BSB123 Research Report Assessment Answer
April 04, 2019
Author : Julia Miles

The people today believe that we are in a phase where we can conquer the world with information. The more we know, the stronger we become. That is why data acquisition is becoming more and more popular in the organisations and the need of their professionals is rising. My Assignment Services’ data analysis assignment help experts explain assignment answers.

I am going to take a sample from the unit BSB123 and explain to you how data analysis assignments should be answered.

BSB123 research report assignment sample

This is the assignment that the student sent to me and asked to prepare a BSB123 research report assignment answer for reference.

Task 1 - Reading the xlsx file

The assignment has given you the data analysis file where all the needed to write this BSB123 research report assignment answer is given. My excel file looked like this -

Your dataset will look either exactly like this or may have some slight variations. The overall purpose remains the same as the data can vary but the objectives to be completed and the approach for them remains the same.

Using this data set, there are a number of questions that you need to answer.

Question 1

The first question asks you to analyse the statistics given in the assignment. The statistics refer to the dataset that you have been provided. You need to analyse the data and show if there are any trends or patterns that you observed in the dataset.

In this, you need to adopt the descriptive statistics and then analyse the distribution of the marks obtained by the student. The descriptive statistics means that you will find the following values -

  1. Mean of the marks obtained by the students

  2. The standard error

  3. Median

  4. Mode

  5. Standard deviation

  6. Kurtosis

  7. Sample variance

  8. Skewness

  9. Range

  10. Total

This is what my descriptive statistics table looked like -

Using this data, I prepared a graphical representation of the marks obtained by the students.

Question 2

To solve this question, you need the help of hypothesis testing. Thank god that you can refer to the blog on hypothesis testing on My Assignment Services written by data analysis assignment help expert.

Anyway, to answer this question, you should know about all the 6 steps of hypothesis testing. These include -

  1. Mentioning the null hypothesis about the marks of the students

  2. Similarly, you have to choose an alternative hypothesis of the average exam mark

  3. The level of significance will be chosen which in the given case is analogous with the level of confidence

  4. Then, you have to test the statistic, or commonly knows as hypothesis testing. Here, you will apply the hypothesis testing formula and then find the t score.

This is what this step will look like -

The value of t is also called as z-score by many data analysis assignment experts. Using this value of t-statistics or z-score, as you want to call it, you will see if the null hypothesis is true or not.

  1. The next step here is to accept or reject the null hypothesis. For example, your null hypothesis was that the average exam mark for the year 2015 did not decrease. To verify that, you will need the t-statistics, the level of significance and the degree of freedom.

Using these values of 1% confidence level and 623 degrees of freedom, you will calculate the critical value for a one-tailed test from the t-table. This is when you will compare the value of your t-statistics with that of critical value. If the critical value is lower, you will reject the null hypothesis.

  1. The final step is to draw a conclusion from whether you rejected or accepted the null hypothesis.

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