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You have been hovering over different pieces of writing and suddenly notice the similarities between MLA and APA formats. You now want to find out the difference between MLA and APA format styles. If you carefully look at both of these formats, you will definitely come across distinct differences between the two that often go unnoticed when students are in a hurry.

Types of Citations in APA Styles

Or you can simply enjoy reading this blog in which our assignment help experts have tried to answer each of the questions about these styles of writing to make the task a little easier for you. Not just this, our prolific team of academic writers will also give you MLA V/S APA examples to help you distinguish between the two easily.

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MLA V/S APA: The Discussion Continues…

If you spend quite a bit of time studying the different citation styles of MLA and APA, then it will soon dawn upon you how differently these two citation styles are formatted. Obviously, you would have to find the differences yourself.

If we go by the subject in which each of these citation styles is used, then you will always find MLA (Modern Language Association) style being used in the arts and humanities subjects, while APA (American Psychological Association) is specially designed for citing the technical social sciences works.

You can go ahead and write your paper in any of these formats, however, you must be clear with the purpose of what you are writing. Only then, you will be able to choose the best citation style among these.

What About the Title?

One of the easiest and most common differences that you will notice in both of these citation styles is in the title of the citation page. While it will be called the Works Cited page in the MLA format, the other one will be labelled as references. However, both of the titles will be in the centre and top of the pages. Another thing common is both of them will be double spaced.

So, if you’re confused seeing the similarities between MLA and APA, then the best way is to have a look at the title of the citation page. Simply by looking at the titles, you will come to know which is the citation style used in the work.

Have A Look at The Author of the Work

Whichever is the citation style, there will be some difference in the way the author is attributed to in both of the citation styles. And, if there are multiple authors to attribute, then the task to find the difference between the two becomes all the easier.

Let us find out how our assignment help experts do this in both styles.


  • The format of the author’s name in MLA will be: The last name of the author, First name of the author
  • Example: Keats, John
  • The formatting solely depends on the number of authors. For instance, if there are two authors, then “and” will separate them.
  • Example: Paula, Gracy and Neal Lerner
  • In case, there are three or more authors, then we just need to include the name of the first author, followed by et al (et al, is a Latin word which means “all others”. )
  • Paula, Gracy, et al


  • Unlike MLA, in APA, we just need to write the last name followed by the first and the middle initial respectively.
  • Example: Watson, J.
  • For citing multiple authors in APA, you have three different categories. In situations where there are two authors, you will use an ampersand (&) to separate them.
  • Example: Watson, J & Lerner, N.
  • In case there are less than twenty authors, then all we need to do is list out each of them with commas in between and an ampersand just before the last name.
  • Example: Watson, J., DSouza, K., Welsh, G., Siegel, A. & Khan, S.
  • In those situations in which you have more than twenty authors, then only the first nineteen authors have to be listed followed by an ellipsis and the name of the last author in the end.
  • Example: Watson, J., DSouza, K., Welsh, G., Siegel, A. & Khan, S., Gillespie, P. H., Corn, D. P., Son, C. R., Berry, A. B.,, Johnson, T., Turney, W., White, K. L., Hunter, B. A., Lewis, H., Beck, J., Winters, N. I., Young, L., Crow, J., Harlow, T.,. . . Ruben, H.

These are some of the differences between MLA and APA citation styles. In the above section, we have tried to incorporate all the basic details about the styles to provide you with clarity on how to go about citing your sources with these citation styles. Do you wish to know how our assignment help experts guide students on referencing? Let us provide you with a quick sample for your reference.

How do our Experts Cite Different Sources using MLA and APA Citation Styles? Here are a few examples.

In these years, we have done ample research on a wide range of referencing styles such as APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, etc so that we could be present whenever students need us. To let you know how we cite different sources of information, here are some of the latest examples from our repository for your reference.

In the image below, you can see how our experts cite a book in MLA citation format.

MLA citation format example

Similarly, the below image shows how we cite a book in APA citation format.

APA citation format

By now, it must have been clear to you how to know the difference between MLA and APA citation styles, isn’t it? It will be much easier for you to cite different sources in your work now. We can help you with other styles of citations as well. All you need to do is talk to us about your requirements. We are here to help you all throughout the day and night via interactive live one-on-one sessions.

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