are evaluated on the grounds of their unique approach to conclude the project, i.e., how they will implement it, what are the findings and at the last how they document it. We, at My assignment Services, make conscious efforts to aid students to gain HD grade and provide the MAN5901 assignment that follows a technically sound approach while ensuring that all the choices are well justified in the documentation.

MAN5901 Assignment Task Questions

All of the five questions should be ideally answered within a word limit of 5000, i.e., you get 1000 words for each question. Our assignment help experts ensure that the assignment is made according to the provided guidelines so that students can achieve the grades that they only dream about. Now let’s have a look at the questions and understand how our assignment writing experts work on each section to curate a top-notch assignment that can easily convince any professor to accord highest-grades to the students.

  1. Define the term Industry 4.0. Investigate the technologies that are involved in it and present an analysis of its impact on business performance and processes.

So the first question is all about elaborating the term “Industry 4.0” and exploring the cutting-edge technologies involved in it, while abreast demonstrating analysis of its impact on business performance and business processes.

Our project management experts describe “Industry 4.0” as a recently developed mode of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. According to them, it is the leap of newfangled digital industrial technologies that makes it feasible to collate and analyse data across machines and other technologies such as IoT, Cloud computing, Cyber-Physical Systems, Cognitive computing, and sundry other ultramodern technologies. It can be elaborated as a manufacturing revolution that aids in increasing productivity, fosters industrial growth, shifting economies and refashions the profile o the workforce.

Our assignment help experts include the nine most impactful technologies that are revamping the industrial production namely Big Data Analytics, Horizontal and Vertical System Integration, Autonomous Robots, Cyber Security, Simulation, Augmented Reality, The cloud, IoT, and Additive Manufacturing while critically investigating “Industry 4.0” in manufacturing, surveying on the technologies and its antecedents and impact on business performance.

This first question includes all the intricacies of the aforementioned technologies and comprehensive analysis on the impact of “Industry 4.0” and our experts make sure that all the essential topics are covered within the limit of 1000 words.

task 3

The second question demands to identify an example of an ethical dilemma relating to information systems while analysing the difficulties in reaching a resolution, differences of opinion and different ethical principles.

Our Project management assignment help experts answer the second question of the MAN5901 assignment task in basically six steps. The first part includes a succinct introduction of Ethical Dilemma in the use of Information Technology which covers the evolution of IT, issues regarding software piracy and how in a couple of years newfangled ethical issues have evolved such as customer data protection and the use of Artificial Intelligence for better customer experiences. The next five steps are - Piracy and Changing, Ransoms and Ransomware, Data Protection and Privacy, Ethical Dilemmas in Technology and Ethics and Artificial Intelligence.

The next part of the MAN5901 assignment answer comprehensively explains the framework for resolving ethical problems while covering the complications in achieving a resolution and incorporating core ethical principles such as autonomy, beneficence, justice, and fidelity. This second question of the MAN5901 assignment is also covered within a limit of 1000 words.

task 2

The fourth question of MAN5901 assignment requires meticulous research on the aforementioned links. Our Project management assignment help experts diligently go through the various Australian Government Cyber Security websites and curate the answer with real-time data provided on the website while incorporating the speaking part of people in the reports. The first link endows with precautions that can be taken to protect any business while the second link is all about personal protection.

task 1

Our Project management assignment help experts further divide the 5th question of MAN5901 Assignment into two subparts, where the first part is completed in the word limit of 500 with emphasis on the impact of mobile applications on the retail sector while considering sundry other factors such as the impact on retailers, objectives, business processes, impact on customers and its competitive advantage. The second part of the question will again be answered in 500 words with a comprehensive explanation of the future aspects of mobile application in the retail sector while using case studies and other internet references to corroborate the analysis.

They compare the research findings on lifestyle/ shopping apps, utilities/ productivity and analyse the impact of applications on the retail sector. They incorporate the data of various countries in regards to purchases that happened via mobile application and retail stores and conclude the answer with actual figures that can clearly manifest the impact of mobile applications on the retail sector.

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