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June 17, 2021
Author : Keith Morris

Australia is known around the world for its stringent health care standards and rigorous quality requirements of health education and health equipment. The authoritative body that presides over the important decisions taken for health care is the Australia Council on Healthcare standards or the ACHS. It is a not-for-profit, independent and autonomous body that is committed to ensuring sustained high-quality medical infrastructure in the country, here the term medical infrastructure is also inclusive of medical and health care equipment, tools, standards and protocols. The ACHS is responsible for the performance review of different health care agencies from time to time. The organization is an independent and autonomous organization responsible for persistent review, evaluation and assessment of the various bodies and organizations under the health care system in the country.

The Australian Council on Healthcare Standards has the chief prerogative of setting the standardization for health care assessment and evaluation in the country. The organization also puts forth the quality standards and configuration protocols for health care tools and materials. The Australian Council on Healthcare Standards evaluates different institutes on certain indices and asks the institutions to complete certain standards. The most important standards that the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards mandates are the documentation of information.

Important Standards Related to Documentation of Information

Here are the mandatory standards of documentation of information as prescribed by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards

  • Effective and efficient clinical governance: This includes devising persistent quality standards that are effective and sustainable. The clinical governance must also ensure the timely delivery of high-quality health care to the patients. Effective governance also includes within its gambit, improvement and quality enhancement to support effective communication. 
  • Accurate identification andprecise procedure matching: accurate identification of the requirements of any institution is the most basic step in devising a detailed plan for the organization. When it comes to health care institutions or health care agencies, it is important to identify the needs of the institution. 
  • Communication at the clinical handover: effective and clear communication at every step of the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment is an important part of effective medical treatment. Thus, the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards is also responsible for devising standards for health care. The complete and accurate flow of information results in a fair and transparent system of health care. It is only when there is clear communication between the health care provider and the patient, that the patient can be well informed about how he or she is expected to care for the condition. 
  • Communication of critical information: the health care providers must ensure that all the necessary details related to the diagnosis and prognosis are communicated to the patients. The lack of clarity can have adverse effects on the health of the patients. Therefore, the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards needs to formulate policies and regulations for ensuring that critical information regarding the health condition of the patient is provided to them honestly and clearly without any ambiguity.

Documentation of information: the health care provider and the institution must create three copies of any document. One must be given to the patient, one is for the health care provider’s records and the third one will be for the hospital or the institution’s records. Documentation is an important part of effective administration and organization in any health care facility.

What is the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards Accreditation?

The Australian Council on Healthcare Standardsprovides the required accreditations for health care organizations. The Australian Council on Healthcare Standards has also devised an ACHSInternational AccreditationProgram. The accreditation program is formulated for healthcare organisations which are governed as per the 

international standards to facilitate sustainable and persistent quality improvement.

What is Meant by Accreditation from the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards?

To understand the accreditation of the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards, it is important to understand that the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards is the body responsible for the accreditation and standardization of the health care facilities in the country. Accreditation is a standardized certification to demonstrate the quality credentials of any organization. The Australian Council on Healthcare Standards plays the role of an autonomous third-party evaluator and watchdog which ensures the stringent quality requirements of the country.

What is the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards Process Like?

The Australian Council on Healthcare Standards focuses on providing accreditation to ensure that there is a set framework for sustainable improvement and enhancement in the quality of medical services and infrastructure. The Australian Council on Healthcare Standards holds a high place in reliability and trustworthiness. It is not a mere standard of quality, it also resonates that the institution meets the required levels of skill and performance. 

Is Accreditation Mandatory in Australia?

Globally and locally, authorities and stakeholders are frequently endeavouring to achieve accurate validation of perpetual development, communication to patients and to ensure optimal health outcomes through the health care institutions, facilities and centres. This is a collective vision shared by the health care institutions as well as the educational institutions. Internationally there is also an extended dependence on the outcomes of deliberate and regulated accreditation projects by the public sector. The state also provides federal funds that are allocated to selected private sector institutions that can successfully meet the quality standards. There is also an increased requirement for accountability and transparency in the health care sector. This demand is met by the ACHS.

The Bottom Line 

As far as the ACHS is concerned, the program is voluntary and the institutions are not mandated by the government to secure this accreditation. To successfully satisfy the standards of the ACHS accreditation program.

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