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This web blog post will tell you the details of what contemporary issues are affecting the tourism and hospitality industry in Australia. Also, you will become aware of the central issues in traveller’s touch points.

3 Contemporary Issues In Tourism and Hospitality

1. Commodification of the local culture

The people often travel to far off places in the hope to witness the culture of the place there. With markets opening globally, the flux of people travelling to various places has significantly increased. This is why the locals have now started to commercialise their culture in the hope of earning money.

When something as pure as the culture of a place is connected to monetary benefits, it often loses its essence. As a professional of tourism and hospitality industry, you should know when and where the commercialisation is required and at how much scale.

2. Americanisation

The world today loves fast food. People are always flocking to McDonald's, KFC, Starbucks and these organisations are in no way leaving any stone unturned to retain their loyal customers. The people are so fond of their food that to meet the travellers, these organisations have opened franchise stores across the globe.

A report published in 2013 identified that KFC had 18,875 outlets in 118 countries. That was 5 years ago. If we consider the growth of 10% annually, the approximate KFC outlets now are 27,635. Surprised how you are able to find a McDonald's, KFC or Starbucks everywhere you go? Americanisation, mate.

3. Cultural homogenisation

If you are a history fanatic, then you will see that every country has a set of ideas and values that they adhered to. But over time, the dominant country imposed their ideas, their values and their lifestyle on the inferior countries. This transfer of ideas, values and lifestyle is called cultural homogenisation.

Over time, the identity of the place has vanquished and they have completely adopted the culture of the people coming to visit their place. You can see that people in all major tourist destinations across the world are almost similar. They visit the same fast food chains, wear the same brands and live a similar lifestyle. The only difference between them is the geographical location.

Central issues in traveller’s touchpoints

Every customer passes through a series of touch points when they are travelling to some place. These touch points can either be before the journey, during the journey and after the journey is complete.

Identifying the customer touch points, resolving any issue that comes and offering a better experience is what makes a client happy. This can actually help increase the customer satisfaction rate of your business. The issues that the traveller can face at the touch points are -

Delay in flight

The companies are now devising strategies like free lounge access, complimentary drinks, discount coupon, etc. to satisfy the customer if the flight is delayed than the designated time.

Language barrier

If your traveller is going to a place where they will encounter a language barrier, you can offer them a translator and guide who can help them out. The travellers often get into trouble without any help when they are not able to communicate with the locals.

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