As a part of MITS5002 software engineering methodology unit, you must be given a Kali Linux report assignment. You have to read a case study and answer the questions that follow. The task is quite straightforward. Draft and implement a solution that addresses the cybersecurity attack on the web server using a network diagram. In the process, you also need to configure and tune the IDS so that your web server receives alerts whenever an attack occurs. Take a look at this Kali Linux assignment sample given below.

MITS5002 software engineering report assignment

Here are the tasks mentioned in this Kali Linux sample assignment:

  1. The first task requires you to explain a scenario that has a high potential in which a DOS attack might occur in the main web server. Do remember that the source of this attack is from the vendor’s network. Make sure that whatever statements you make, you are explicitly stating it. Also, this is where you have to use your knowledge of Kali Linux and provide an appropriate network diagram. Read the case properly that mentions about remote access server and the cyber attack it fears.
  2. In the next task in this Kali Linux sample assignment, you need to address the cyber attack described above. Make sure to justify it by substantiating it with the help of appropriate evidence. Notations can also be added, thus, using the Kali Linux network diagram will be useful. You can consult our Kali Linux assignment help providers to see how it’s done.
  3. Task three is where you list the findings from the previous section. It is crucial to use evidence gathered from snort IDS that you may use to identify the source or nature of cyberattack.
  4. Once again, get back to the case study and see how effectively IDS is serving its purpose. Here, you need to provide an explanation of how you will configure this IDS. Make sure to include any changes made in the logs generated, configuration file, as well as the IDS rules, and more if required.
  5. The last task is about implementing this solution that you have mentioned in the previous task. Our Kali Linux assignment experts suggest that you use an additional Kali VM and connect it to the same subnet as the web server and IDS. Moreover, a better result is obtained when the entire virtual network contains all the VMs that you have deployed.

Kali Linux sample

The tasks may look simple but you need to have a good knowledge of the Kali Linux software. In this Kali Linux assignment sample, you must think from the perspective of a cybersecurity analyst. We understand that you might be wondering how to solve this MITS5002 software engineering methodology assignment on time. Don’t worry, our engineering experts will provide you with all the guidance that you need.

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