CNA802 Assessment Task 3 Reflective Paper Answer

CNA802 Assessment Task 3 Reflective Paper Answer
May 11, 2019
Author : Keith Morris

The unit CNA802 comprises of a quiz and three assessments out of which the latest one is the assessment task 3 which is a reflective paper. So, if you are looking for CNA802 assessment task 3 reflective paper answer from the desk of a professional nursing assignment help provider, then My Assignment Services is your destination for every assignment-related query. The assessment task 3 is loosely based on the learning outcomes of tasks 1 and 2. If you have excelled in those two, you can do fairly good in this one as well.

CNA802 Assessment Task 3

Task Description The question clearly states that you need to reflect critically on the group project that you worked on. And if you think that this reflection is an easy one where you need to write off a small piece of 500 words or maybe an essay of 1500 words, then you are so very wrong. The CNA802 assessment task 3 reflective paper answer will be a 3000-word long paper. Oh, yeah.

What you have to write in CNA802 Assessment Task 3 reflective paper answer?

In these 3000 words, you need to tell how your theoretical understanding of the concepts of the team development process proceeded. Furthermore, you need to talk about how your understanding of the group process changed and improved. In the CNA802 assessment task 3 reflective paper answer, you have to discuss the roles that you undertook in the project and the roles that were adopted by the team members. What project? The one you prepared in the CNA802 assessment task 2 which looked like - Task Description The group project was to develop a one-day long seminar program about ‘practice development in nursing’.

Things to remember while writing a reflective paper

For the CNA802 assessment task 3 reflective paper answer, you need to go back to the group project. For example, you had undertaken the responsibility of booking the venue, defining the process and other event handling practices, you need to discuss how you acted in a team to execute your plans. There must be instances where conflicts were observed between you and the team members. Tell the readers (professor) about the situation, how you reacted and how the team members reacted, how the situation was resolved and what would you do differently if such a situation arose again. The CNA802 assessment task 3 reflective paper answer is based on the learning experience. So make sure that you are focusing on that aspect as well with every incident that you share. For example, if you had called 100 different venues to give their location for a seminar for free, then you must share what you learned from that experience. Of course, your CNA802 assessment task 3 reflective paper answer should be related to the nursing practice. Do not shift yourself towards a management paradigm. That is a strict no. Stay within the boundaries of your course and tell the reader how this project will make your future practice better.

Do you need secondary literature for this assignment?

Of course, you do. There is no way you can justify the decisions that you took and the knowledge you are sharing without the support of existing authored works. Your secondary literature can be qualitative (where you tell about the various theories and model for leadership, teamwork model, etc.) or a quantitative (where you present statistics related to work allotment, the success rate of events, past trends in roles and responsibilities for such events, etc.). For your CNA802 assessment task 3 reflective paper answer, refer to around 25-30 academic papers, journal articles and other such authoritative sources.

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