Advocacy campaigns are a group of organizations collaborating to work towards a common objective. A partnership, on the other hand, is individuals and firms coming together to reform policies, laws, programs, or a financial system to tackle a specific societal issue.

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Collaborating with potential partners offers leeway for working with organizations and groups that might not be allies but work together to generate the same policy goal. The campaigns for such a broad network can only be successful when there's active support. An advocacy network is useful and effective for achieving shared outcomes.

The core allies in an advocacy network are long-term allies that keep the campaign running till the goal is reached. The other individuals or businesses in an advocacy campaign are tasked to leverage the network through establishing relationships within the campaign or reaching out to stakeholders outside the organization.

advocacy and patnership

Let’s learn about the topic with some Advocacy and Partnerships Examples, shall we?

Why is Partnership Important in the Community?

Today we live in an era of partnership. Our actions are not controlled or regulated by the governments, and we can ask for societal reforms. A sole individual or institution can't make a lasting impact. However, there have been instances where some people made the change single-handedly.

Hence, partnerships are the need of the hour regarding the societal crisis we face in this age and era. It depicts the epitome of collaboration and leadership in society. The need is more than just a need for awareness. Establishing partnerships goes beyond that.

The issues prevailing in the society are many and complex, running from different age groups to communities. But, partnerships are the answer to the problems that we are facing. Advocacy and Partnerships are effective measures as it involves the involvement of stakeholders and various minds coming together to address an issue.

There are types of partnerships - public, private, and community. The partnership among communities is varied and diverse as it involves tackling societal issues. There are well-established partnerships in communities from a country, origin, race, or collaboration. However, ad hoc communities are devised to respond to the issues that need to be addressed as soon as they arise.

Effective partnerships are more effective when they utilize the strengths of each member and apply them strategically to resolve the issue. Moreover, it will take time and require more work to strengthen the partnership. Building relationships and a shared understanding are the keys to lasting partnerships and progress.

In the following sections, we’ll discuss who can become a global partner and see some Advocacy and Partnerships Examples.

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Who can be a Partner in the Global Advocacy Campaign?

Any organization, group, or government agency can establish a partnership by reaching out to multiple partners - individuals or groups of individuals. Here’s a list of types of partnerships and who can join these collaborations:


The various local and national governments collaborate to establish partnerships to achieve crucial policy changes and influence the public. Such collaborations aim to make the public aware of the issues and monitor the stakeholder's attitude toward the campaign.

Regional Organizations

Regional partnerships are developed among the local governments or communities. Such partnerships work in reaching out to organizations with shared interests and nurturing the values of the society/community with such collaborations.

Civil Society Organizations

Also known as CSO partnerships, such collaborations are the cornerstone of various social movements. They aim to establish collaboration between communities and organizations in favor of long-term societal changes.

Religious and Faith-based Organizations

Advocacy and Partnerships are possible for various groups in the society, including religious or faith-oriented organizations. Throughout history, various religious organizations have collaborated for civil rights initiatives, education development initiatives, and more such reforms. Governments collaborate with charitable organizations, churches, synagogues, ect.

International Organizations

Partnership at global levels is necessary for sharing knowledge, experiences, and resources. It is also necessary to establish shared practices. A good example of international partnerships is the one we witnessed throughout the corona crisis. Global governments collaborated for relief and sharing vaccinations.

UNICEF (United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund) is a global organization under the UN (United Nations) that works to protect children and adolescent rights and offers development aid through various partnership projects.

UNICEF is a leading international organization that works to establish partnerships among nations and organizations. Diverse partnerships with various strong voices collaborating to make the world a better place. Such partnerships are necessary to rid society of the prejudices and negative attitudes that many individuals or groups of individuals hold. Let’s see some examples in the next section.

unicef australia patnership program

What are some Advocacy and Partnerships Examples?

It is an important action for society to move together to make reforms to the community through various advocacy programs. As the saying goes, “it takes the whole community to raise a child.” It is true for society as a better world means a better future for future generations. The advancement does not only mean better technology or better facilities, but it also includes removing the biases and making way for the reforms in the society.

Here’s a list of some programs that are working toward communal development and advocacy through partnership:

Child Rights Advocacy

This Partnership program aims at a global effort to provide children with a bright future. The campaign plan is to eradicate child labor and address the issues of violation of basic human rights.

Family Development and Values Formation

The foundation of families is built on moral values - happiness, truthfulness, justice, peace, etc. Families collaborate to develop such values, instil justice and equality in children's thoughts, and establish such values in children, so they function ideally in their lives.

Livelihood Development Program

These Advocacy and Partnership programs are designed to help improve the livelihood of marginalized people. This is achieved through providing access to healthcare, opportunities for career projection, and constructive collaboration for communal development.

UNICEF has delivered over 700 million vaccines worldwide and partnered with global governments for COVID-19 cure and relief.

Among the many reasons that make it essential for community partnerships, the best one can be well defined by the African proverb; If you go alone, you go fast. But, if you go together, you go far. Partnerships provide strength and effectiveness in strategy when applied correctly. It may work in a blink; it may take a while. Still, collaborative efforts are bound to make a lasting impact.

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