BSBWOR501 Assessment 2: Professional Development Plan Assessment Answer

BSBWOR501 Assessment 2: Professional Development Plan Assessment Answer
May 16, 2020
Author : Charles Hill

Professional development is the process of striving hard to train and educate an individual towards his/her career. The primary goal of this process is to make students updated on the trending topics and concepts, in their respective fields of study. In the context of management studies, students are often given the tasks of organising and managing different tasks that help them advance in their areas. This is what the BSBWOR501 unit talks about. Over the years, our management assignment help experts have been engaged in drafting a comprehensive professional development plan for students that have helped them achieve great heights. In this blog, we will discuss the assessment 2 of this unit and elaborate how the experts at My Assignment Services approach them. Let’s get started and try to find out the best possible way of writing the professional development plan.

What Does The Professional Development Plan Template Look Like?

Before we get into the details, we need to give you a glimpse of the BSBWOR501 professional development plan template that is given to students for completing this assessment. Self Awareness

                              Image 1

On the left, there are the questions for which students need to write 200-words answers. For more than a decade now, our professional development assessment help experts have guided students with this assignment and made them capable enough to write comprehensive professional development plans. My Assignment Services maintains a steadfast team of professional management assignment writers who hold high scholarly degrees in management from a plethora of elite institutions across the globe. Naturally, we are through with the requisites to manage personal works and professional development. Before moving further, let us have a glance at the BSBWOR501 assessments that students bring to us.

BSBWOR501 Assessment 2 Professional Development Plan

Have a look at this BSBWOR501 professional development plan template that we’ve recently received from a student. It has all the details about the assignment such as the unit code, unit name, assessment type, assessment name, assessment due date, assessment task number, date submitted and student signature. In this assessment, our management assignment help experts draft a reference professional development plan for students. Before answering the questions (as shown in image 1), let us look at some of the steps followed by us.

  1. Firstly, we seek feedback from people working in the chosen context to know different information about work performance that is expected.
  2. Then, our management assignment writersundertake a self-analysis known as the SWOT analysis, wherein, we make notes of the personal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the student. In addition to this, we also highlight the career objectives that the students want to meet through this professional development plan.
  3. In the end, we develop a professional plan for studentsusing the templates provided to us.

We also make sure to reflect upon the key learning of this plan by bringing in real-life examples and approaches from current work roles.

Key Elements In a BSBWOR501 Professional Development Plan Assessment Answer

There are some aspects in this assessment that the assessors look for while evaluating the assignment. As per the industry standard, our management assignment help experts make sure to incorporate these elements in the reference professional plan that we draft for students. These are:

  1. The plan has proper evidence to measure and maintain the performance of personal work. This includes all the competency standards that are set by the industry.
  2. Through the plan, we also emphasize on maintaining a work-life balance so that personal health is not hampered.
  3. Several networks are highlighted
  4. Career objectives and an action plan
  5. Underlining management development opportunities
  6. A note of the plans, procedures and policies that are being followed by the organisation.
  7. A plethora of work methods and practices which affect personal performance

BSBWOR501 professional development plan The BSBWOR501 professional development plan template that you had already noticed in the initial part of this blog has to be worked upon in this assessment. As you can see, this is the assessment task 2- professional plan development requirements. Using the template, our management assignment writers give the answers to the questions posed. We use a conversational, descriptive and reflective tone to answer. We get hold off all the information about the work experiences, job roles and responsibilities from the student. Based on the responses, we bind the readers with a beautiful personal work journey, which is the second part of this assessment. Part B self analysis Here, we talk about the personal experiences, skills and talents that have no connection with the work. To substantiate each of the skills, we introduce real-life examples as well. Coming to the next part, Part c Career Objectives As you can see, in part C, our management assignment help experts discuss all those factors that they think have contributed to helping the student achieve their work-related goals. Moving on, the next part deals with the professional development of occupational interests. Part D Occupational Interest Here, we highlight all the alternatives that could have been opted for, if not the specific occupation. Also, we talk about all the points that might have encouraged the student to opt for the present occupation. Professional Development plan The last part is the professional development action plan. Here, our management assignment writers mention all the actions that need to be taken to meet the career objectives of the student. Other than this, here, we also identify the development strategies that would help them achieve them. At last, we complete the assignment by mentioning all the resources that the students would need to work upon this action plan. So, this brings an end to the BSBWOR501 professional development plan sample that has been drafted by one of our management assignment help experts. However, this is just a brief. In case, you require us to help with the entire solution, then you just have to fill up the order now. We will equip you with a fresh and complete solution within some time.

Order a Comprehensive BSBWOR501 Professional Development Plan For Yourself Right Now!

With this brief blog, we hope you have understood how diligently we cater to each of the parts of this professional development plan. In the recent week, our management assignment help experts have catered to more than 281+ orders on this specific assignment. We have got habitual in solving all the queries of students efficiently and instantly. My Assignment Services is the leading academic services provider in the world. Be it a query on sample, tips, tricks, reference assignment solutions or anything else, we have never let any of them go unanswered from our end. In addition to the superior quality assignment solutions, we are also available 24*7 to clarify all your doubts via the live one-on-one sessions. To know more about our value-added services or to place an order with us, call us now.


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