Cracking the Nursing Case Study: Gordon Deltori

March 17, 2020
Author : Keith Morris

Nursing is a major domain to study and the ever-increasing number of students who are studying nursing is a clear indicator of its huge scope. Talking about the case studies that students are given, one of the most common yet important concepts involved in them is clinical reasoning cycle. Ournursing assignment helpexperts have covered a wide range of case studies that deal with this concept and have also helped students get equipped with the knowledge associated withphases of CRC. In addition to this, you can also enjoy high-quality reference assignment solutions atMy Assignment Services,which will help you in solving your queries instantly. But for now, let us focus on the clinical reasoning cycle and guide you on this with the help of the nursing assignment sample below, Gordon Deltori Nursing Case Study.

How Do You Use Clinical Reasoning Cycle in the Gordon Deltori Nursing Case Study?

Before ournursing assignment writerstake you further towards the case study, we need to make you understand the CRC and its phases. Once you get a thorough knowledge of this cycle, you will notice that you will write the case study solution very easily. Clinical reasoning is an approach or the process by which nurses carry out several steps to deliver sound and safe nursing care to their patients.There are somephases of CRCthat you need to consider step-by-step so that you can reach the solutions easily. While applying the clinical reasoning cycle to any case study, the following are the steps that ournursing assignment helpexperts use:

Step 1: Consider the situation of the patient

First of all, we describe the context where the problem exists, the people who are suffering from the problem and the situation in which the problem exist. Or in other words, firstly, our experts consider the situation of the patient.

Step 2: Collect Cues/Information

Then, ournursing assignment helpexperts review the reports of the patient, consider the history of the patient, and assess the results of the reports that have been undertaken previously. After this, we collect new information about the patient by undertaking new patient assessments. In the end, our experts recall all that they have learnt in multiple disciplines like physiology, law, ethics, pharmacology and more.

Step 3: Process information

The third step is the most important one as this has a lot of steps in a single step. Here, ournursing assignment helpexperts interpret, discriminate, relate, infer, match and predict the information for the patient. Most of the students face a lot of challenges in thisphase of CRC. If you too feel that this is disturbing you in any way, then you can straightaway turn to us for guidance.

Step 4: Identify problems/issues

To identify the issues of the patients, the next step is to synthesise the given facts and find the most suitable diagnosis of the problem of the patient.

Step 5: Establish goals

Now, ournursing assignment writersdescribe the goals that they want to achieve until the last.

Step 6: Take action

There will be so many alternatives available to you. However, in this step, you need to choose the best out of the alternatives to work upon the established goals.

Step 7: Evaluate outcomes

The second last step is to evaluate the effectiveness of the course that you have selected to treat the patient.

Step 8: Reflect on the new findings and learning

Contemplating the learning and finding is what is the purpose of the clinical reasoning cycle. Thisphase of CRCbrings an end toMr Gordon Deltori Nursing Case Study.

Additional Guidelines that Will Help you Better Analyse the Gordon Deltori Nursing Case Study

Now that ournursing assignment helpexperts have explained the clinical reasoning cycle and how to apply it in the case study, you are good to go. However, some guidelines for you would help you in writing better solutions for this case study. Make sure you adhere to them.
  1. You have to go for a patient who is suffering from some chronic disease within your specific clinical setting and prepare the case study on it.
  2. With the overview of the condition of the nursing patient, you also need to include the pathophysiology of the disease that you have chosen.
  3. As per ournursing assignment helpexperts, students are also required to recognise the first two phases of the CRC and develop a nursing care plan for the same.
  4. Then, you also need to explain how you will be devising out a plan to apply the selected care priorities for the patient.
  5. In the end, you also need to discuss the Pharmacokinetics of the TWO medicines that are suggested to the patient.
Using all the cues and information given in the Gordon Deltori Nursing Case Study, you need to formulate the solution of the case study in about 1500 words. This brings an end to the approach to thisclinical reasoning cycle nursing case study. If you are still unclear with any of the sections in this case study or any other similar kind of nursing case studies, then you just need to send us all the requirements so that we bring forth you a comprehensive and accurate solution of the case study for your reference purpose.

Do You Need Further Help in Analysing Gordon Deltori Nursing Case Study?

Over ten long years, ournursing assignment helpexperts have transformed the cumbersome process of deciphering complex clinical reasoning cycle nursing case studies into a lot simpler and easier one. With our intricately-designed reference case study assignment solutions, we touch upon all the imperative aspects involved in these case studies. What’s more?My Assignment Servicesalso has a dedicated panel of quality assurance team who looks into the major and minor queries of students and delivers them the best version of solutions right at their doorstep! To know more about how our experts can help you with, do give us a call right away.

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Keith Morris

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