Guidelines To Write Diagnostic Essay: 10+ Topic Ideas To Choose From

November 10, 2021
Author : Kristy

“In the beginning, I was quite intrigued by the word ‘Diagnostic’ essay and wondered what I could test in an essay”, says Tasha, a student in Canada. This is one of those common issues that most students face when they first come across diagnostic essays. In these essays, the students do not have to diagnose anything; rather, professors roll out the diagnostic essays to students to test the skills that they already possess so that they can work on imbibing new skills in the future.

thesis for Diagnostic Essay

In this blog, our essay writing help Canada experts will provide you with some of the most essential Guidelines To Write a Diagnostic Essay. Not only will these help you in curating high-quality essays, but they will also make you proficient in choosing appropriate topic ideas in case you don’t have one. Also, we will give you a list of 10+ Topic Ideas for a Diagnostic essay that will come in handy for you.

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Diagnostic Essay Definition

According to the universities in the US and Canada, diagnostic essays are a potent tool for the professors for analyzing the writing capabilities of a student in a specific course. Based on this analysis, they get to know the strength and weaknesses of a student, and accordingly, they can design the course materials and readings as per the individual academic requirements.

Just like any other type of essay, the format that you need to follow for writing a Diagnostic essay is the five body-paragraph essay structure. Are you someone who is still clueless about which topic, to begin with? Then, this list will definitely help you.

10+ Topic Ideas for a Diagnostic Essay

Most of the time, professors will give you the topic for writing a diagnostic essay. If not, then the ball is in your court. You need to opt for a topic that you specialize in so that you can exhibit good writing calibre in front of the professors.

You can brainstorm the ideas and get started with the work if you find one. If not, then how about hovering over the list of 10+ Topic Ideas for a Diagnostic essay that we have mostly worked on. These are:

  1. Distance learning V/S Classroom learning
  2. Which are the reasons that contribute to racial discrimination in our society?
  3. Predict the changes that social media will bring to society in the next decade
  4. Is there any connection between the sleep pattern of college students?
  5. Influence of nursing theories on the lives of patients
  6. Traditional medical practices V/S contemporary medical practices in nursing
  7. How can gender bias be avoided in different workplaces?
  8. Pros and cons of outsourcing
  9. Can political harmony be achieved with the help of meditation methods?
  10. Relationship between political and regional conflicts
  11. How have the printed books vanished and how did E-books replace them?
  12. Role of journalists on online blogging

These are a few of the most innovative topic ideas for writing a diagnostic essay that our writers have worked on recently. Do you wish to get some Guidelines To Write a Diagnostic Essay? Let us help you with a recent diagnostic essay sample done by us.

How To Write A Diagnostic Essay Like An Expert? Here Is A Sample For Your Reference

Over the years, our essay writers have worked hard to be able to produce all the solutions to the problems that students have encountered in this process. To let you know how we proceed with such tasks, we are here with one of the diagnostic essays that we have recently covered for one of our clients in Canada.

With the help of a few excerpts from the essay, you will be able to gauge how to write a diagnostic essay.

As you can see in the below image, there is a strong hook sentence in the introduction.

Diagnostic Essay Introduction

After this, we come to the body paragraphs where our essay writers discuss each of the new ideas in separate paragraphs. This enhances the legibility of all we have included in each of the paragraphs. Then, we use credible evidence to support the claims.

Coming to the last section,

Diagnostic Essay sample

The conclusion section of the essay will be a re-statement of the thesis statement. Here, our essay writers will talk about the solutions to the problems that have been addressed in the entire essay.

If you want us to guide you through writing a diagnostic essay, then you can always get in touch with our essay writing help experts in Canada. We are available all throughout the day and night to bring the best reference essays for you right at your fingertips.

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