CHCECE010- Support the Holistic Development in Early Childhood Assessment Answer

July 09, 2018
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Searching for a reliable online CHCECE010 assignment help service provider? My Assignment Services awaits. Before jumping directly on the services, let us take a look at its components. This sheet has the competency-based assessment sheets for the students in their early childhood. The assessment sheet is very strict about the plagiarism as to be unique students are required to work individually and without any cheating. This assessment sheet is for the survey purpose to gather the information and evidence to make sure that the students are aware of the skills and use their knowledge to complete the given task. There is no specific marking strategy in it so, the students need not worry about getting low marks, rather than it works on ‘competent’ or ‘not yet competent’ strategy. We give you two chances to submit your assignment; in case you’re marked as ‘not yet competent’ than you can re-submit it.

The main purpose of the assessment sheet

The tasks given in this assessment sheet are the interrelationship between: main purpose

Elements dealing with the tasks

There are five elements overall in this task which the students are required to follow and keep in mind while performing task. These elements deal with the growth development of the students from the early childhood to the adolescent age. These qualities are required to develop in a child to make them a responsible citizen of the country. cognitive development

The requirements of the Assessment

The assessment task requires you to follow some sets of instructions like reading textbook, core documents, Additional readings, and some references from the sites. All these things are given at the starting of the assessment sheets. You need to keep few things such as:

Assessment outcomes

The students will be marked as:

  • Satisfactory
  • Not yet satisfactory
  • Incomplete

For the above marking scheme, the trainer will be giving assessing students to complete the task.

Student Appeals

As a responsible student, you have all the right to appeal during assessment for that you need to fill in the form and it should be lodged within 28 days.

Brief Description of the Assessment Sheet

Whole assessment tasks are divided into 7 parts in each part there are 9-12 questions related to that chapter. Let’s see the description of each module:

Chapter 1: Introduction to Child Development and Theories

This section deals with the holistic development of a child and for it, you need to go through the textbook ‘Birth to Big School’ and on the basis of what you need to describe the following things: Question 1: Describe the basic need of a child This question covers 4 basic needs namely, physical, psychological, opportunities to learn, and respect and self-esteem Question 2: Definition of the terms and concepts which relate to child development To finish this task you need to refer page 11-13 of the book and on the basis of that, you need to write originally covering the topics asked in the section. The entire question covers the same strategy.

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Chapter 2: Theories of Development

This section covers specifically the pages of the book ‘Birth to big School’ which gives you knowledge about development in formal and informal. Question 1: Describe in detail formal knowledge and formal theories of development Question 2: List the four areas that knowledge of child development theorists will help you make professional decisions about, and so on… Answer of all the questions are given in the book but you need to answer them in your own words. Remember this assessment is strict with the plagiarism issues.

Chapter 3: Physical Development

This section question set deals with the physical development of a child on the basis of the book you need to answer the questions which will deal with the gross and fine motor skills which are related to the growing period of a child. It also gives you some situations which are shown with the help of pictorial representation you need to see that ends answer the questions.

Chapter 4: Communication Development

The task covered in this section covers the cognitive development of a child. It deals with the four major areas such as:

  • Social development
  • Support communication development
  • To encourage them to create an environment for holistic learning and development

It has some scenarios and on the basis of which you need to answer the questions asked in that particular section. It also covers literacy promotion with the help of pictures.

Chapter 5: Cognitive Development

The questions asked in this section covers four major areas of the development of a child:

  • Social development
  • Emotional development
  • Cognitive development
  • Communication development
  • Holistic learning and development

The questions deal with developing concepts, making choices, problem-solving, and development of the other skills as well.

Chapter 5: Social and Emotional Development

This section covers the social and emotional development of a child by giving them the situation which is dealing with the development. Dealing with the scenarios you need to develop the strategy which should be practically implemented on the situation given.

Chapter 6: Supporting Holistic Development

It has covered how a child requires behaving as a responsible person in his surroundings. What is the requirement a child should develop? Why behave properly? And many more such questions are covered in the book but you need to think them properly and imply it here. For an overall development, a child should have the above qualities and heshe should try and adopt those habits in real life as well. ‘My Assignment Services’ makes sure that the students are developing and growing effectively if you feel like taking some help than you can take help from us and it is freeof cost with a smile on your face.

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