Coronavirus Stages - Epidemic And Pandemic

March 14, 2020
Author : Keith Morris

To answer whether Coronavirus is an epidemic or pandemic, we all need to understand both of these terms separately. If we go by the explanation that the World Health Organisation (WHO) states, an epidemic is a condition in which there is an outbreak of a disease in a specific region and then it spreads unexpectedly. This means that only a group of the population suffers from this disease. On the contrary, the WHO defines the term ‘pandemic’ as the spread of a new disease in the entire world. Naturally, a lot of people get affected by this. Now that we are clear with both of these, our nursing assignment help experts would take it further and try to answer whether Coronavirus is an epidemic or pandemic by explaining you the stages of it in this blog.

Is Coronavirus At a Pandemic Stage?

Initially epidemic, the deadly disease of Coronavirus is finally at the “pandemic” stage now. This is characterised by several cases that have emerged lately in many parts of Europe, South Korea and the Middle East. Coming from the Greek word ‘pan’ which means ‘all’ and ‘demos’ which mean people, the Coronavirus has grown to be a pandemic condition in multiple countries and continents nowadays. In the image below, you can see how widespread is the disease now in several parts of the world. several parts of the world Total cases of Coronavirus in the world Source: WHO There are only some areas that have still not been affected by this deadly 2019-nCOV. Our nursing assignment help experts also consider this disease to be at the “pandemic” stage now. Interestingly, the diseases that are considered to be a pandemic refer to them that are widely spread and it has nothing to do with the deadliness of the disease. For instance, if we talk about cancer, it affects a large number of people but is not infectious and is thus, not pandemic. Given that the virus has spread over 30 countries, it seems to be pandemic, however, the UN agency repeatedly says that we are still fighting multiple epidemics but not reached the pandemic.

What Are The Stages Of Coronavirus?

As per our nursing assignment writers, there are four stages of Coronavirus that need you to need to know so that you get prepared with it. Let us talk about each of those stages in detail now. These are:

Stage 1: Containment

The first phase or stage usually involves finding the cases in the early stage and sketch all the contacts that would help them stop the spread of disease. These measures generally help a health practitioner to lessen of the burden on the healthcare system. This stage is important as patients who are diagnosed are admitted to the hospitals for further treatment. Hospitals which are involved in this stage are generally involved in a potential influx.

Stage 2: Delay

In case, the first phase does not work and the cases that have come to surface increase suddenly, then the region or the country is said to have entered the delay stage. During this, the government takes all the steps to delay the spread of the disease. This is usually done by closing schools, prohibiting large-scale mass gatherings and asking employees to work from home. Using these “social distancing” methods, the government imposes rules to prevent transmission of virus when no cure is available.

Stage 3: Research

In case, the second stage of delay gets failed, all the efforts of the government gets intensified. Now, the focus gets shifted to get every minute detail about the virus, method of transmission and its treatment. This is the reason doctors suggest that the effect of Coronavirus will get less in summers as compared to the winter months.

Stage 4: Mitigate

In the last stage of mitigating the spread of Coronavirus, the World Health Organisation says that during this stage, there is a lot of pressure on service and society. When these things happen, you can consider that the virus has become pandemic. The things that are making it difficult for the government to shift from containment to control are the unknowns associated with COVID-19. these include ow contagious is Coronavirus, incubation period and how deadly it is. So, these are the four stages of Coronavirus. Now that you have a decent knowledge about each of these stages, you can proceed with the preventative measures to mitigate the spread of Coronavirus. If you still have any doubts regarding COVID-19, then you can straightaway turn to our nursing assignment help experts. We work 24*7 to bring out all the relevant information on this topic for you to make it easier for you to fight this deadly virus.

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