A Comprehensive Overview of Vroom's Expectancy Theory

August 16, 2021
Author : Charles Hill

Within different organisations, there are different kinds of human resources management systems underplaying several activities. Amidst them, employee motivation is one of the most crucial areas to supervise. This is why every company takes extraordinary measures to motivate its employees and enhance the performance of the employees and the organisation as a whole.

Expectancy Theory

Within the domain of employee motivation, there are several theories to ease this process. One of them is Vroom's Expectancy Theory of Motivation. Are you aware of it? Don't worry if you do not know it completely. Like you, there are hundreds of thousands of students in Australia who are in identical shoes. Owing to this, our management assignment help experts will provide you with a Comprehensive Overview Of Vroom's Expectancy Theory in this blog.

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Importance of Motivation for Employees Within an Organisation: Did You Know About These Motivation Theories?

Motivation always takes a toll on the lives of human beings in every aspect of life. It is the driving force behind defining the inputs put by the employee to get desired results. Since ancient times, it has been found out that there is a direct relationship between motivation and the efficiency of the employees in an organisation.

As a result, several motivational theories have been introduced to discuss the factors that enhance employee motivation. In these years, our professional management assignment writers have covered all of them for students worldwide.

These are:

  1. Vroom expectancy theory
  2. Urwick's theory
  3. Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory
  4. Argyris's theory
  5. McClelland's theory
  6. Porter's and Lawler's expectancy theory
  7. Herzberg's motivation-hygiene theory
  8. McGregor's participation theory

Each of these theories has been developed to bring to light different factors that affect employee motivation. Also, it gives possible solutions as to how to increase employee performance and employee efficiency. Different theories are based on different concepts. For now, we will focus on the Vroom expectancy theory.

What Is Vroom Expectancy Theory?

Also known as the expectancy theory of motivation, Victor Harold Vroom introduced this theory in 1964. He was a Canadian professor, and in his entire lifetime, he analysed a variety of factors that impact the organisation's overall performance. These include efficiency of the performance, leadership, and motivation.

It highlights the behavioural process of a person that is responsible for the decision-making process. According to this theory, each individual performs uniquely due to different behavioural traits. With the help of this theory, it becomes easier to know the criteria for choosing the trait and cover several other concepts like the relationship between efforts, performance, and outputs.

Do You Know Which Are the Key Elements of Vroom Expectancy Theory?

To understand this theory better, it is vital to understand the different elements governing it. Our management assignment help experts have thus, enlisted the essential elements or three variables of this motivational theory below. These account for the motivation of the employees.

  1. Expectancy: This is a thinking of the employees that more effort will lead to more profits/success. However, there are specific parameters that influence the expectancy of the employees. These are skills, support, and resources.
  2. Valence: It is the value of the results of a particular task for an employee. This depends on several factors such as desirability, own need for the outcome, the attractiveness of the results, and more.
  3. Instrumentality: It is an employee's faith while carrying out a task in which they believe it will take them to desired rewards. This can be anything like promotion, bonus, salary hike, etc. Instrumentality depends on many factors like company policies, nature of rewards, people-in charge, etc.

Over the years, our management assignment help experts have gained a strong command over each of these elements of the Vroom expectancy theory and helped students complete their assignments on this theory and many such motivational theories. To better understand how we work upon such assignments, let us put forth one of our most recent samples for your reference.

How to Write a Management Assignment On Vroom Expectancy Theory? Here Is How We Have Done It for Students Worldwide

With the Help of a few excerpts from one of our most recent solutions, our management assignment writers will simplify the process of understanding these assignments for you. This is what we have been doing for the past ten years.

In the image below, our experts have given you a brief abstract that we have written for this assignment on Vroom's expectancy theory.

abstract Expectancy Theory

Here you can see how we have talked about the importance of motivational techniques and elaborate upon it with the Help of data that has been collected for different groups of students. Coming to the next section, our experts reach the introduction part of this assignment, highlighting the main points that will be discussed in this part.

Expectancy Theory introduction

As you can see from the above image, a research question in this part will be answered in the entire research paper on this motivational theory. This brings us to the next section wherein our management assignment help writers mention some of the basic concepts of the Expectancy theory, as shown in the below image.

basic concepts expectancy theory

However, there are several other things to look at in this assignment that have not been discussed. If you want us to guide you through the entire assignment, or you have some other assignment that you would like to get guidance on from us, hand them over to us. We will quickly work upon them and get back to you with the complete solution right at your doorstep.

This is a Comprehensive Overview Of Vroom's Expectancy Theory that we have provided you with. By now, you might have got the gist of this motivational theory. If there is still something that you are not clear with, you can always come up to our experts via live one-on-one sessions whenever convenient for you.

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