As per the famous quote of Elon Musk which says, “It is always possible for an ordinary person to choose to be extraordinary”, the question which arises in the minds of students like you is “how do I do it”, isn’t it? Well, the task of assignment writing becomes daunting for students not because they lack academic writing skills, but because they did not learn the tips and tricks on assignment writing. Well, it is never too late. Our assignment help experts at My Assignment Services are here with a detailed guide on assessment writing that would not only enhance the way you write but also make you fully-geared to face any kind of college tasks that would come your way. With the help of our comprehensive guide, you can become an extraordinary assignment writer in the ordinary of ordinary!

Getting Along With the Format of an Assignment

So, this is the basic question that would definitely flash in your mind when you are given the assignment to write. Obviously so, because once you are clear with the format of your assignment, you would be good to go. (Maybe that’s why it is said that half of the battle is already won when a student structures his assignment properly!) Here is a list of all those things which you have to include while writing your assignment if you wish to better your grades in the assignments:

1.  A concept map

A concept map is just like your friend. If you organise it properly, it would surely guide your assignment and help you write it better. This is because, when you have a plan or map in your mind, it is much easier to jot down the ideas in the assignments. This is exactly what is done by our academic writers.

2.  Paragraph planning

As per our assignment writers, there has to be the main idea behind every paragraph that you include in the assignments. Also, we make sure that there is also a topic sentence in every paragraph so that the fundamental idea behind every idea gets conveyed in the very first place.

3. Introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion

Now when we come to actually drafting the assignment, there has to be a thesis statement in every introduction. Subsequently, each paragraph must convey different ideas or themes. In the end, there has to be a concrete conclusion, which has the reiteration of the main thesis statement.

How to Create an Index?

After format, comes the index. For creating the index, these are the steps which you need to follow:

  1. Decipher the purpose of the index
  2. Start with the text that is completed
  3. Study the entire text and highlight the main keywords and ideas
  4. Allot different headings to different concept
  5. Give a thought about the audience
  6. Arrange the headings in an alphabetical order
  7. Include the sub-headings under the main heading
  8. Mention the page numbers
  9. Review the index

Difficulties In Preparing Assignments that Most Students Face

Writing an assignment is much more than blabbing out anything on a piece of paper. Naturally, there are a lot of difficulties that students face while drafting the assignments. Our panel of assignment help experts can be really useful for mitigating these problems:

  1. How to use referencing in assignments?
  2. How to decipher the requirements of the marking rubric efficiently?
  3. What are the ways by which we can ensure the quality of our assignments?
  4. How can we stay away from plagiarism?

These are some of the challenges which students face while preparing the assignments. The experts of our assignment writing services have become profoundly efficient in handling all of these queries of students and giving solutions to each of these with ease. So, if you find any of these challenges while drafting your assignments, you can easily get in touch with us and get them solved.

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