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HC3031 Assignment Answers

Unfavourable Organisation Structures Examples

The relationship between positions and functioning of people is dictated by the organization structure. But what happens to an organisation with poor design and structure details? This often results in confusion, unnecessary ambiguity, and accountability issues. Some organisations may have a clear top management structure but further down, it is complicated. Several problems occur at the bottom hierarchy and at times, the top management isn’t even aware of them. This leads to slow decision making and conflicts.

Here are some examples of outdated organisational structures:

  1. Not doable’ job: When a manager assigns too many responsibilities in addition to the original role that it becomes nearly impossible to accomplish all of them and meet his expectations. Major problems occur when none of those tasks aligns to the other. The employer has to stretch in terms of his limits and possibly operate in two shifts to complete his work.
  2. Excessive regulation: It occurs when too many approvals are required to get a policy implemented/project started. By the time it reaches the final approval, the employee is way behind in the competition.
  3. Politics: A boss instructs a group of decision-makers to not co-operate with an external stakeholder. It becomes mentally disturbing for the stakeholder to carry out his roles which involve coordinating with the company.

creative leaders in contemporary management

How does an Organisational Structure Help a Company Succeed?

With an effective organisational structure in place, the company can smoothly operate the day-to-day business processes. Top management can identify employees and managers who can handle a greater number of accountabilities.

Improved Communication

Seemless communication takes place between team members and managers. Goals and the direction to reach towards them become clearer. Moreover, inter-departmental communication occurs without lag. When employees feel they are heard, they tend to contribute more to the team.

Better and Faster Decision Making

With improved communication, comes clearer decisions. If you are working in a company, you might have noticed that to arrive at some decisions, a large amount of information is required. And this can only happen when there’s an uninterrupted flow of communication across the hierarchy.

Better Customer Service

With the right organisational structure and design, employees are more productive on the floor. They perform tasks quickly and even resolve others’ issues promptly. The customer support team, for instance, will provide better and faster services to the customers. When customers are treated better, they will do more business with a company.

overseas distribution market expansion

Drawbacks of Using Distribution Channels for Marketing a Product Overseas

Businesses that generally do not have experience in successfully marketing their products in foreign markets often need to take help from distribution channels. These group of people are capable and have expertise in marketing any product or service at agreed commission rates. Working with the right distribution channel can offer you access to profitable markets and a wider audience. Yet, you should also remember these drawbacks of using distribution channels for marketing a product overseas:

Loss of Control

As the distance between you and your target market increase, your control gets affected. The distributors may not represent your brand in a way that you would like. And this could affect the reputation of your brand. You cannot be sure of the effectiveness of the channel they use for promoting and selling your products.

External Factors

Things like terms and conditions, changes in the work process, and commissions are beyond your control. Your business is dependent on these factors. When you aren’t able to deal with these circumstances, it turns out to be a win-lose situation where you are losing to the other parties involved.

Reduced Margins

Distributors look after and invest in hundreds of products and brands. It could be possible that your product does not get them the required profit. Hence, they prioritise other high-selling products. This lack of drive leaves you with reduced margins.

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