Essay Topics On the War in Afghanistan

October 13, 2021
Author : Kristy

“There was a clatter of noises on the roof. To me, it was the sound of raindrops pitter-pattering with all its strength, but in reality, it was the shower of bullets followed by the mass destruction that followed with the Afghan war”. I was left blank after this. I didn’t know where to get authentic information for my essay, said Martha, a student at Deakin.

Writing an Afghanistan war essay has never been easy for students, irrespective of the type of essay they are given to write. Just like Martha, are you also interested in getting Afghanistan essay samples, or a quick list of some of the most heart-throbbing essay topics on the war in Afghanistan, then your search is over now.

Afghanistan war 5 Facts

In this blog, we will discuss an overview of the war in Afghanistan and see what all has unfolded for the civilians. Also, we will provide you with a comprehensive list of Afghanistan essay topics associated with the war to make things easier for you. So, let us begin.

War In Afghanistan Essay Topics: A Land Under Constant Turmoil!

International conflicts have always been among the trending essay topics for students. Under this, there are several broader categories like the American Afghan War, War in Afghanistan, 1979 Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan that have always taken a toll among students.

Can you imagine residing in a place where Tribulations and terrorism have become a normal, day-to-day activity? However, this is why Afghanistan has become a land that is under constant turmoil.

Before we give you some topic ideas for writing an essay on the Afghanistan war, Let us dwell deeper, and try to find out some of the major whereabouts of the Afghanistan war.

The Afghanistan War: A Never-Ending Series Ranging Between 2001-2021!

The dilapidated condition of Afghanistan clearly signals the massive destruction that took place within the long twenty years. The War in Afghanistan is one of the most heart-wrenching conflicts that occurred between 2001-2021 in Afghanistan. It began in the year 2001 when the US and allies decided to invade the region and overthrow the Islamic Emirate that was under the rule of the Taliban. After struggling for over nineteen years against NATO, and the Afghan Armed Forces, the Taliban finally regained their power in the year 2021. Interestingly, it can also be referred to as the “longest war in US history”!

History of the War in Afghanistan: A Sneak Peek

It was imperative for our online essay help experts to gain a comprehensive hold over the history of this war to be able to help students garner authentic information for writing their Afghanistan war essay.

A lot of times, students also get to write essays about Afghanistan culture. We will only know about the different sections of the society that were being affected by this war in Afghanistan by knowing how this event preceded and took its form. So, let us see the trajectory of this historic event and get to know something more about the Afghanistan war.

  1. The US invaded Afghanistan in between the years 2001-2002. However, they were not alone in this; several countries like the UK and many others also played a major role in the early operations associated with the invasion.
  2. The US considered democracy among women a major matter in the war. This was followed by the The resurgence of the Taliban during the years 2003-2005.
  3. In the next few years, between 2006 and 2009, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) was formed that escalated the war further for both parties.
  4. Further, from 2010-2013, in both the sides, Coalition and agreements taking place was something that was very common.
  5. A lot of events took place during 2014-2017 that contributed immensely in increasing the insurgency of the Afghanistan war.
  6. In the final years between 2018-2021, the US decided to withdraw from the war and the Taliban campaign regained power.

This is the history of the war in Afghanistan that you need to know if you wish to draft an Afghanistan war essay. This is the same approach that is followed by our professional essay writers. Probably, now you are in a position to understand the different essay topics on the war in Afghanistan. So without any further ado let us straight away get to the list.

20 Trending Afghanistan War Essay Topics 2021

When you have already come across the history of the Afghanistan war in the above section, it will become a lot easier for you now to understand why our essay writers consider the following topics to be the best ones in this field.

Over the years, we have tried our hands over a variety of essay topics, but when it comes to writing an essay on the Afghanistan war, then these are some of the most relevant ones as per our online essay writing help experts.

  1. Casualties that civilians faced during the war
  2. Facilities that refugees got during this moment of crisis
  3. Were there any drug trades during the war in Afghanistan?
  4. Health care facilities that are delivered to the victims and wounded
  5. The condition of public education during the war
  6. Will women be given the right to even for their right or not
  7. 1979 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan
  8. The September attack and the US- British invasion
  9. Role of Iraq in the Afghanistan war
  10. Opium production in Afghanistan
  11. Why was the west never able to understand the conditions in Afghanistan?
  12. Impact of war on women in Afghanistan
  13. Role that the Afghanistan war played on the minds of children
  14. An account of the side effects of war on the civilians
  15. The clash between the Talibans and the US army
  16. Psychological factors that affected the society during the twenty years of war
  17. Negotiation with the terrorists
  18. How can we expect peace between the two parties in war?
  19. The Pelestinian state in the US
  20. The role of NATO in the Afghanistan war

These are some of the most remarkable essay topics on war in Afghanistan that we have dealt with in the recent few months. Other than these, you can even come up to us with your own topics. Rest assured that our team of academic experts will take not more than a few moments to work upon the topics and provide you with instant essay writing service whenever you need it. Now, let us proceed with one of the Afghanistan essay samples that we have recently curated for one of our clients in Australia.

Here Is An Afghanistan Essay Sample For Your Reference

As you can see in the image below, this is how our online essay help experts begin with such essays. Talking about the background of the war in Afghanistan, we have started off with an interesting fact that is enough to grab the attention of the readers till the very end of the essay.

Afghanistan Essay Sample

Only the main points have been highlighted over here that will be elaborated upon in the remaining part of the essay. Then, several other associated aspects of the essay have been highlighted in the next parts of the essay as shown below.

Afghanistan Essay Solution

For instance, you can notice how we have discussed the emancipation of women in the Afghan war here in this section. This is just one of the aspects that we have discussed here. There are plenty of such aspects that need to be discussed in these essays. To get complete essay solutions from us, all you have to do is hand us over with an essay topic and the rest of the work will be done by our online essay writing help experts.

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