The unit bsbldr502 is based on teaching students the skills required for leadership and management roles in a work environment. Managers tasked with establishing the process and procedure in an organisation need various skills like communication, organisational skills, critical thinking, problem-solving, and networking.

You will develop all these skills and gain knowledge for developing and implementing various strategies in a workplace, how-to guide, consult and give feedback to your team, ensuring effectiveness and efficiency in an ongoing process, systematic analysis of the decisions in the organisation, ect.

Managers in an organisation are tasked with the most responsibility for decision making, strategising, organising, and conducting the various processes in the organisation. You may learn or acquire these skills through firsthand experience at a company; no matter how well informed you are, you will need practice and implementation to put the skills into practice.

Before you can proceed with the practical learning part of this course, you will need to submit case studies, reflection essays for your learnings and assignments for the course. Hence, you are here seeking bsbldr502 assessment answers. Read forth to find the answers to the most prominent questions in the course and get guidance for your assignment.

the various operations within a business

Why is Operational Planning Needed Within an Organisation? Justify it as a Key Function

Operational planning is a key attribute in a business; it indicates the development of a strategy for the actions an organisation will implement or introduce in the near future. Operational planning has many advantages for an organisation's planning and development. Businesses can establish good teamwork and employee participation by setting clear goals and expectations.

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large amount to the GDP in Australia? Over 99.8%
of businesses in Australia are considered small to
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In addition, such planning exhibits greatly exhaustive knowledge, especially to guide employees to follow a routine in their activities and aid the running of the business. This plan aims to provide the employees with a clear layout for their tasks and responsibilities according to the aims and objectives laid down in a strategic plan.

Such a plan ensures that an organisation may detect sectors that fail to meet their goals as per their KRAs (key result areas) and contribute to the company's loss. Operation planning supports accountability and shared responsibility in the various activities in the team. It is useful for managing the performance and the team's goals and objectives weekly or monthly. Such concepts are a few of the most crucial and often recurring ones in bsbldr502 leadership and management assessment answers.

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The main objective of operational planning is to aid strategic planning in the various operations in an organisation. We can assume that strategy is the first step, closely followed by reliable and measurable operational planning. Both steps are necessary for the effective functioning of a business; operational and strategic plans go hand in hand while strategizing an operation.

The term Standard Operation Procedures was first
officially recorded in the mid-twentieth century, and
the term standard is implied to be used across all
units/departments within an organisation.

Operational planning is linked to strategic planning based on resource distribution, finance planning, data and performance management. If the operational capital is larger than the one calculated in strategic planning, the organisation needs to work on aligning both these budgets on par with each other.

Also, these plans are implied concerning the outcomes to determine an effective distribution of funds for each process and their objective under strategic planning. Another link is that an operational plan offers the data needed to implement a strategic plan. This question is one of the most frequent tasks in this unit, and you'll require the knowledge of these concepts for bsbldr502 assessment answers.

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What are Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). Why do Organisations Need Them?

A Standard Operating Procedure or SOP refers to the documented tasks that an organisation has assigned to consistently ensure timely delivery of their goods and services. An SOP is often useful for demonstrating obedience to the organisational rules and statutes or the operational processes within the organisation. It is also useful for documenting the tasks assigned to the employees.

During the success or rebranding period of a business, the stakeholders or the management unit are responsible for making all the overall internal decisions in the company. But when the business reaches a target capital, such decision-making may limit the scope for growth as the management often cannot strategise and imply plans at a correct duration. SOPs development is a useful concept in bsbldr502 leadership and management assessment answers.

There were over 2,402,254 active
businesses that contributed to the
Australian economy by June 2021-ABS.

SOPs are useful tools in an organisation as it provides the correct procedure and methods for carrying out the various tasks in the business. An SOP is beneficial due to the following reasons:

  • Consistency – The first reason for ensuring consistency in the procedures is that the methodology for carrying out a task remains the same for each team member. The higher the consistency of a process is, the lower are chances of facing quality issues.
  • Reducing Errors – A documented procedure elaborates the instructions for completing a process. When all team members follow the procedure for a given task, the chances of errors are reduced.
  • Communication – An added reason for SOPs being beneficial in an organisation is easy and swift communication. The operational procedures are revised for improving the processes, and with each upgrade, new training is required. Upgrading the SOPs requires communication with the employees to convey the changes made in the process.

Developing new strategies in business activities helps improve productivity and lowers investment. Only some organisations benefit from such standardisation. It depends on the stakeholders or the team manager to decipher if the work processes need to be standardised and conveyed to each employee by issuing SOPs. Read forth to get bsbldr502 assessment answers.

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