“Whenever I get to solve a mathematical problem on scalene triangles, I get stuck in it”, says John, a student in Canada. The world of triangles is indeed an intriguing one for it varies on the basis of sides, angles, etc. There are so many varieties of triangles that form a major section of Geometry. Among them, an acute scalene triangle is what we will be covering in this blog. Not just it is imperative in maths, the topic stretches to a number of other disciplines like Engineering as well. This is why our experts have already covered it for you.

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My Assignment Services is a dedicated online platform that hosts a proficient team of over 2,500 bonafide academic writers who have gained expertise in different disciplines from a wide range of reputed institutions all over the world. Since 2010, we have been serving hundreds of thousands of students across the globe to make assignments simpler for them. So, let us get started with the blog and give you a Comprehensive Guide to Acute Scalene Triangle.

What Is An Acute Scalene Triangle?

If we are classifying a triangle based on the sides, then we need to look at the length of each side in a triangle. Then, it will become possible for us to know whether it is a scalene, isosceles or an equilateral triangle.

A scalene triangle is the one in which we have three different lengths for three sides in a triangle. Most of the triangles that are drawn randomly will be scalene triangles that do not have the same length for any side. As the length of the sides is different, obviously, the angles will also be different. It will look like this.

scalene triangle

All three sides are unequal and so, the angles that they form are also unequal as shown in the above image. The angles can be acute, obtuse, or even a right angle. So, an acute scalene triangle is a kind of triangle that has three different sides making an angle less than 90 degrees. Now that you have developed some ideas about this triangle, it will be much easier for you to understand the formulas associated with this scalene triangle.

How Can I Identify an Acute Scalene Triangle?

If you know the properties of an acute scalene triangle, then it would not be much of a problem for you to identify a scalene acute triangle. If not, then you can always rely upon a protractor for this task. These are some of the easiest steps that our Maths assignment writers follow for this.

  1. While using the protractor, make sure you have kept its middle portion on the vertex of the angle
  2. Keep the other side to the zero line of the protractor
  3. See the other angles wherein the other sides interact with the number side of the protractor
  4. Check all the angles and recognise if it is an acute scalene triangle or not.

It would be one if all the angles were less than 90 degrees and all the sides would be different in length.

A Quick Recapitulation of Scalene Triangle Formulas

The basic step to writing an errorless mathematics or Engineering assignment on scalene triangles is to be thorough with the formulas that you’d be needing while solving them. Therefore, our assignment help experts have curated a quick list of some of the most important scalene triangle formulas for your reference.

These are:

  1. If you want to find the area of the scalene triangle, then the formula to be used is ½ * b* h where b and h are the breadth and height of the triangle respectively.
  2. If you want to find the perimeter of the scalene triangle, then the formula that you will use is P= a+b+c. Here, a,b,c are the different sides of the triangle

Other than these two most important formulas for an acute scalene triangle, there is one more formula that students require many times while solving these mathematical problems which is as follows:

formulas for acute scalene triangle

With the help of these formulas, you will be able to solve any kind of question covering a scalene triangle. Still, confused? Well, our Engineering assignment help experts know how to clear all your doubts. What can be a better way to do this other than some solved examples by our experts?

Solved Mathematical Assignment Problems on an Acute Scalene Triangle

Over the years, our mathematics assignment help experts have got a number of questions from students on this topic. Fortunately, our industry veterans have successfully catered to each of them and aided students in getting a step closer to their dream grades, even in these complicated assignments.

Acute Scalene Triangle sample

To let you know how our academic writers solve these questions, we will be sharing with you a few excerpts from different assignment solutions that we have solved recently for the reference purpose of students in Canada and all over the world. Question 1: The base of the scalene triangle is 6 cm and the height of the triangle is 12 cm. How can you find the area of this scalene triangle? This is how we have solved this one for students.

scalene triangle solution

Question 2: If one of the angles given is 50 degrees in a right-angled scalene triangle, then find the angle of the third side.

Answer: As the name suggests, in a right-angled triangle, one of the angles is a right angle (90 degrees). The second angle is given 50 degrees. So, this is how our experts find the third angle.

third angle

Hopefully, in this Comprehensive Guide to Acute Scalene Triangle, you have understood the intricacies that you need to keep in mind when solving such questions. If there is still something left for us to help you with, just let us know. We will work upon them and get back to you within a few moments.

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