In Australia, a majority of students who are enrolled in International Trade and Finance enjoy a special position. This is due to the fact that they have successfully completed a series of back-breaking and complicated assessment tasks that are obviously, not the cup of tea for every student!

There are so many skills that are required to decipher, analyse and implement a wide plethora of concepts that fall under the broad umbrella of Australian businesses and government. To do this with efficiency, you need to have a strong command over the existing issues in the sphere of international trade and finance. This is what FIN30013 envisages upon. 

Initially, until the 1960s Australia’s main trading partners were Britain and the United States. Now, that channel has shifted to Asia. These include the Republic of Korea, China, The United States and Japan. Australia enjoys a competitive advantage in the production of goods and services as well as international trade.

Owing to this fact, it becomes essential to study the integrated course of international trade and finance. Post understanding the unit, you will be able to approach the Cryptocurrencies Business Research Report Writing assessment with ease. Our cryptocurrency homework help experts have culminated several samples for you to hover over. So, let’s get started and give you a brief overview of the approach that we use for these assignments.

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Important Topics In FIN30013 That Are Covered By Our Experts

International trade and finance is a vast field of study for students that encompasses a wide range of important topics. To write an assignment on this topic, it is imperative to get clarity on those topics first. For the last ten years, our finance assignment writers have specialised in this discipline and investigated every bit to become proficient in handling the queries related to FIN30013 unit.

Among all the topics that fall under the broad umbrella of international trade and finance, we have enlisted some of the most crucial ones that form a major section of all the assignments that we have worked on.

These are:

  • Roles and responsibilities of a financial manager within the boundaries of international trade
  • Internationalisation of finance
  • Economic indicators
  • Application of economic and financial principles in the field of the financial system
  • Balance of payments
  • International banking
  • Foreign exchange markets
  • International financial markets
  • Predicting the exchange rates
  • Risk management in foreign exchange markets

Whenever you are rolled with a FIN30013 international trade and finance assignment, most of them will centre around the above-mentioned assignment topics. If you are unclear on any of the above topics, then you can simply hand them over to our finance assignment help experts. We have gained mastery over the art of curating impeccable finance assignments for the reference purpose of students over the past decade. You can even get in touch with us via the live one-on-one sessions, as per your convenience.

3 Types Of FIN30013 Assessments That We Cover For This Unit

When you have finally decided to specialise in this specific unit under finance, it is our job to let you know about the different types of assignments that would come your way. Don’t worry, fortunately, our finance assignment writers have put dedicated efforts to cover them all for you. We have readily available samples for you to hover over and complete the work on time.

For this unit, the following are the assignments that you need to complete successfully.

  1. Online quizzes (20-30%)
  2. Written assignment (20-30%)
  3. Final examination (40-60%)

While you can direct your focus towards preparing for the financial examinations, our finance assignment help experts can guide you through the online quizzes and the written assignment. The online quizzes are designed to test the knowledge of students on some of the most quintessential topics that international trade and finance cover. Talking of the written assessment, the most common assignment that students bring to us is the FIN30013 Cryptocurrencies Business Research Report Writing assessment. So, without any further ado, let us proceed with a reliable sample to make the report writing assignment easier for you.

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How To Write The FIN30013 Cryptocurrencies Business Research Report Writing Assessment Answer Just Like A Pro?

In these years, we have come across several students like you who find it troublesome to manage writing an effective report on cryptocurrencies. On the contrary, our finance assignment help experts have written a wide variety of reports for students. Since 2010, we have justified the motto of “making assignments simpler” for students.

Without wasting any more time, let us get straight to the FIN30013 assignment sample that has been prepared by one of our experts recently for a student.

FIN30013 assessment task

This is the business research report on Cryptocurrencies. As shown in the image above, the main objective of this international trade and finance assignment is to write a report on the importance and role of cryptocurrencies within an organisation. 

In this report, our finance assignment help experts highlight several important concepts like blockchain, functions of cryptocurrency etc. Following are the sections that we include in the report.

  • Executive summary
  • Objectives and scope of the report
  • The selected cryptocurrency
  • The key findings
  • Conclusion
  • References
  • Appendix

Let us discuss each of the sections and let you know what all to include under each of the above-mentioned headings.

1. Executive summary

The first section of the report is a brief overview of the different types of cryptocurrencies that are available in the world today. Studying the present needs of the selected organisation, the main aim of the executive summary section of the report is to aware the readers on the chosen cryptocurrency for carrying out the business research on.

2. Introduction/background

In about one or two pages, our finance assignment help experts give a quick glimpse of some relevant information that has encouraged them to take up the study. This way, we put forth the objectives and scope of the report in this section.

3. Methodology

Here, you need to talk about the type of data that you have mentioned in your work. Is it the primary data or secondary data? For this, you can also make use of some relevant sources to state whether you have used quantitative or qualitative analysis.

4. Findings

The key findings include only the most relevant aspects of your report. This is the longest section in the report, which is about 4-6 pages usually. The crypto currency that has been chosen has to be described here. Also, you need to state the reasons why you have chosen it for the report.

5. Conclusion

This is the section where you need to highlight the main points of your report. Make sure that you do not introduce any new information here, that has not been talked about in the report. In about 1-2 pages, our finance assignment help experts give a short summary of all the points covered in the report.

6. References

It is obvious that you would have referred to the works of some reputed scholars in y0our report to back up the claims and make it credible, haven’t you? So, this is the section where you need to give due credits to them. As per the instructions, do not forget to reference the report. Else, it will fall under the category of plagiarism. Make it a point to reference in only that style which is mentioned inthe marking rubric, so that you do not lose out on your grades.

So, this brings us to the end of this FIN30013 Cryptocurrencies Business Research Report Writing assessment. Hopefully, we have been successful in imparting the basic requisite knowledge for writing an impeccable report on international trade and finance. However, there are several aspects that have yet to be touched upon in detail for making your efficiency in writing such reports. To know more about them, you can simply attend the face-to-face interactive sessions that we hold for students 24*7.

How Our Finance Assignment Experts Help Students In Securing Top-notch Grades In Their Assessments?

Designing such a report involves multiple intricacies that can be ruled out with a little guidance of our finance assignment writers. My Assignment Services is an abode to over 2,500 prolific academic writers who have gained expertise in all the branches of finance. Over the years, our industry veterans have also managed to handover superior-quality work to the clients that have encouraged them to turn to us over and again.

Other than the pristine quality work, we also have several benefits for you to enhance your experience with us. To name a few of them, when you place an order with us, you get the following perks from us.

  1. Free Plagiarism reports to validate our original work
  2. Multiple quality checks that are supervised by our client satisfaction manager
  3. Live one-on-one sessions with academic experts
  4. An interactive mobile application
  5. Lucrative offers and discounts

So, what keeps you waiting? Get in touch with us and experience a world of profound guidance from bonafide experts right at your doorsteps!

Our Experts can answer your Assignment questions instantly.

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