How do you effectually address a subject that is already the talking point of the world?

With countries around the world reporting overwhelming numbers and superpowers trying to steal a march on one another in the run for developing a vaccine, there is enough to fill up the newspapers many times over.

The available information and intelligence on the novel COVID 19 virus is growing and evolving every day. Yet, there is an appreciable dearth of principled and trustworthy information on the virus, the resultant disease and the after-effects of the disease. What started off as a seemingly short term health scare, quickly burgeoned into a global pandemic spanning several countries and continents.

Authoritative resources on COVID 19 RESEARCH

Scientists, biotechnologists and health professionals around the world are working tirelessly towards the concerted worldwide endeavour to develop effective norms and SOPs to contain the spread of the pandemic.

From diagnostics to therapeutics, painstaking research is underway to understand the novel coronavirus which has caused millions of fatalities around the world, toppled economies and gripped the world in a cloud of fear. Doctors, scientists, researchers and statesmen around the world are working in solidarity to devise effective solutions to the problem of COVID-19.

Amidst ongoing testing and experimentation to understand the nature and characteristics of the Novel Coronavirus, writing a research paper assignment on the subject can be a heavy set of burdens. Here are some sources you can trust for details and knowledge about the disease

WHO COVID 19 Database: The WHO or the World Health Organisation is dedicated to its cause of finding out more about the disease, its carriers and its incubation period. They are assisting pharma companies in devising effective cures and solutions. Expert-referred scientific articles can be found in the WHO COVID Database.

The WHO Database is easily one of the most comprehensive databases on the disease. WHO has collaborated with key partners to enrich the citations to collate thoroughgoing and all-encompassing intelligence on COVID 19. The WHO Covid 19 database is one of the most dependable sources to refer if you are working on a research paper.

working on a research paper

Cambridge University Press

Cambridge university press also offers detailed and insightful articles about the characteristics, patient recovery trends and virus behaviour associated to the novel coronavirus. The organisation is also a rich source of information for associated dysfunctions and outcomes of the disease. In a recently published paper on Obesity and the increased risk of coronavirus, the researchers have made interesting observations about the effect of obesity on different components of the innate immune responses. The university also provides immense perspective on community spread, risk assessment etc.

Centers for Disease control and prevention: the American public health institute has published several research papers related to the necessary care and caution required to go about life in the COVID times. The institute has also undertaken painstaking research on the effect of COVID on patients suffering from pre-existing health conditions.

Chinese Medical Association: The Chinese medical association is a trustworthy and dependable source of academic research findings and communication. The association has published extensively on the aspects of diagnosis and treatment of the COVID 19 disease.

European Centre for Disease Control and Prevention: European Centre for Disease Control and Prevention is closely monitoring the worldwide effort in resolving the health problems posed by the Covid -19 pandemic. From periodic situation updates to infection rate mapping, European Centre for Disease Control and Prevention is replete with concrete and well-founded resources on the COVID 19 disease and its resultant problems across the world. The organisation has also published several papers on the effect of the disease upon the mental health of the patients.

Oxford University Press

In solidarity with the worldwide effort to mitigate the damage caused by the COVID 19 disease, the Oxford University Press has pledged to make content from various high-brow online resources freely accessible to assist researcher.

Oxford university press is committed to its cause of aiding the research being undertaken by medical professionals to facilitate better policy decisions in order to understand and act against the crisis. Oxford University Press has also made articles from leading journals available freely to readers. Known to be one of the most trusted and reliable sources of information for academic research, the Oxford University Press has joined the global effort to fight the COVID disease by sharing its research findings and data rapidly and transparently.

Oxford university press is also working in association with the American White House Office of Science and Technology Policy as well as the US National Library of Medicine. The purpose of the collaborations is to expedite and streamline the international effort in countering the problems posed by the novel coronavirus diseases.

Writing a research paper on Covid 19 may seem like an uphill task at the first glance. However, drawing inference from scholarly resources can provide the essential guidance to write a coherent and comprehensible account on the impact of the disease as well as the unprecedented global outcomes of the disease.

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